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Been a long time since I’ve done one of these, not since the summer. But with so many new dramas airing now and on the horizon, I felt the need since I definitely won’t be covering all these lakorns.

By the way, I don’t post about cable/digital dramas being released on GMM youtube channel, but they do English sub their lakorns on a regular basis, so I urge people to subscribe to their channel to keep up. With the fansubbers, it’s more unclear which lakorns will be subbed and when, so I think it’s more important to focus on them.


Neko is currently working a 2018 action drama, Saming Jao Tha (2018) and just started subbing the new remake of Mia Jum Pen (2021). She also has picked up two new projects airing soon, Dao Kon La Duang (2021) and Theptida Pla Rah (2021) both airing January 25.

Theptida Pla Rah (2021)

Theptida Pla Rah (2021)Mahadsajan is a spoiled rich guy whose father Sedtee is a political representative to Bai Mon’s country town. Mahadsajan wanted to marry a woman he met at a party, who is also his sister’s friend. But, in order to marry her, his father had a condition in which Mahadsajan had to go and learn the ways of life at Bai Mon’s home.

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Dao Kon La Duang (2021)

Dao Kon La Duang (2021)Thanat and Wasan are the sons of police officers who grew up together. Since childhood, both wanted to become a police officer with the same ideology as their fathers. After taking the position of inspector at the Crime Suppression Division of Narcotics, Thanat has the opportunity to work together with Wasan in finding drug dealers. They also meet Supika, a talented female police officer. She’s close to Chalanthorn, a beautiful girl who’s popular in the same social circle as Sia Sunai, who has a background in the drug dealing business. Chalanthorn starts working with the police by giving them confidential information, which puts her in danger. Thanat is always by her side to protect her and they develop feelings for each other. The same happens with Wasan and Supika, after going through many dangerous situations together.

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Thippy is just about finished with the 2020 version of Rahut Rissaya, which I’m watching and liking. It’s very different from the 2007 lakorn, not sure which I prefer. Wong Wien Hua Jai (2021) just started, and Thippy will also be subbing Talay Luang (2021)), an island romance lakorn with a man with amnesia. Sounds familiar? Yeah, it’s been done before, Sao Noi (2012), Game Rai Game Rak (2011) and so on.

Talay Luang (2021)

Talay Luang (2021) – A strange man with amnesia appears on an island; there he meets Moya, begins to fall in love and starts building her an island resort. Against the warnings of her best friend, Moya starts to fall in love with him too. However just as their love blooms, a pregnant woman arrives claiming the man is her husband. She takes him back. So Moya tries to forget him, but he returns with memories intact as a player. (Source: thaidramatic_update)

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The Prince Who Turns into a Frog (2021) is another remake of the original Taiwanese drama which you can watch at Muse and they’re also working on romantic drama Voice in the Rain (2020). Muse is also working on the same dramas Thippy and Neko are English subbing, namely Wong Wien Hua Jai (2021), Talay Luang (2021), and Mia Jum Pen (2021). There’s a couple of soon to air projects as well on Muse’s list, twin lakorn Kaew Lerm Korn (2021), and the immortal romance of Duang Jai Nai Montra (2021), both airing January 27.

Kaew Lerm Korn (2021)Kaew and Chidchanok are twins who lived separate lives because of their aunt who wants to inherit their father’s fortune. Kaew grew up in poverty with a cruel mother and sister, while Chidchanok lives with her father after they fled to France. Chidchanok decides to go back to Thailand to find her mother. Eventually the twins meet and try to help each other get away from their aunt, who wants to kill them. (Source: MyDramaList)

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Duang Jai Nai Montra (2021)

Duang Jai Nai Montra (2021)Pachara was cursed by his lover named Matira. Because of the curse, Pachara becomes immortal without having the death and having the heartbeat. After thousands of years, he meets the artist named Praploy. As soon as he sees Praploy he feels that it was the reincarnation of his past love Matira. So he hates Praoploy and has conflicts with her. Is Praoploy really Matira who cursed Pachara? Will the hatred of Pachara towards Praoploy eventually turn into love? (Source: Collin Hypercuz on

(Source: MyDramaList)