2020 in Lakorns: News and 2021 Lakorns

Time to complete my look back at 2020, its trends, and give you a heads up on likely 2021 lakorns in the works. I love this part of my yearly reviews the most actually. Of course, there are a number of lakorns that I’m really looking forwards to and have highlighted here. But there are many more lakorns I just don’t have the time to talk about, so yeah, this will be by no means a complete listing of 2021 lakorns, just ones I’m particularly interested in.

This year, I’ve already done posts on 2020 comedy lakorns part 1, part 2, historical lakorns and action lakorns. Last year, I put all the 2019 English subbed lakorns in part 1 and if they were not subbed, but sounded interesting, or different and should be subbed, they were part 2. So you can check out these posts to see what you may have missed out on in 2019. So 2019 action lakorns part 1 here, part 2 here, 2019 comedy lakorns part 1 here, part 2 here, 2019 drama lakorns (slap n kiss included) part 1 here, part 2 here. 2019 historical lakorns here.

2020 Trends and News

2020 had two major trends that I noticed, lakorns with characters with special powers, and more and more remakes, not just Korean this time, but several from Taiwan, and so on. Characters could read minds, hear voices, see the future and so on, like in Payakorn Sorn Ruk, Leh Bunpakarn, Mue Prab Khao Saan Sek, Spark Jai Nai Jomying and so on. And I’ll talk more about remakes in my 2021 lakorn section down below.

Payakorn Sorn Ruk

In addition, we had lakorns being aired simultaneously in both China and Thailand and an increasing focus on lakorns in streaming platforms such as Viu and Dimsum.my. All of this bodes well for lakorns in the future. COVID 19 also played a role in lakorns as well, delaying some and causing others to air earlier than expected and I wrote about it here and here. I expect 2021 to have more of the same, but hopefully the vaccines will help slow the spread of COVID 19 enough to mitigate most of its effects.

2021 Lakorns

Praomook (2021)

Praomook (2021) – Praomook works at a nightclub to earn money and pay a debt. She doesn’t get along with Chalunthorn because he misunderstood her, thinking she’s a bad girl. One day, his parents ask Praomook to marry Chalunthorn to remove the bad luck from him. She accepts the proposal just to get back at him. He pretends to be gay to avoid her but she doesn’t believe it. They will eventually start falling for each other, but there are obstructions to their love. Treenutch, Chalunthorn’s ex wants revenge while trying to get Chalunthorn back. There’s also Maithong, rival of Praomook’s family and Chalunthorn’s fling. (Source: MyDramaList)
(Source: MyDramaList)

Bad Romeo (2021) No synopsis yet, but boy does Yaya and Mario look good together.

Lai Kinnaree – The reign of King Narai was the most prosperous during the Ayutthaya period. Ayutthaya kingdom at that time has great commercial and diplomatic activities with all foreign nations especially the west. Everywhere was full of foreign immigrants, merchants, missionaries diplomats and military personnel. Foreigners especially westerners were backed to oppress Ayautthaya people causing the rage among Ayutthaya people. Lady Pudsorn is the beautiful daughter of a famous deceased doctor. She well inherited medical knowledge from her father. Aok Luang (Viscount) Indra Ratchpakdee is a handsome police nobleman who is responsible for the peace and safety of people in the metropolitan area.

Monsieur Robert is a handsome French guy who closes to an important French military diplomat whom King Narai borrowed from King of France to work for. Faith brought the three of them to met and work together in investigating the suspicious death of an important French cargo ship captain who died while wearing female sarong cloth with Lai Kinaree (Half Bird Half Human) patterned which is the kind of pattern prohibited for royal ladies in the palace only. Therefore this case has the existence of Ayutthaya Kingdom at stake because it may trigger the war by being claimed as a rightful cause for the French army to seize Ayutthaya Kingdom.

The investigation leads the three of them to many somehow involved people, many stories and many suspects which each of them has unexpectable secrets. Moreover, one of the suspects is a very powerful lady in the royal palace too. Besides that, the investigation also leads those two gorgeous and high-profiled guys to fall for Lady Pudsorn and both of them ready to compete to win her heart. What should Lady Pudsorn do? (Source: Asianfuse & ShareRice)

Petchakard Jun Jao (2021) Duangjan is a cold-blooded, young assassin for a mafia group. One day due to a failed mission between Duangjan and Lok — an assassin within the same group — Duangjan ends up falling off of a cliff. However, she is saved by the head of the national park, Atiruj. When she wakes up, Atiruj realises that the young woman who he saved has developed amnesia. The once cold and calculated killer suddenly turns into a cheerful little girl and finds herself not only with a new name “Chao Chao”, but also a fake husband, Atiruj — who just so happens to be escaping his mother who was determined to marry someone else. (Source: Soju on MyDramaList).

Lhong Klin Chan (2021) Warnruk, a female investigator, gets transferred to her small hometown in order to investigate the homicide of Chankrapor, who was murdered and buried underneath a Chan por tree. There she meets the forensics doctor of the area, who although likes to question her intelligence, also teams up with her in order to find the murderer. Together with them is Trichai, a young and handsome lieutenant, who is always ready to help. However, the catch of this case is that the deeper you search, the thicker the fog becomes. (Source:thaidramatic_update; Edited by Soju at MyDramaList)

Ubaat Rai Ubaat Ruk (2021) Thisappass, a charming casanova businessman — who girls fall left, right and centre, — never thought that there would be someone who would reject a perfect guy like him. And that too, that it would be his secretary, Jitsagao. For a proud player like him, it is not easy to admit this fact. Thus, he begins to meticulously plan to win over his secretary’s heart. However, there is a secret. The reason why Jitsagao avoids the businessman is that one of her family members hit his sister which left her permanently physically disabled. While one heart is unable to accept the other because of guilt and fear, the other feels competitive — fighter harder in order to win the unattainable heart of a beautiful girl called Jitsagao. (Source: Soju at MyDramaList)

Lakorns with favorite actors/actresses

  • Prom Likit (2021), the sequel to popular historical lakorn Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat is supposed to start filming in February 2021, but who knows if we’ll see this lakorn this year.
  • Mark Prin is in upcoming action lakorn Game Lah Torrachon (2021) along with Taew Nataphon and it is currently being filmed right now.
  • Miti Thi Sarm (2020) starring Taew as well and Nadech as an angel?
  • I like Weir, but do I want him to see him with his step grandma in Krong Nampueng (2021)? Eh, I don’t know about that. 😜 Although she does look really good for her age.

Many More Remakes

There were a lot of remakes last year, and not just Korean remakes either like WHO ARE YOU (2020), or Chun Cheu Bussaba. There were also Deja Vu from Taiwan, and even Mother from a Japanese dorama. 2021 promises more remakes of lakorns as well as other countries’ dramas.

Here are a few of the 2021 remakes I’m keeping an eye on.

Source: GMMTV’s yt channel
  • So finally Thailand is getting it’s version! It’s about time! F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers (2021) should be airing soon, they’ve been putting out lots of teasers.
  • You are My Heartbeat (2021) is apparently related to Chinese drama The Fox’s Summerwhich I never watched, but I love the pairing of Push Puttichai and Mai Davika.
  • And Push will also be in Boss & Me, the remake of Chinese megahit drama, Boss & Me (2014) and I’m just hoping Push’s co star, Aom Sushar will bring on the cute.
  • remake of a 2007 beloved Taiwanese drama, My Lucky Star (2021) is about a thief finding love and redemption.

Lakorn remakes of lakorns

  • Song Sanaeha should finally be coming out, right? I’m not a big fan of twin lakorns, but this one stars Kimberley Voltemas and James Ma, so I can get behind that pairing.
  • I really loved the original lakorn of this ghost/cop love story Prang Sanaeha (2021), which had some bittersweet moments.
  • Irresistable (2021) is a remake of 2015’s Roy Ruk Raeng Kaen (2015), so you can expect lots of revenge and melodrama galore.
  • Did u like/love So Wayree (2020)? If so, you may like its sequel, Buang Wimala, but the main couple switches to a friend of Parin, Gun and Wimala, a girl who’s supposed to steal evidence from Gun.
  • Another remake of model drama Sai Roong (2021), this time starring Sammy Cowell and Tono Pakin is heading to our tv screens… soon? Hopefully?
  • Sapai Jao Sua (2020) is a remake of of a marriage of convenience story that I so love, so I’m definitely checking this one out if someone English subs it. Pretty please fansubbers?

Credits: mydramalist.com, asianfuse.net, asianfuse.wiki