What’s Next? Love is Always Online (2021)

Another online gaming drama from China, this time it is Love is Always Online (2021) which stars newbies Elvira Cai (Mystery of Antiques) as a female gamer and Dylan Xiong (As Long as You Love Me) as the CEO who pursues her. The director Zhou Xiao Peng has a number of hits on his resume, such as Because of You (2017) and Lady & Liar (2015). Hopefully, we’ll get English subs for this drama, but there’s no airing date yet and this has been pushed back a number of times. I’ve been waiting for this to air since at least October 2020, which is when it was set to air, but hopefully they’re using the added production time to make CG flawless. One can only hope, right?

Synopsis: CEO Jiang Anzhen has been looking for Yao Yuan who saved him during his university days. After learning that Yao Yuan played the ‘ShengShi” game, he took the opportunity to save Yao Yuan’s life in the game, and he announced that he would marry her. Then the two met through a party and began a passionate pursuit in reality, finally determining the relationship between the couple. However Jiang’s brother revealed a secret regarding their parents death that resulted in the couple’s separation. How would they reconcile? (Source: Baidu) Adapted from the novel Time by 顾西爵 (Celine Gu)

(Source: mydramalist.com)

Credits: mydramalist.com, asianfuse.net, asianfuse.wiki