Q: Where can I watch English subbed lakorns?

A: I’m glad you asked. I’ve already written to posts on that topic, here and here. Enjoy!

Q: What is this blog about?

A: Welcome to the blog! This blog is all about lakorns which are Thai dramas or tv series, but we also look at lots of other things that catch our interest in the entertainment world from any country. Feel free to chime in. For more info, visit our post here.

Q: Who are you?

Jam Loey Rak

A: My name is Jazmin. I started watching lakorns in 2008 on youtube. One day, I came across Jam Loey Rak and was intrigued by the music, the acting, and just the different atmosphere. By that time I had watched a number of Korean dramas, so I didn’t mind subtitles. From there, I went on to watch Sawan Biang (2008) and that pretty much blew my mind. I was floored by everything, the acting, the drama, the angst. I was determined to look into finding more lakorns to watch.

Soon after that, viki started to have more subbed lakorns available to watch, and when I found a lakorn I loved on youtube with incomplete subs, I started to become a part of the subbing community on viki, and along the way, made many lakorn friends such as Jasmin who was also a big mainstay of viki at the time.

Jasmin started a lakorn blog, Jasmin’s Lakorn Blog and I followed, of course, lol. Since then, I’ve sent years helping and working in the lakorn subbing community as well as enjoying watching lakorns and I expect to continue to enjoy lakorns for the rest of my life!

Pic Sources: Asianfuse wiki https://sharerice.com/index.php?title=Main_Page