Newsbrief – Thailand

Hey everyone, with a scarcity of new Thailand lakorns and not really finding anything I’m compelled to watch, I’ve been watching more documentaries and news than dramas these days. Thus, I have little to talk about. But there are some tidbits of news, events, happenings that I’ve found interesting.

  • Thailand’s covid strategy is said to have shifted to “Learning to Live With Covid-19.” Most of the more populous regions in Thailand have been under restrictions to curb Thailand’s latest deadly wave, like the closure of all non-essential business, restricting travel and a curfew. For more info, you can read this article.
  • Right now it seems Thailand’s current Covid outbreak has peaked, and daily infections are going down, so hopefully this means good news for lakorn fans. But I wouldn’t want lakorns at the cost of lives or health lost to Covid-19 and I hope and wish that learning to live with Covid-19 still means practicing social distancing, wearing masks and crowd control to mitigate the spread of Covid-19, both in Thailand and everywhere else.
  • But that doesn’t mean there are no interesting lakorns coming up. Check out this trailer to Bangkok Breaking.
Source: Netflix Asia’s yt channel
  • The teaser for Bangkok Breaking (2021) looks really good and it’s on Netflix worldwide, so I’m definitely going to try to watch this. It comes out on September 23, 2021 and stars Weir Sukollawat and Aom Sushar.
  • The synopsis? “The six-episode series is centered around the wild world of Bangkok’s road rescue services and Wanchai who is newly arrived in Bangkok and must unravel a city-wide conspiracy alongside a young, upstart journalist. (Source: Netflix)”
  • I hope Netflix will continue to put more lakorns on their streaming site and help produce lakorns. Netflix has become one of the main ways I consume lakorns outside of youtube and various subbing sites.
  • Also of note….
  • The continuing and increasing Chinese interest in lakorns. Take for example, currently airing lakorn Me Always You (2021). This remake of 2015 kdrama She Was Pretty started airing August 27, 2021 on Channel 3, but you can also find it dubbed in Chinese (which is ugh! the dubbing I mean) on Yoyo English channel. 😁 You can also find it on Viki.
Source: Yoyo English yt channel

Deep Dive Into Lakorns: Mystery/Thriller

You know how you watch one drama, really like it, so you try to find similar dramas to it? Yep, that’s me in a nutshell. So I’ve been on a thriller/mystery kick since February really, and thus I don’t really have much to write about since I do try to focus mostly on lakorns and there’s really not a lot of lakorns in that genre. So I found myself at a loss of things to write about. I mean, there are still lakorns I need to finish, but… the heart wants what the heart wants and now I want to watch mystery/detective/thriller dramas.

So I’ve decided to do another deep dive into lakorns. If you didn’t catch my first dives, I looked into lakorns here (in particular romance) and here I took a deep dive into the world of slap and kiss lakorns. But what does that mean, a deep dive? Well, it means looking into lakorns as a genre and finding statistical evidence to either prove or disprove common assumptions/questions about them.

So I’ve had several assumptions and I wanted to see if my deep dive into lakorns supported them or not. These are some of the assumptions and questions I have about mystery/thriller genre.

  • Are there many detective lakorns, ones set in a police station that is? What about mystery or thriller lakorns?
  • What percentage of mystery lakorns are there overall?
  • How does that compare to other countries?
  • Has this genre grown or decreased in recent years?

Methodology: I’ve found that you can get slightly different numbers based on how you sort when you search so I decided to just use the results that I got when I sorted by release date. This data is what I got when I wrote this post, so it may differ if you try to get the same results later on. And English subbed lakorns are more likely to have better and more accurate tags then non subbed lakorns, and the same thing is true of newer lakorns vs. older lakorns, so please keep in mind this is by no means completely accurate and true, but hopefully it is accurate enough to let us derive some assumptions from the data.

112 lakorns were classified as mystery/thriller genre. 11 lakorns were classified as ‘detective’ and 27 lakorns were also ‘investigation.’ Naturally, a lot of the lakorns are classified as more than one genre. Voice 2019 for example, genres are listed as mystery, thriller, detective and investigation. But I suspect there are many more lakorns that have cops/detectives in them and should feature one of those four genres, but because they’ve not been subbed, and/or there is no synopsis, the lakorns are just classified under ‘action.’

Take for example this 2017 lakorn, Diamond Eyes (2017) starring Chahkrit Yamnam. (Isn’t this a wonderful poster?)

Diamond Eyes (2017) synopsis: The series follows Police Captain Petch Phumthai’s story. He was attacked and lost his left eye. Luckily, someone donated an eye, but to his surprise, it was a special eye that can see ghosts. He uses it to solve police investigations and prove cases.


Only ‘action,’ ‘horror’, and ‘crime’ are listed as genres, but ‘investigation’ genre definitely fits and ‘mystery’ or ‘thriller’ as well probably. And of course, that’s not the only example. Just a casual look at the 480 lakorns that are listed under the ‘action’ genre reveal that Mue Prab Khao Saan Sek (2020) should be classified as ‘detective’ and Lah Dup Tawan (2016) could also have more genres added as well. All of this is just to say that while these numbers are not accurate, hopefully they can still help us get some idea of what the mystery/etc. genres look like in lakornland.


Of the 11 detective lakorns, two are remakes of Korean dramas, lol. There’s a reason for that. Korea has some great dramas, in fact 58 ‘detective’ dramas according to mydramalist. But Japan far exceeds that number with 270 ‘detective’ doramas, and much to my surprise, China isn’t far behind, 130 dramas.

Police Jub Kamoi (1996) Two cops chase a psychotic criminal, who escaped from prison. – This synopsis reminds me of many other cop shows like The Good Detective (2020), which started me on my recent craving for detective dramas.

If we search for ‘thriller,’ there are 77 Chinese dramas, 94 Japanese doramas and 173 Korean dramas. If we include ‘mystery,’ well, those numbers go up even more. But going back to the ‘detective’ genre, Korea has detective dramas from 1989. Japan has them from 1957?!!!!! Daiyaru 110-ban was supposed to be inspired by US tv show Dragnet, and had 364 episodes! 😲 China had shows starting in the late 1990’s. When we compare that to Thailand, they started detective shows around that time too, the late 1990’s to early 2000. So compared to Korea and Japan definitely, Thailand was a little late in introducing ‘detective’ shows, look at this cop show from 1996, Police Jub Kamoi (1996).

More Mystery/Thrillers?

So is there a growth in mystery/thrillers/detective genre in Thailand? My first guess would be yes there is, with the more cable/digital channels like True4u, GMM25 and so on, there are more opportunities to have more diverse programming since there are more channels to watch from.

But let’s look at the actual data. Going back to that small number of 11 ‘detective’ lakorns, 4 of them (2 are Korean remakes) are from 2019, The Seer, Bangkok Vampire, Tunnel, and Voice. Out of 110 lakorns, 10 of them came from 2020, 7 from 2019, 11 from 2018. If we looked back at 2010, only 1 lakorn counted as a mystery, Leum Prai Lai Ruk which seems too low since 2009 has 4 lakorns, 2008 has 4 as well and 2007 has 2. What does this mean? There does seem to be an increase in the mystery genre, so hurray!

What I’m Watching/Watched

So it all started with The Good Detective (2020), which I started in 2020, but really got into in February 2021. I loved the bromance between the leads and how the characters grew stronger, even if some of the female leads got on my last nerve. After that, I looked for more detective dramas and hit upon 365: Repeat the Year, oh my gosh. Twist upon twist, with likeable characters, this drama went by so fast for me, so of course I looked for more.

Looking to Netlfix for convenience’s sake, I found Voice 2 (2018) which I enjoyed, but spoiler alert, it ends on a cliffhanger really. You have to watch the sequel. Which, wasn’t on Netflix. So instead, I saw they had Thailand Voice (2019) and now I’m currently watching that. I’m also watching and loving Memorist (2020). I really like the leads’ focus on their work, and how much they care about other people. I encourage people to check them out if they’re in the mood for something different, give it a chance!

What are some other questions you think we should address?

Subbing Now And other NEWs

Hello all, I felt the need to check in again with what’s going on in the subbing world since I’ve been having a whirlwind March and haven’t had the time in a while to watch any shows. Well, that’s not true. I’ve been watching a lot of kdrama thrillers, like Kairos, (eh…) and 365: Repeat the Year (loving it). With subbing group Muse’s site going down permanently, I realized how much I depend on them to watch lakorns. They had a great site. We’ll miss YOU! But more on that later. Hopefully, I can get back into the watching game, there’s so much I need to catch up on!

But anyway, we don’t say this often enough, but much love to all our fansubbers out there!!! I know firsthand the hours of work that go into timing, subbing, encoding and editing videos. It’s hours for a little 20-30 minute bit of video oftentimes. I really don’t know how they do it and do it so well and so speedily. Many thanks to all of you out there, and that includes the whole timing, editing and encoding time as well as you subbers!!! 😘

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on

By the way, I don’t post about cable/digital dramas being released on GMM youtube channel, but they do English sub their lakorns on a regular basis, so I urge people to subscribe to their channel to keep up. With the fansubbers, it’s more unclear which lakorns will be subbed and when, so I think it’s more important to focus on them.

  • I do want to address the controversy of Mia Jum Pen (2021), but I’ve only watched the first 2 episodes (which I enjoyed) and didn’t feel I could address it properly since I didn’t have the time to watch it. I do want to continue watching it, but will I write about it? I don’t know, I feel like I’m wayyy late to the table. Anyway, Lakorn Galaxy talked about it in this post and great rant 😅 here by EL.
  • Well, if you’re still in the mood for a trainwreck, this drama‘s plot seems like it’ll be all over the place, possibly in a good way, possibly, no must likely not, lol. I watched the first two episodes and it’s not really the trainwreck I thought it would be. It’s short too, always a bonus.
  • Maybe not the first Thailand drama about love during the COVID 19 pandemic, but one of the latest, Virus Wai Love: Nakrob Chut Kao (2021) is currently subbed by Fansub TH047 @FB.


Subbing group Muse made an announcement a couple of weeks ago that they had received a DMCA take down notice that was closing down their site and they weren’t going to reupload them. They were great subbers, and very prolific ones as well, with these lakorns and more on their site: The Prince Who Turns into a Frog (2021), Voice in the Rain (2020), Wong Wien Hua Jai (2021), Talay Luang (2021), and Mia Jum Pen (2021).

Thanks Muse!
Photo by on

I didn’t realize how much I depended on Muse to watch lakorns, as their site didn’t cause tons of ads/pop-ups to appear on my screen. Yeah, I use adblocker, but to watch on some sites you have to watch on video players that have all sorts of adware involved. And the performance of some sites worked better on my computer than others. I had planned to watch Duang Jai Nai Montra (2021) on Muse’s site, but now have to look for other options. It’s being subbed by CatAttack now by the way.

Muse is not the only channel either that appears to be affected, as 1fanthailakorn also received copyright news against a lakorn they were subbing. There are more official streaming sites that offer English subbed lakorns now then when Muse started years ago, such as youtube channels like GMM, Netflix and streaming providers and Viu you can get in some Asian countries (not in the US unfortunately), but that still leaves a lot of lakorns unsubbed. Hopefully, we’ll get more choices soon, but in the meantime, we still have many other fansubbers, so thank you all!


Thippy continues to English sub the lakorns Wong Wien Hua Jai (2021) and Talay Luang (2021)). She also started subbing lakorns World of Himmapan (2021), a fantasy lakorn and Mae Krua Kon Mai (2021), which is already stroking my writing fires. Why does a so called ugly person have to have darker skin? I can almost see a blog post write itself.

Mae Krua Kon Mai (2021) – Lomdao is supposed to marry Balam, but she refuses, since she’s never met him and doesn’t know what he’s like. So she disguises herself as Fai Dam, the Balam’s family’s new cook. Balam soon becomes suspicious of her and It’s just a matter of time before he discovers she’s his fiancée. Slowly, the two fall in love.

(Source: OhSweetHaven)

World of Himmapan (2021) – Pim must travel to Himmapan Forest, the holy land, to find “Ulgmanee” to help her sick adoptive father But when it comes to Himmapan Forest, which is a parallel world, it is not easy. Pim had to ask for help from Krit, a young hunter who had come back from the Himmapan Forest once. So both of them have to dabble together. (Source: Channel 3 Thailand)

(Source: MyDramaList)


Neko is continuing to work on Dao Kon La Duang (2021), Theptida Pla Rah (2021) and Saming Jao Tha (2018) and finished subbing Mia Jum Pen (2021). She’s also working on Ku Kaen San Rak (2021).

Ku Kaen San Rak (2021)

Ku Kaen San Rak (2021)Songkran is a real estate mogul a total womanizer with a son named Pe. But he didn’t start out like this, though. Pe’s mother left him when he was young to be with another man. Kran was heartbroken and began treating women like toys and gained the nickname ‘Invincible Casanova’ along with his best friend Sia Ou who runs a modelling agency. Ingdao and her family own a large orange farm. She’s the type that takes no crap from anyone. Thanks to her huge mole and unkempt appearance she is often viewed as ugly. Nevertheless, she has a boyfriend named Nu, a dashing and mild-mannered teacher from the same town.

Songkran and his father have been eyeing a piece of land that Ingdao’s father, Saeng, currently owns. It was given to him by his late wife so he cherishes it very much. One day, Ingjun, Ingdao’s little sister who had been studying in Bangkok, finally gets sick of all the odd jobs she has and decides to apply for a job at Songkran’s company along with her friend, Marin. Both Ingjun and Marin are accepted as accountants. Songkran made connections between Saeng and Ingjun and came up with a plan on how to get his hands on that piece of land.

Songkran begins to woo Ingjun and she falls for him hard and fast. His family is even in on the plan, acting all loving when she visits their home. Soon, she willingly signs over the rights to that piece of land her father had given to her. She was able to come to this decision because of her rocky relationships with her own father. After Songkran obtains proper documents, he leaves her. Ingjun was devastated. Furious, Ingdao wants to take revenge for her younger sister who tried to commit suicide along with getting their land back. But knowing that Songkran will never fall for her in her current state, she is helped by her best friend Moddaeng and transformed into a gorgeous woman named Daopradub.

(Source: MyDramaList)


Falada’s been on a roll recently. She picked up an older lakorn Pee Roon Pram Ruk (2016) recently and finished Song Poo Ying Yai (2011) and Mon Garn Bandan Ruk (2019).

Pee Roon Pram Ruk (2016)

Pee Roon Pram Ruk (2016)The main character (our hero) Logan mafia’s boss in Hong Kong, the main character Charming ( our heroine)- and secretly works as a doctor in Hong Kong. Once, when Logan was ambushed by his enemies they left him unconscious in the parking and he rescued by the heroine. Logan had amnesia Gradually, they fell in love. But one day as Logan was taking a walk, his friend, Dennis, finds him and tries to talk to him, but Logan doesn’t remember him, so he hits him and runs away. Soon after Dennis follows Logan, they get into a fight and Dennis accidentally throws Logan into a wall, where Logan blacked out and lost his memory once again. After some time his memory returned , but he forgets Charming and all the time he was with her. Charming looking for him and doesn’t understand where he’s gone. Logan has a 5 year old son and he was often sick. One day when he brings him to the hospital, he meets Charming, but couldn’t remember her. Is Logan can remember his love for Charming?

(Source: MyDramaList)


What’s up in the blogsphere? Drama News and Recs

So I’m not really looking forwards to any drama coming out this week (thank goodness because there are already too many lakorns out there I want to watch), so instead I wanted to point out some posts I’ve seen that are interesting to us drama lovers.

I’m going to be busy this week and possibly next week finishing up projects and updates to my other blog so unfortunately won’t be getting to blog about the newly released lakorns until later on. Hopefully, this will give you a good idea on where to go to find more posts on lakorns and more reviews.

Drama News

My Husband in Law aired in both China and Thailand at the same time.
  • Because of the popularity of Asian content as demonstrated in this article, Netflix is pouring even more money and resources into making Asian content.
  • A lot of that will be South Korean of course, but lakorns in particular are gaining in popularity in Asia (see here and here – not in English), and this means more money will go into making them, a good thing if you ask me that should increase the production costs of lakorns, but hopefully also reward good writing, directing and so on.
  • Blobofcolour had a post about the rising popularity of lakorns in Singapore here.
  • Now sites like and have lakorns that are English subbed. It’s like we have viki back, but unfortunately only certain Asian countries can access the sites.

Drama Reviews, Recaps and Recommendations

  • Lovefia has been on a roll recently, taking a look at lakorns like Talay Luang, Mia Jum Pen, and Dao Kon La Duang, as well as doing recaps of a drama on my to watch list, Duangjai Nai Montra.
  • You can also catch Lovefia on twitter.
  • I love it when fansubbers do reviews of the lakorns they watched subbed, so check out Thippy‘s 2020 Lakorn Recap and Reviews. She did a rant on Rahut Rissaya 2020, which I sorta agree about, but I also liked it more than she did. And I still have to finish the last 3 episodes (I heard disappointing things about them so I’m not excited.😟)
  • Want to find more recommendations on 2020 dramas to watch, Chinese dramas in particular? I thought this post by mz4jun was really well made.
  • Lakorn Galaxy recently did a Best Lakorns of 2020 list here.

And that’s it for this post. Do you know of any bloggers I’ve missed? What are you favorite go to blogs?

2020 in Lakorns: News and 2021 Lakorns

Time to complete my look back at 2020, its trends, and give you a heads up on likely 2021 lakorns in the works. I love this part of my yearly reviews the most actually. Of course, there are a number of lakorns that I’m really looking forwards to and have highlighted here. But there are many more lakorns I just don’t have the time to talk about, so yeah, this will be by no means a complete listing of 2021 lakorns, just ones I’m particularly interested in.

This year, I’ve already done posts on 2020 comedy lakorns part 1, part 2, historical lakorns and action lakorns. Last year, I put all the 2019 English subbed lakorns in part 1 and if they were not subbed, but sounded interesting, or different and should be subbed, they were part 2. So you can check out these posts to see what you may have missed out on in 2019. So 2019 action lakorns part 1 here, part 2 here, 2019 comedy lakorns part 1 here, part 2 here, 2019 drama lakorns (slap n kiss included) part 1 here, part 2 here. 2019 historical lakorns here.

2020 Trends and News

2020 had two major trends that I noticed, lakorns with characters with special powers, and more and more remakes, not just Korean this time, but several from Taiwan, and so on. Characters could read minds, hear voices, see the future and so on, like in Payakorn Sorn Ruk, Leh Bunpakarn, Mue Prab Khao Saan Sek, Spark Jai Nai Jomying and so on. And I’ll talk more about remakes in my 2021 lakorn section down below.

Payakorn Sorn Ruk

In addition, we had lakorns being aired simultaneously in both China and Thailand and an increasing focus on lakorns in streaming platforms such as Viu and All of this bodes well for lakorns in the future. COVID 19 also played a role in lakorns as well, delaying some and causing others to air earlier than expected and I wrote about it here and here. I expect 2021 to have more of the same, but hopefully the vaccines will help slow the spread of COVID 19 enough to mitigate most of its effects.

2021 Lakorns

Praomook (2021)

Praomook (2021) – Praomook works at a nightclub to earn money and pay a debt. She doesn’t get along with Chalunthorn because he misunderstood her, thinking she’s a bad girl. One day, his parents ask Praomook to marry Chalunthorn to remove the bad luck from him. She accepts the proposal just to get back at him. He pretends to be gay to avoid her but she doesn’t believe it. They will eventually start falling for each other, but there are obstructions to their love. Treenutch, Chalunthorn’s ex wants revenge while trying to get Chalunthorn back. There’s also Maithong, rival of Praomook’s family and Chalunthorn’s fling. (Source: MyDramaList)
(Source: MyDramaList)

Bad Romeo (2021) No synopsis yet, but boy does Yaya and Mario look good together.

Lai Kinnaree – The reign of King Narai was the most prosperous during the Ayutthaya period. Ayutthaya kingdom at that time has great commercial and diplomatic activities with all foreign nations especially the west. Everywhere was full of foreign immigrants, merchants, missionaries diplomats and military personnel. Foreigners especially westerners were backed to oppress Ayautthaya people causing the rage among Ayutthaya people. Lady Pudsorn is the beautiful daughter of a famous deceased doctor. She well inherited medical knowledge from her father. Aok Luang (Viscount) Indra Ratchpakdee is a handsome police nobleman who is responsible for the peace and safety of people in the metropolitan area.

Monsieur Robert is a handsome French guy who closes to an important French military diplomat whom King Narai borrowed from King of France to work for. Faith brought the three of them to met and work together in investigating the suspicious death of an important French cargo ship captain who died while wearing female sarong cloth with Lai Kinaree (Half Bird Half Human) patterned which is the kind of pattern prohibited for royal ladies in the palace only. Therefore this case has the existence of Ayutthaya Kingdom at stake because it may trigger the war by being claimed as a rightful cause for the French army to seize Ayutthaya Kingdom.

The investigation leads the three of them to many somehow involved people, many stories and many suspects which each of them has unexpectable secrets. Moreover, one of the suspects is a very powerful lady in the royal palace too. Besides that, the investigation also leads those two gorgeous and high-profiled guys to fall for Lady Pudsorn and both of them ready to compete to win her heart. What should Lady Pudsorn do? (Source: Asianfuse & ShareRice)

Petchakard Jun Jao (2021) Duangjan is a cold-blooded, young assassin for a mafia group. One day due to a failed mission between Duangjan and Lok — an assassin within the same group — Duangjan ends up falling off of a cliff. However, she is saved by the head of the national park, Atiruj. When she wakes up, Atiruj realises that the young woman who he saved has developed amnesia. The once cold and calculated killer suddenly turns into a cheerful little girl and finds herself not only with a new name “Chao Chao”, but also a fake husband, Atiruj — who just so happens to be escaping his mother who was determined to marry someone else. (Source: Soju on MyDramaList).

Lhong Klin Chan (2021) Warnruk, a female investigator, gets transferred to her small hometown in order to investigate the homicide of Chankrapor, who was murdered and buried underneath a Chan por tree. There she meets the forensics doctor of the area, who although likes to question her intelligence, also teams up with her in order to find the murderer. Together with them is Trichai, a young and handsome lieutenant, who is always ready to help. However, the catch of this case is that the deeper you search, the thicker the fog becomes. (Source:thaidramatic_update; Edited by Soju at MyDramaList)

Ubaat Rai Ubaat Ruk (2021) Thisappass, a charming casanova businessman — who girls fall left, right and centre, — never thought that there would be someone who would reject a perfect guy like him. And that too, that it would be his secretary, Jitsagao. For a proud player like him, it is not easy to admit this fact. Thus, he begins to meticulously plan to win over his secretary’s heart. However, there is a secret. The reason why Jitsagao avoids the businessman is that one of her family members hit his sister which left her permanently physically disabled. While one heart is unable to accept the other because of guilt and fear, the other feels competitive — fighter harder in order to win the unattainable heart of a beautiful girl called Jitsagao. (Source: Soju at MyDramaList)

Lakorns with favorite actors/actresses

  • Prom Likit (2021), the sequel to popular historical lakorn Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat is supposed to start filming in February 2021, but who knows if we’ll see this lakorn this year.
  • Mark Prin is in upcoming action lakorn Game Lah Torrachon (2021) along with Taew Nataphon and it is currently being filmed right now.
  • Miti Thi Sarm (2020) starring Taew as well and Nadech as an angel?
  • I like Weir, but do I want him to see him with his step grandma in Krong Nampueng (2021)? Eh, I don’t know about that. 😜 Although she does look really good for her age.

Many More Remakes

There were a lot of remakes last year, and not just Korean remakes either like WHO ARE YOU (2020), or Chun Cheu Bussaba. There were also Deja Vu from Taiwan, and even Mother from a Japanese dorama. 2021 promises more remakes of lakorns as well as other countries’ dramas.

Here are a few of the 2021 remakes I’m keeping an eye on.

Source: GMMTV’s yt channel
  • So finally Thailand is getting it’s version! It’s about time! F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers (2021) should be airing soon, they’ve been putting out lots of teasers.
  • You are My Heartbeat (2021) is apparently related to Chinese drama The Fox’s Summerwhich I never watched, but I love the pairing of Push Puttichai and Mai Davika.
  • And Push will also be in Boss & Me, the remake of Chinese megahit drama, Boss & Me (2014) and I’m just hoping Push’s co star, Aom Sushar will bring on the cute.
  • remake of a 2007 beloved Taiwanese drama, My Lucky Star (2021) is about a thief finding love and redemption.

Lakorn remakes of lakorns

  • Song Sanaeha should finally be coming out, right? I’m not a big fan of twin lakorns, but this one stars Kimberley Voltemas and James Ma, so I can get behind that pairing.
  • I really loved the original lakorn of this ghost/cop love story Prang Sanaeha (2021), which had some bittersweet moments.
  • Irresistable (2021) is a remake of 2015’s Roy Ruk Raeng Kaen (2015), so you can expect lots of revenge and melodrama galore.
  • Did u like/love So Wayree (2020)? If so, you may like its sequel, Buang Wimala, but the main couple switches to a friend of Parin, Gun and Wimala, a girl who’s supposed to steal evidence from Gun.
  • Another remake of model drama Sai Roong (2021), this time starring Sammy Cowell and Tono Pakin is heading to our tv screens… soon? Hopefully?
  • Sapai Jao Sua (2020) is a remake of of a marriage of convenience story that I so love, so I’m definitely checking this one out if someone English subs it. Pretty please fansubbers?


Subbing Now

Been a long time since I’ve done one of these, not since the summer. But with so many new dramas airing now and on the horizon, I felt the need since I definitely won’t be covering all these lakorns.

By the way, I don’t post about cable/digital dramas being released on GMM youtube channel, but they do English sub their lakorns on a regular basis, so I urge people to subscribe to their channel to keep up. With the fansubbers, it’s more unclear which lakorns will be subbed and when, so I think it’s more important to focus on them.


Neko is currently working a 2018 action drama, Saming Jao Tha (2018) and just started subbing the new remake of Mia Jum Pen (2021). She also has picked up two new projects airing soon, Dao Kon La Duang (2021) and Theptida Pla Rah (2021) both airing January 25.

Theptida Pla Rah (2021)

Theptida Pla Rah (2021)Mahadsajan is a spoiled rich guy whose father Sedtee is a political representative to Bai Mon’s country town. Mahadsajan wanted to marry a woman he met at a party, who is also his sister’s friend. But, in order to marry her, his father had a condition in which Mahadsajan had to go and learn the ways of life at Bai Mon’s home.

(Source: MyDramaList)
Dao Kon La Duang (2021)

Dao Kon La Duang (2021)Thanat and Wasan are the sons of police officers who grew up together. Since childhood, both wanted to become a police officer with the same ideology as their fathers. After taking the position of inspector at the Crime Suppression Division of Narcotics, Thanat has the opportunity to work together with Wasan in finding drug dealers. They also meet Supika, a talented female police officer. She’s close to Chalanthorn, a beautiful girl who’s popular in the same social circle as Sia Sunai, who has a background in the drug dealing business. Chalanthorn starts working with the police by giving them confidential information, which puts her in danger. Thanat is always by her side to protect her and they develop feelings for each other. The same happens with Wasan and Supika, after going through many dangerous situations together.

(Source: MyDramaList)


Thippy is just about finished with the 2020 version of Rahut Rissaya, which I’m watching and liking. It’s very different from the 2007 lakorn, not sure which I prefer. Wong Wien Hua Jai (2021) just started, and Thippy will also be subbing Talay Luang (2021)), an island romance lakorn with a man with amnesia. Sounds familiar? Yeah, it’s been done before, Sao Noi (2012), Game Rai Game Rak (2011) and so on.

Talay Luang (2021)

Talay Luang (2021) – A strange man with amnesia appears on an island; there he meets Moya, begins to fall in love and starts building her an island resort. Against the warnings of her best friend, Moya starts to fall in love with him too. However just as their love blooms, a pregnant woman arrives claiming the man is her husband. She takes him back. So Moya tries to forget him, but he returns with memories intact as a player. (Source: thaidramatic_update)

(Source: OhSweetHaven)


The Prince Who Turns into a Frog (2021) is another remake of the original Taiwanese drama which you can watch at Muse and they’re also working on romantic drama Voice in the Rain (2020). Muse is also working on the same dramas Thippy and Neko are English subbing, namely Wong Wien Hua Jai (2021), Talay Luang (2021), and Mia Jum Pen (2021). There’s a couple of soon to air projects as well on Muse’s list, twin lakorn Kaew Lerm Korn (2021), and the immortal romance of Duang Jai Nai Montra (2021), both airing January 27.

Kaew Lerm Korn (2021)Kaew and Chidchanok are twins who lived separate lives because of their aunt who wants to inherit their father’s fortune. Kaew grew up in poverty with a cruel mother and sister, while Chidchanok lives with her father after they fled to France. Chidchanok decides to go back to Thailand to find her mother. Eventually the twins meet and try to help each other get away from their aunt, who wants to kill them. (Source: MyDramaList)

(Source: MyDramaList)
Duang Jai Nai Montra (2021)

Duang Jai Nai Montra (2021)Pachara was cursed by his lover named Matira. Because of the curse, Pachara becomes immortal without having the death and having the heartbeat. After thousands of years, he meets the artist named Praploy. As soon as he sees Praploy he feels that it was the reincarnation of his past love Matira. So he hates Praoploy and has conflicts with her. Is Praoploy really Matira who cursed Pachara? Will the hatred of Pachara towards Praoploy eventually turn into love? (Source: Collin Hypercuz on

(Source: MyDramaList)


2020 in Lakorns: Drama! Reviews

Lots of dramas were English subbed in 2020, so many I can’t really talk about all of them. So I decided to focus on the lakorns I’ve actually watched at least half of and give some mini reviews so you can decide whether you want to watch or not. And there weren’t a lot of dramatic lakorns that I felt should be English subbed that wasn’t except perhaps the Thai remake of Japanese dorama Mother (2020), so I won’t have a part two this time where I talk about the dramas I wished were subbed.

This year, I’ve already done 2020 comedy lakorns part 1, part 2, historical lakorns and action lakorns. Last year, I put all the 2019 English subbed lakorns in part 1 and if they were not subbed, but sounded interesting, or different and should be subbed, they were part 2. So you can check out these posts to see what you may have missed out on in 2019. So 2019 action lakorns part 1 here, part 2 here, 2019 comedy lakorns part 1 here, part 2 here, 2019 drama lakorns (slap n kiss included) part 1 here, part 2 here. 2019 historical lakorns here.


Drama can be a very broad category covering everything from melodramas, more even keeled, but non comic lakorns, to slap and kiss lakorns. I decided to narrow this to lakorns that don’t fall into other categories, so if it’s a horror lakorn or historical lakorn, I’m not covering it here. I did decide to include slap and kiss lakorns because I’m not making a separate post about them.

My Forever Sunshine (2020) – The story about Paeng, a girl with a tragic life. After losing her father, she has to go live at Artit’s house. The only way for her to be able to stay at this house is to be with him. But no one expected that her approaching Artit nearly costs him his life. He ends up hating her to the bones and she is exiled far from home for four years until the day they come across each other again. One might think that time will lessen hate, but not for Artit. Not only he still hates her, but he also hates her even more than before. But in order to keep her final promise to Artit’s father, she must endure it! (Source: VIU)
(Source: MyDramaList)

Reason it’s interesting? My Forever Sunshine (2020) started off on a really intense note, with our main heroine losing her parents and practically witnessing their deaths at the age of 16. She proceeds to really self-destruct and then we have a time skip of years before we meet her again and we land in a farm comedy. Literally. I was expecting this intense, psychological study of a girl in crisis that would really have revolutionize lakorns forever and instead I got a farm comedy. We stay in that farm comedy mode for most of the drama, only near the last episodes is the trauma of the first few episodes even addressed. I felt this was such a lost opportunity, but on the other hand, I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy the comedy part or how the romance slowly develops. And why can’t a drama choose to focus on someone who’s healthy and whole rather than broken by their traumatic past? Still, it was disappointing in all. Subbed by Muse.

Payakorn Sorn Ruk (2020) – Rosita gets into a car accident and suddenly gets a talent where she sees the future when she touches a rose. She becomes a famous fortune teller. One day, she makes a prediction in public to reporters that Theeruth, a famous actor, will make a woman pregnant and have a secret child. That prediction gets Theeruth into trouble and their relationship becomes antagonistic from that day. A few years later, there is a charity event and the host invites Theeruth and four celebrities as special guests, and also invites Rosita to tell their fortunes. Five celebrities choose different roses and give them to her to read. Once Rosita touches those roses, she sees sweet scenes of Theeruth and herself hugging, kissing and loving each other very much. She is so shocked. Her reaction is so strange and the five celebrities are very curious about what she saw. Rosita does not tell anyone and claims that she saw nothing. But all the guests do not believe her. After that day, something strange happens to her. She is attacked by someone and the suspect is one of the five celebrities whose fortunes she had read. The biggest suspect is Theeruth who had always been her opponent. But one day, he coincidentally saves her from the criminal and also offers to let her live with him as it is the safest place for her since everyone thinks that they are opponents. Their relationship improves little by little from that day through many dangerous situations to find the real criminal who wants to kill Rosita. (Source: James Ji Fansub)

Reason it’s interesting? Overall a solid drama, Payakorn Sorn Ruk (2020) featured one of the top themes in 2020 lakorns where the main character has some sort of special powers, be it ESP or some other type of power. This drama also had one of the best male leads in any drama, he was very sweet, protective and he was always watching out for the heroine. James Jiyaru did an excellent job acting as Theeruth. I didn’t feel the same enthusiasm for a heroine (or her hairstyles, which distracted me greatly as they seemed to change multiple times in the same episode.) but she was okay too. This was a mystery/thriller as someone kept attacking the nang’ek and you had to figure whodunit from a range of suspects, and while the main villains weren’t too surprising, I enjoyed the mystery and learning more about what was behind the attacks. Subbed by Muse.

Mia Archeep (2020) – The Plan is a business that turns women into perfect ladies for a man, which is managed by Mr. Robert. He calls these women the “Ideal Wife”. Chollada is from a middle-class family who became a perfect and educated lady by The Plan. She was considered to be a great product from the company. Mr. Robert thinks she’s perfect for Kasidit and tries to invite him for this service many times. Kasidit starts to think of this as a fun game, so he accepts it and meets Chollada. It’s no longer a game for him when he falls in love with her, but he doesn’t know if she truly likes him or if it’s a set up by The Plan.

Reason it’s interesting? Solid lakorn overall, that played up some clichés, had loving family relationships. Unlike some lakorns, this lakorn felt much more grounded in the present, with the female lead Chollada having a more modern relationship with the male lead played by Mai Warit. There is some angst here because of the premise and also people who are trying to break up their relationship, but I felt this was a surprisingly well made lakorn and the main couple had lots of chemistry. Subbed by Neko.

So Wayree (2020) – Two hotel moguls, once family friends since their grandparents’ generation, are now sworn enemies, and are competing with each other to become the top in the industry. Parin never thought that he would be part of the hatred. Although his father is the son in law of Sirimantra, his mom was only a mistress who was abandoned in America. Growing up, he never knew what having a father was like. Paramita is the only heiress of the famous Emporium real estate mogul. Before going overseas to further her studies, something horrible happened to her. Four years later, she came back with a set of twins but she told everyone that they were her cousins, adopted by her aunt. She then meets the man who caused her misery after many years and decides to willingly help her father into the warring game after finding out that he was the son of her father’s rival. Parin and Paramita, standing on opposite sides of the line as sworn enemies

Reason it’s interesting? This was one of the most popular and talked about dramas of 2020. I watched about half of it before I couldn’t take it any more. There is a lot of drama here and this is a slap and kiss drama featuring a rape. I was there for the female empowerment, the heroine getting revenge on her abuser, but I just couldn’t stand how weak the heroine became as she fell in love? And the fall in love part? I didn’t see that. How, when, where did she fall ln love? I wanted to see them reunite, but not without major groveling on hero’s part and actions that showed he was sincere. I also wanted heroine to be more fierce and really make him work for his redemption. Kids are cute though. This lakorn really could have used some rewriting and more seasoned actors. Subbed by Neko and Muse.

Prom Pissawat (2020) – This is the story of God bringing two unlikely people from different parts of the world together. Plapol, a half Korean-half Thai man who grew up in Korea his whole life but chose to escape to Thailand sees his new step-mother as just another gold digger after his dad’s wealth. He pretty much thinks that of all women because his mother disappeared from his life since divorcing his dad when he was young. With hatred for his step-mother, Plapol decided to go to Thailand to find his mother. While in Thailand, Plapol goes to a bar and meets a young woman named Pantawan, a sexy singer who’s popular among the men there. He views her in the same light as the other women he has come across in his life. However, Pantawan is not that type of woman and doesn’t take insult from anyone especially from a misogynistic man like him. The two always get in a fight but eventually they came to an understanding and fell in love. But after love blossomed, all is not rosy for Plapol and Pantawan because of one truth that gets revealed: Pantawan’s mother is Plapol’s new step-mother. (Source: NinjaKKN) ~~ Adapted from a novel of the same title by author Tepita

Reason it’s interesting? This was another popular drama and for many of the same reasons that the previous drama was popular. Again the very angsty story, lots of drama and conflict. Here we also had a tale of families divided and reunited. But overall, the storyline was pretty cliché and mediocre. I didn’t really feel the romance, or the acting or anything really took it to another level which made me want to continue watching the last part of it. I may still finish it, I don’t know, but it’s no priority. Subbed by Muse and Neko.

Rahut Rissaya (2020) When the heiress of a billionaire family lost everything including her parents who got murdered…lost all the properties to her aunt and her daughter. Her revenge starts with a businessman who is a fiancé of her aunt’s daughter, as he becomes a chess piece in her game. She uses a confidential document that shows his father’s bad deed as a way to force/pressure him. But their closeness turns to love. Before she starts to see the value in his love and to learn how to forgive, everything is almost too late. (Source: Choi’s_(MY) at MyDramaList)

Reason it’s interesting? A remake of a 2007 titular lakorn, this lakorn seemed more like a complete reimaging of the 2007 version rather than a remake. Just a lot of scenes changed and/or deleted and new scenes added. Characters were fleshed out, or changed and so on. I liked the idea of the changes more than the execution because often times the new dialogue/scenes wasn’t very compelling. Still, good chemistry between the couple and Bank Artit really gives a stand out performance here as Siwa, who has to go through seeing his family torn apart and yet also have a new love bloom. This is even darker than the previous 2007 version, with more attempted murders/murders, but there are some comic moments here to lighten things up. Subbed by Thippy.

Many More English Subbed Lakorns

There were a lot of lakorns subbed this year, in part thanks to streaming platforms like Viu, Dimsum, which isn’t accessible from the US. So there were a lot of lakorns I didn’t watch but still wanted to include in case you’re interested.

2020 in Lakorns: Comedy! Part 2

Here’s part 2 of 2020 comedy lakorns. I like going back and looking at what was subbed and what wasn’t. I’m always hoping to find some undiscovered gems that weren’t English subbed. By the way, obviously I chose to cover the lakorns that are interesting to me, and not every 2020 comedy lakorn is covered.

This year, I’ve already done 2020 comedy lakorns part 1, historical lakorns and action lakorns. Last year, I put all the 2019 English subbed lakorns in part 1 and if they were not subbed, but sounded interesting, or different and should be subbed, they were part 2. So you can check out these posts to see what you may have missed out on in 2019. So 2019 action lakorns part 1 here, part 2 here, 2019 comedy lakorns part 1 here, part 2 here, 2019 drama lakorns (slap n kiss included) part 1 here, part 2 here. 2019 historical lakorns here.


My Precious Bad Luck (2020) – Clumsy Luckkana has always considered herself unlucky. In the hopes of bettering her life, the deeply superstitious Luckkana often seeks fortune tellers. And she believes them unquestioningly. So when a fortuneteller insists that her ex will change her bad luck, Luckkana is determined to find Chokebordee, her nerdy school love. But the ugly duckling became a swan—or in this case a handsome, smart man. He is so transformed that Luckkana almost doesn’t recognize him. When she does, how will their love story continue? (Source: Collin Hypercuz and bumblethunderbeast at Mydramalist)
(Source: MyDramaList)

Source: MasterOne’s yt channel

Reason it’s interesting? This has a classic rom comedy plot, so I’m kinda surprised that someone hasn’t subbed it already. The whole ‘ugly duckling turns to swan thing,’ (True Beauty (2020)) the ‘lucky/unlucky plot’ (Count Your Lucky Stars (2020)) both has turned out romantic comedies in Korea and elsewhere. And the teaser looks fun enough, maybe the lack of star power has kept this lakorn from being subbed.

Jor Way Lah Haa Poo Yai (2020) – No synopsis available, but from the teaser it looks like the hero goes back into the past and his modern devices causes all sorts of hilarity!

Source: Channel 7HD’s yt channel

Reason it’s interesting? This is another time traveling lakorn that is still airing in January. The teaser is pure slapstick, and that’s unusual to have in a time traveling lakorn. Also looks like it might have a bada** female lead, which I like, by the look of the girl in the last part of the teaser. This is a Channel 7 lakorn and it might be interesting if it isn’t too long.

Sapai Rai Sukdina (2020) – No synopsis, but the title is The Daughter In Law so I’m assuming there’s a marriage here and Mom isn’t pleased. Lots of music and comedy in the trailer too.
(Source: MyDramaList)

Source: Channel 8 yt’s channel

Reason it’s interesting? Marriage of convenience, comedy, singing. What’s not to like? This is a remake of 2001 lakorn which even had a 2011 sequel so it must have been somewhat popular back in the day. Since it is a Channel 8 lakorn it’s hard to tell if it will ever be English subbed, as Channel 8 lakorns are rarely subbed, and it’s also 38 episodes of 40 min each, so….


2020 IN LAKORNS: Comedy! Part 1

I’m finishing up my look back at 2020 this month. Up next is the English subbed comedy lakorns. Again with COVID, selections aren’t as abundant as last year, and I tried to focus on lakorns that are mainly comedy and can’t be put in other categories such as mystery, horror, action or historical genres. Part 2 of 2020 comedy lakorns will be lakorns that should have been English subbed because they sound interesting/weird/different, so expect to see that post coming soon.

This year, I’ve already done 2020 historical lakorns and action lakorn. Last year, I put all the 2019 English subbed lakorns in part 1 and if they were not subbed, but sounded interesting, or different and should be subbed, they were part 2. So you can check out these posts to see what you may have missed out on in 2019. So 2019 action lakorns part 1 here, part 2 here, 2019 comedy lakorns part 1 here, part 2 here, 2019 drama lakorns (slap n kiss included) part 1 here, part 2 here. 2019 historical lakorns here.


With over 68 lakorns (according to classified as comedy, I had to make some choices. I decided to include the lakorns that had teasers/posters that were primarily comic in nature, and excluded lakorns which might have some comic moments, but also had plenty of drama as well. That said, please don’t expect this to be a complete list of comedies.

Sapai Import (2020) – Lisa is a rich, spoiled girl who returned from her studies in England to find her parents were in debt. She had to work to repay that debt. And Don’s mother helped her. Don is the grandson of a very famous farm owner. When Don’s grandfather died, he conditionally named Don as his successor. To receive the farm, Don had to marry and have a child within a year. Otherwise the farm would be awarded to his cousin’s brother.

Don’s mother loved Lisa like a daughter, so she pushed them toward marriage . At first, both of them rejected the marriage. Then Don’s mother announced that she was going to die soon, so Lisa accepted as a sign of gratitude. Since Don and Lisa don’t love each other, they agreed to pretend to be married for 6 months. Despite their differing lifestyles, nothing could stop destiny. (Source: Collin Hypercuz at MyDramaList)
(Source: MyDramaList)

Source: Channel 7’s yt

Reason it’s interesting? The coupling of Mik and Min in Sapai Import (2020) has garnered much praise from the international community. You can see their chemistry in the teaser. I also really love marriage lakorns where the couple is married, so this is definitely on my to watch llst.17 episodes at an hour and half seems unnecessary though, so I would expect some filler. Subbed by Muse.

My Husband in Law (2020) – The smart and multi-talented Muey lives with her crush, Thien, for over seven years. During that time her crush deepens into love but Thien only notices her as someone to tease and bully. He is completely oblivious to her feelings. So she resigns herself to loving him from a distance. After all, Thien is smart, wealthy, hard-working and good looking. His only “flaw” is being a bit of a player. Unfortunately that leads to major trouble when he sleeps with the wife of a dangerous mobster. In the aftermath, Thien’s life is in danger. To protect him, Thien’s mother forces him to marry Muey. Muey only agrees for Thien’s safety, but it is also a chance for her to be closer to him.

While Thien reluctantly concedes and marries Muey, he wants to keep the relationship secret. How will their relationship fare when Muey begins working at the same company? Is love even possible for them in these circumstances? (Source: written by Collin Hypercuz and Wander_Queen, and edited by bumblethunderbeast at MyDramaList)

Source: Channel 3’s yt

Reason it’s interesting? This was a popular lakorn of 2020 with Mark Prin and Mew Nittha as the stars and being directed by Aew Ampaiporn Jitmaingong (Kleun Cheewit), one of the best lakorn directors in Thailand. But the story was all over the place, from rom comedy to spy thriller and more, without doing enough to really ground the characters in reality and make the love story more romantic and convincing. Subbed by Muse.

My Bubble Tea (2020) – The storyline features a woman who falls for her handsome boss, and so concocts a supernatural bubble tea brew to win his love. In a bitter twist, a man she despises accidentally drinks the tea and falls head over heels for her – giving rise to a hilarious and chaotic love triangle. (Source: KAvenyou) A drama that blends two Asian cultures, taking both Thai humour and Korean romance, to create a new form of entertainment.
(Source: MyDramaList)

Reason it’s interesting? At 13 episodes, 45 mins each, this is one of the shorter lakorns in this category and that’s a good thing. Lakorns often have bloated storylines due to their excessive length and this is short enough to be a cute, fluffy watch. This is on Viu and Muse also has it subbed.

Lakorns With Kids/Babies – I didn’t feel confident enough in these lakorns to want to talk about them at length, as these are probably mediocre lakorns at best. But I did want to mention them as there aren’t that many English subbed comedies to choose from.
  • Fah Fak Ruk (2020) The story is about Tongrak, a girl who struggles in life agreed to be a surrogate mom for Praefah, her biological sister who has health issues. Praefah is in love with Natee, an ordinary musician who turns out to be the heir of the Asavakietikul family where they have enemies all around. Because of this, Praefah and Natee end up getting murdered, leaving Tongrak a lonely pregnant woman with no job. Tongrak wants to tell the Asavakietikul family about their possible heir or heiress in her tummy but Kimhan, a toy designer, stopped her from doing so because he thinks the reason Praefah and Natee were killed is because the murderer wants to kill the heir. So Tongrak ends up being under the care of Kimhan. The two becomes close and develops feelings for each other unintentionally. (Source: MyDramaList)
  • The premise is interesting enough and unusual for a lakorn, but some of the reviews wanted to see more romance between the leads. Subbed by Muse.
  • Por Mai Lek Tai Song Tua (2020) When Panu’s twin children Oley & Nene want Karaked, a teacher, to be their stepmom, the two start to play cupid. But their obstacles are General Samurjai, Karaked’s father who tries every way to intervene between Panu and Karaked and the twin’s maternal grandmother Khun Nuankae, who wants to take custody of the two children. So Panu must use his love and sincerity to prove to everyone. (Source: thippy)
  • Cute kids playing matchmaker? Sign me up… Except that this is 30 episodes of 50 minutes each. That’s a lot of screen time to depend on cute kids to hold my interest. This was subbed by Thippy.

Korean rom comedies remade in Thailand

  • Chun Cheu Bussaba (2020) Trained by one of the nation’s most prominent chefs, Busaba has dedicated her life to the study of Thai cuisine. A talented chef, she has the skill to become one of the best of the best. But nothing in her life seems to be working out the way it should. At thirty-five, she expected to have a thriving career and the world’s most perfect relationship. Instead, she finds herself suddenly unemployed, and soon after, she catches her boyfriend cheating on her!
  • On the verge of giving up hope, Busaba crosses paths with Saran, the son of a prominent family, well-known for their successful business ventures. Despite being in a position to take over the family business, Saran has opted to forge his own path in life, opening one of the city’s most popular restaurants. As fate would have it, Saran is currently in need of a chef and Busaba’s skills are exactly what he’s looking for. Agreeing to work for Saran, Busaba’s life seems to be coming back together and she couldn’t be happier. But things get a little more complicated when she realizes she’s fallen for her new boss. Something tells her he might reciprocate her feelings but does she dare to hope when everything else in life has gone so horribly wrong? (Source: Viki
  • This is a remake of 2005 Korean popular drama My Lovely Sam Soon (2005) and this diverges a little from the source material and is on Viki and Muse.
  • Unlucky Ploy (2020) – In this remake of the Korean series ‘Another Miss Oh’, a man becomes mired in the lives of two women who happen to share the same name. (Source: Netflix)
  • A close scene by scene remake of the original, this lakorn is on Netflix USA and on Muse.


2020 in Lakorns: Action!

Another shorter selection of 2020 actions lakorns for me to talk about when compared to 2019, so I’ve included both english subbed lakorns (only the best) and some unsubbed lakorns that should be subbed (uh, maybe). I’m putting here action lakorns that had lots of action, but also couldn’t be put in other genres such as comedy, horror or historical. I looked at trailers too to see where the lakorn belongs. You’re welcome!

I put all the 2019 English subbed lakorns in part 1 and if they were not subbed, but sounded interesting, or different and should be subbed, they were part 2. So you can check out these posts to see what you may have missed out on in 2019. So 2019 action lakorns part 1 here, part 2 here, 2019 comedy lakorns part 1 here, part 2 here, 2019 drama lakorns (slap n kiss included) part 1 here, part 2 here. 2019 historical lakorns here.


Lah Tah Chon (2020) – Because of the brutal killing of his family, making the young engineer take revenge without waiting for the justice system. But due to carelessness, he is arrested for murdering the father of a woman he secretly loves and is sent to train as an assassin of a secret organization that eliminates evil people illegally. There was a turn of event when he realized he was being used so he decided to withdraw and expose the organization’s evil plans. With his own life and his loved one at stake. (Source: ohsweethaven)

Source: Channel 7’s yt

Reasons it’s interesting? The trailer looks good and the synopsis. The director Oliver Bever is an old hand at action lakorns, having directed 2019’s Insee Daeng, and Kularb Kror Petch (2019) which also starred Es Kantapong. Preaw Tussaneeya is the love interest who also worked with Es before so a lot of reunions within the cast and staff which can be a good thing. This lakorn is still airing, but it is being English subbed by Thippy .Trailer above

Jark Sadtroo Soo Hua Jai (2020) – Jett is a handsome man forced to become a hired gunman because of his dark past and problems. And one day, he is hired to kill a woman. It was suppose to be a simple job, however, it is complicated by the fact that his target, Sophita, is his ex-girlfriend’s sister. This leaves him with only two options. To either protect Sophita or to kill her. What will he chose? (Source: Collin Hypercuz and Wandering Queen at MyDramaList
(Source: MyDramaList)

Source: Channel 7’s yt

Reasons it’s interesting? A lot of people have loved the chemistry between the two leads,
Aum Patcharapa
and Mik Thongraya, but at 19 episodes, it better have a tight plot, or there will be lots of filler! It is English subbed by Muse and Neko. Trailer above

Singha Na Ka (2020) This drama is based on the writings of Seal Writer Mala Khamchan, and is directed by Chatchawan Watthamon, who holds this title. Singha Na Ka is a story of young people who have the magic power to be occupied.

On one day, there was a very greedy scientist who discovered this magical power and meant to take possession of this world alone. So young energetic youngsters such as Haha and Nana have come out to stop this scientist. And to save the world not to fall into the hands of the villains. The mission is to stumble upon the love story. Make sure to make sure that you have the right one.

Source: Mello Thailand’s yt

The scientist led by Mantra brought science and technology to use as a tool to take over the world. Haha and Nana have to use magic and tactics that are trained by the top teachers to protect the world. Haha is like water because he is calm, but Nana is like fire, because he is stubborn and impatient. But both of them are like the perfect mix because they help each other. But the friendship came to a breaking point when Katie came into their lives. The love issue is so aggressive . To fight alongside protecting the world. The brand is inventing a tool by using scientific technology that can make him dominate the world. But to destroy the tool is only one way. It is the magic power of both Haha ​​and Nana !! Finally, Nana will cooperate with Haha to protect the world or not to watch.

Reasons it’s interesting? So the twist here is there are magic powers and most of the fights are done with these powers and a whole lotta CG. Some of the CG in the trailer looks fine, some not so much. It is English subbed by neko. Trailer above.


Dek Seple (2020) In 1977, there’s a fight between soldiers and communists in a village along the border. Sak, a teacher in the village, loses his wife and his young daughter but his son is saved by Pew who later adopts him and changes his name to Tin. Because they are poor and no education, Tin starts to hang out with a gang of thieves. Tin snatches a lady’s purse and runs into the school where Sak is teaching. Sak helps him out and wants Tin to come to live with him. But once a thief always a thief and this time Tin gets arrested. Sak bailed him out and wishes to adopt him and put him back to school. But it might be too late… (Source: Five Star Production)
(Source: MyDramaList

Source: Channel 7’s yt

Reasons it’s interesting? Dek Seple (2020) is a remake of a 1996 lakorn, and I thought the trailer was very emotional and dramatic. Too often in action lakorns, the story or relationships take second place to the action, but there seems to be plenty of story here. And drama, lots of drama! Trailer above.

Roy Pah (2020) – The story is about a ranger who stands firm on his ideology against illegal logging, even if it makes him arrest the father of the woman he loves. His love life is ruined when he’s framed of killing her mother, and he needs to prove his innocence to get her back. In the meantime, she ends up engaged to the heir of a millionaire just to spite him, but she doesn’t know that the guy plans to build his resort on a forest. (Source: MyDramaList)

Source: Channel 7’s yt

Reasons it’s interesting? Honestly feel like I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel here. Cuz really there aren’t a lot of options and this lakorn had half way decent trailer and stars BigM Krittarit and newer actress Kessarin Noiphueng I’m not familiar with at all, but she does seem to have decent chemistry with BigM. Trailer above.

Singh Sang Pa (2020) Male lead used to work for the baddies. After he retired from the group, he returned to his hometown only to find out that his family members were killed. He later joined a thief gang lead by female lead in order to fight the baddies. They both had a bad past with the bad guys lead by Anun Amarin who is actually his brother-in-law.

Source: Channel 7’s yt

Reasons it’s interesting? Ok, wait a minute, now I know I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel. Cuz that trailer was laughable, what is it with blatantly fake wigs? Spend some money or do something to make it less obvious! Jeez. Anyway, this has a female gang leader. Yep, you’re welcome. Well, it also stars Louis Hesse and Pinkploy Paparwadee Chansamorn. Trailer above.