Newsbrief – Thailand

Hey everyone, with a scarcity of new Thailand lakorns and not really finding anything I’m compelled to watch, I’ve been watching more documentaries and news than dramas these days. Thus, I have little to talk about. But there are some tidbits of news, events, happenings that I’ve found interesting.

  • Thailand’s covid strategy is said to have shifted to “Learning to Live With Covid-19.” Most of the more populous regions in Thailand have been under restrictions to curb Thailand’s latest deadly wave, like the closure of all non-essential business, restricting travel and a curfew. For more info, you can read this article.
  • Right now it seems Thailand’s current Covid outbreak has peaked, and daily infections are going down, so hopefully this means good news for lakorn fans. But I wouldn’t want lakorns at the cost of lives or health lost to Covid-19 and I hope and wish that learning to live with Covid-19 still means practicing social distancing, wearing masks and crowd control to mitigate the spread of Covid-19, both in Thailand and everywhere else.
  • But that doesn’t mean there are no interesting lakorns coming up. Check out this trailer to Bangkok Breaking.
Source: Netflix Asia’s yt channel
  • The teaser for Bangkok Breaking (2021) looks really good and it’s on Netflix worldwide, so I’m definitely going to try to watch this. It comes out on September 23, 2021 and stars Weir Sukollawat and Aom Sushar.
  • The synopsis? “The six-episode series is centered around the wild world of Bangkok’s road rescue services and Wanchai who is newly arrived in Bangkok and must unravel a city-wide conspiracy alongside a young, upstart journalist. (Source: Netflix)”
  • I hope Netflix will continue to put more lakorns on their streaming site and help produce lakorns. Netflix has become one of the main ways I consume lakorns outside of youtube and various subbing sites.
  • Also of note….
  • The continuing and increasing Chinese interest in lakorns. Take for example, currently airing lakorn Me Always You (2021). This remake of 2015 kdrama She Was Pretty started airing August 27, 2021 on Channel 3, but you can also find it dubbed in Chinese (which is ugh! the dubbing I mean) on Yoyo English channel. 😁 You can also find it on Viki.
Source: Yoyo English yt channel

What’s Next? Love is Always Online (2021)

Another online gaming drama from China, this time it is Love is Always Online (2021) which stars newbies Elvira Cai (Mystery of Antiques) as a female gamer and Dylan Xiong (As Long as You Love Me) as the CEO who pursues her. The director Zhou Xiao Peng has a number of hits on his resume, such as Because of You (2017) and Lady & Liar (2015). Hopefully, we’ll get English subs for this drama, but there’s no airing date yet and this has been pushed back a number of times. I’ve been waiting for this to air since at least October 2020, which is when it was set to air, but hopefully they’re using the added production time to make CG flawless. One can only hope, right?

Synopsis: CEO Jiang Anzhen has been looking for Yao Yuan who saved him during his university days. After learning that Yao Yuan played the ‘ShengShi” game, he took the opportunity to save Yao Yuan’s life in the game, and he announced that he would marry her. Then the two met through a party and began a passionate pursuit in reality, finally determining the relationship between the couple. However Jiang’s brother revealed a secret regarding their parents death that resulted in the couple’s separation. How would they reconcile? (Source: Baidu) Adapted from the novel Time by 顾西爵 (Celine Gu)



What’s Next? Remember You (2021)

Another kdrama remake. Remember You (2021) airs August 16, 2021 two days a week and should have around 24 episodes. This lakorn is a remake of Hello Monster (2015), and stars Paopetch Charoensook (Social Syndrome (2018)), Kemisara Paladesh, Aun Witaya and Tawan Vihokratana. The teaser certainly looks dark and mysterious enough, lots going on in it. This lakorn is coming to Netflix, so yeah, I’m definitely planning to watch this.

Synopsis: A genius detective teams up with a colleague to investigate a case that hits close to home, but the duo becomes entangled in a cat-and-mouse game. (Source: Netflix)

Source: True CJ’s yt channel


What’s Next? Irresistible (2021)

Hmm. Irresistible (2021) is rumored to be coming to GMM25 on August 3, 2021. This lakorn will definitely be full of angst, revenge and tragedy. A remake of Roy Ruk Raeng Kaen (2015), Thanat Lowkhunsombat (U-Prince: The Badly Politics) and Aom Sushar are the ill fated couple in the lakorn. This role makes is a departure for Aom Sushar, as most are used to seeing her in more light hearted romantic fare such as Full House.

Synopsis: Kimhan and Mookarin were engaged to be married but a tragedy destroyed their happiness. Mon, Kimhan’s sister, was found dead and her husband Tada, Mook’s brother, was accused of killing her. The case went to court and Tada was acquitted with Mook taking the stand as her brother’s alibi and Mon’s death was ruled an accident.

Kimhan was furious that his sister’s killer walked free and that Mook lied to help acquit her brother. If the law could not punish Tada, Kimhan will do it himself, so he vowed to get revenge. He actively persecuted Tada and broke off his engagement to Mook. In pursuing his revenge, he caused a lot of pain to Tada, Mook and other innocent people.

Yet, through it all, neither Kimhan nor Mook could forget their love for each other. They were filled with conflicting feelings of love, hate, revenge and loyalty as they, and the people around them, get caught in Kimhan’s whirlpool of revenge. ~~ Adapted from the novel “Mia Nok Hua Jai” by Chalalai. (Source: MyDramaList)



2021’s Hidden Gems? Part 1

So I was scrolling through mydramalist to find something to watch and I came across a Japanese dorama about a hitman falling for his target. Not that new, only in this case, this being a Japanese dorama (😂), the hitman completely messes up his timing and ends up protecting his love. That got me thinking, I usually do an end of the year post about dramas that sound interesting, have great reviews, but haven’t gotten the attention they deserve. So this year I decided to start part 1 now for the 1st part of 2021 and part 2 will be the last part of 2021. Brilliant, yah? Er, maybe not, but I need more drama in my life!

Boku no Satsui ga Koi wo Shita (2021)

Synopsis: Onotora Shu does not know that his foster father is a legendary professional killer. However, his daily life dramatically changes after someone murders this professional killer. Onotora decides to take over the family business and become a hitman in order to avenge his foster father. He is well prepared when he approaches Narumiya Mitsuki who is his assassination target. Despite his physical abilities as a hitman, he is not able to kill her because of his terrible timing, no matter how he tries. On the contrary, he ends up protecting her as danger approaches. The two of them who should not fall in love, have an unlikely romance. (Source:

Source: Taishi Fanbase ‘s yt channel

The trailer looks fun and I’m intrigued at how this hitman keeps missing his target. Like, how can that happen? Lol. It’s on WeTv.

The Comments (2021)

Synopsis: Papang, student president and outstanding all-around student and perfect in every way, kills herself in the middle of her live stream. She is copying Gina, her favourite actress, the second female idol to be cyberbullied to the extent of committing suicide in the middle of her live stream.

Her brother Khan wants to investigate the reason behind her decision. He enlists the help of Phat, the young assistant-teacher to Ms Wimol, Papang’s homeroom teacher. Hoping to learn the truth, Khan and Phat speak to the following students: Nan, the social media addict who feels she is inferior to Papang in every way; Toon, the straight-A student who wants to be the student president to complement her grades; and Pok, the young man who had a crush on Papang, whom she brutally rejected. Next, they spoke to her mother, Pimpa, that Papang had long-standing issues regarding her relationship with Wittaya, a man already with a family. Pimpa seemed to be hiding something.

The more they search, the more Khan and Phat become suspicious about the clues behind Papang’s seemingly perfect world. She was suffering from defamation and bullying. At the end, who made Papang commit suicide? (Source: GMMTV YouTube; MyDramaList)

Source: GMMTV’s channel

At only five episodes long, 45 min each, this seems like a no brainer to watch. The comments section is full of praise and it’s available to watch on GMM, so this is definitely going on my list.

You Are My Hero (2021)

Synopsis: As a new resident at the bustling metropolitan hospital, Mi Ka’s life is far from boring. With a steady stream of patients to see and a variety of training exercises to complete, Mi Ka has little time for anything other than work, but she doesn’t mind. The chance to help people and save lives is all she has ever wanted and she’s happy she has finally found a way to make that dream come true. Ever one to volunteer when a new opportunity to help others arises, Mi Ka joins in a joint emergency rescue training exercise between the hospital and the police SWAT team, a decision that will change her life forever.

When a deadly earthquake shakes the very foundations of the world, Mi Ka is part of the team ordered to the epicenter of the quake to help with rescue operations. Joined by a team of military personnel, including Xing Ke Lei, a special ops agent who first met Mi Ka through a series of misunderstandings that left them both with a less-than-favorable impression of each other, Mi Ka and her medical team set out on a mission fraught with danger. Despite their initial misgivings, Xing Ke Lei and Mi Ka have no choice but to put aside their differences to help those hit hardest by the recent earthquake. Working side-by-side, their feelings towards each other gradually begin to soften as they observe how tirelessly each works to save lives.

When the nation in which they’re working is thrown into turmoil, Mi Ka and the rest of the medical team find themselves in very real danger. Putting his life on the line, Xing Ke Lei is determined to come to their rescue, but will he be able to get to them in time? (Source: Viki) ~~ Adapted from the novel of the same name by the writer Mu Qing Yu.

Source: Croton Megahit channel

Some people have compared it to Descendants of the Sun (2016), but this is based on a novel that came out before the drama, and is more about 3 couples and their relationships in the midst of a terrible natural disaster. Lots of good reviews about how natural the couples are and how good the writer is. I’m intrigued. This is on Viki and youtube.

What’s Next? The Golden Hairpin

A Chinese drama that has been creating a lot of buzz since it started filming, The Golden Hairpin stars Kris Wu in his debut as a drama actor and Yang Zi (Ashes of Love) . The Golden Hairpin has an intriguing concept of a young girl going undercover to solve crimes in a historical drama. This Tencent/Hunan TV drama should be up on youtube and I’m sure it’ll be English subbed.

Synopsis: At thirteen, investigative prodigy Huang Zixia had already proved herself by aiding her father in solving confounding crimes. At seventeen, she’s on the run, accused of murdering her family to escape an arranged marriage. Driven by a single-minded pursuit, she must use her skills to unmask the real killer…and clear her name. But when Huang Zixia seeks the help of Li Shubai, the Prince of Kui, her life and freedom are bargained: agree to go undercover as his eunuch to stop a serial killer and to undo a curse that threatens to destroy the Prince’s life. Huang Zixia’s skills are soon tested when Li Shubai’s betrothed vanishes. With a distinctively exquisite golden hairpin as her only clue, Huang Zixia investigates—and discovers that she isn’t the only one in the guarded kingdom with a dangerous secret.


Director Lin Yu Fen (Eternal Love (2017), Lost Love in Times) is at the helm of this drama. The screenwriter is Wong Lei Chi who also wrote 2011’s blockbuster Scarlet Heart (and its sequel 😎) so this cdrama has a great team and I’m hopeful it can live up to its hype.


What’s Next? Xifei’s Royal Love in the Palace

Anyone remember Peter Ho of Summer’s Desire (2010)? Or from Le Jun Kai (2013)? While he is now a director and screenwriter, he still acts occasionally and will be the main lead in Chinese drama Xifei’s Royal Love in the Palace (2020). This drama also stars He Hong Shan in a marriage of convenience story that sounds promising. As this a Tencent drama, it should be up on youtube and I’m sure it’ll be English subbed.

Synopsis: Qing Lian is content to lead an ordinary life and aspires for a suitor who only has eyes for her, yet is instead forced to marry into the royal family. She discovers her husband He Lian Xin is not the heartless and stone-faced noble he presents himself to be, and secretly helps him navigate the treacherous waters, earning his affection and respect in the process. ~~ Based on Legend of Consort Xi by Jieyu.


Xifei’s Royal Love in the Palace (2020) was adopted from a novel and the synopsis reminds me of other cdramas such as The Story of Ming Lan (2018), where the wife supports her husband behind the scenes. I’m not familiar with the female lead He Hong Shan who seems to have played mostly supporting roles in a lot of dramas such as Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace, but she was also the main lead in 2019’s Legend of the Phoenix.

The director is Lin Yu Fen, who was also the director of the massively popular Eternal Love (2017), not to mention my personal favorite Lost Love in Times (2017) so this is in very capable hands.


What’s Next? Tharntawan See Plerng (2021)

Tharntawan See Plerng (2021) looks to be another lakorn set in the country, a weekday daily lakorn on five days a week that starts airing July 15, 2021. Chingching Kharittha (Sed Thee Teen Plao) and Chayapol Bunnag (See Mai Karn) star and it looks like it will be a fairly light hearted (for a lakorn that is) lakorn. Thippy has this on her subbing list, which is one of the main reasons I’m featuring it, because otherwise this Channel 7 lakorn may not be subbed.

Source: Channel 7’s yt channel

Synopsis: Tharntawan is the owner of a vineyard and famous resort. She is just as vicious and sharp to her enemies as she is beautiful. However, in the resort industry, there are many people ready to knock you down and so every day is a new challenge for Tharntawan. Along the way, she meets a boy who finally warms her heart. For Tharntawan is just like a fiery sunflower. Fiery like the sun to her enemies, and devoted like the sunflower to the person she loves. (Source: thaidramatic_update; edited by Soju at MyDramaList)



What’s Next? Ruk Nirun Juntra

Another lakorn of Ken Theeradeth? And the posters are so pretty too. I have to at least check it out as he’s a favorite of mine. Ruk Nirun Juntra is an upcoming Channel 3 lakorn staring Ken Theeradeth (Ra Raerng Fai (2017) and Ice Preechaya (Payakorn Sorn Ruk) about an immortal man falling for an ordinary girl. The trailer looks to have a fair amount of angst, and drama, plus our hero saving the heroine, maybe it’ll be another Goblin (2016) or My Love From Another Star? We can hope, right? This is coming to Channel 3 on June 23, 2021, and Neko has this on her list, so I’m hopeful it will be English subbed.

Source: Channel 3’s yt

Synopsis: The love story of an immortal man and an ordinary girl.


I’m sooo surprised, but this couple look good together! 😮This is a new pairing, and there is over a 10+ year age difference between the two, but they at least photograph well together, so I’m hopeful. I’ve been really digging the supernatural romance genre lately as well, it gives me feels, so looking forwards to watching this couple in Ruk Nirun Juntra.


Thursday’s Teaser: The Mind Game (2021)

More. More. More. Another Thailand lakorn with a pra’ek with special powers, this time it seems like our hero can read minds. The Mind Game (2021) stars Bank Thiti (Bpai Hai Teung Duang Dao) and Peak Pattarasaya (Leh Ruk Bussaba (2018)) and will air June 14, 2021 on channel GMM One, so it may be english subbed.

Credit: one31s yt channel

Synopsis: When he became a suspect in a robbery case, he had to do everything he could to prove his innocence. Meet a young man with special powers and his special team to go out and pursue real criminals! (Source: MyDramaList)

The nang’ek looks older the pra’ek here in the above teaser. But there seems to be two pra’eks, the other one is played by Oab Oabnithi and he looks good in the 2nd teaser, paired with Patty Phetii I believe. This lakorn seems based on an older one called Chit Sanghan (2002). I like the poster and this might be interesting, so we’ll see if it gets English subbed.

Credit: one31s yt channel