What’s Next? Wong Wien Hua Jai (2021)

Looks like the first slap and kiss of 2021, so Wong Wien Hua Jai (2021) starring Porche Saran (Sai Lohit (2018)) and Now Tisanart (Duang Jai Kabot (2019)), who both starred together in (Sai Lohit (2018)). The remake is a slap and kiss about a guy who marries? a girl to keep her from interfering with his sister’s marriage. The orginal lakorn aired in 1984, and there was a popular remake in 2009 Wong Wien Hua Jai which starred Weir Sukollawat and Pinky Savika. Airing January 21, 2021 on Channel 7 on Wednesday and Thursday. Thippy will be English subbing this.

Source: Channel 7’s yt channel

Synopsis: Bow returns to Thailand after she learns that her boyfriend, Pong (Takphet), has cheated on her and has impregnated Vithinee (Ploy) who he is now going to marry. Vithinee is the younger sister of the male lead, Tos (Porche ) who is the owner of a plantation and is extremely protective over his sickly sister.

Lost in the pain of heartbreak and deceit, Bow decides to go to a club alone and drink her pain away. There she somehow ends up in a bad situation — almost being drugged and compromised by a criminal. She is, however, saved by Tos, who manages to take her to a private room safely.

The protective older brother — unwilling to let Bow ruin his sister’s happiness — ends up using this opportunity to tie Bow to himself. He tells Bow’s father that he has slept with his daughter, which makes the older man marry Bow off to Tos in order to protect his daughter’s virtue. Thus begins a very push and pull love story of Bow and Tos. (Source:thaidramatic_update; Edited by Soju at MyDramaList)

(Source: mydramalist.com)
Source: Channel 7’s yt channel

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2020 in Lakorns: Drama! Reviews

Lots of dramas were English subbed in 2020, so many I can’t really talk about all of them. So I decided to focus on the lakorns I’ve actually watched at least half of and give some mini reviews so you can decide whether you want to watch or not. And there weren’t a lot of dramatic lakorns that I felt should be English subbed that wasn’t except perhaps the Thai remake of Japanese dorama Mother (2020), so I won’t have a part two this time where I talk about the dramas I wished were subbed.

This year, I’ve already done 2020 comedy lakorns part 1, part 2, historical lakorns and action lakorns. Last year, I put all the 2019 English subbed lakorns in part 1 and if they were not subbed, but sounded interesting, or different and should be subbed, they were part 2. So you can check out these posts to see what you may have missed out on in 2019. So 2019 action lakorns part 1 here, part 2 here, 2019 comedy lakorns part 1 here, part 2 here, 2019 drama lakorns (slap n kiss included) part 1 here, part 2 here. 2019 historical lakorns here.


Drama can be a very broad category covering everything from melodramas, more even keeled, but non comic lakorns, to slap and kiss lakorns. I decided to narrow this to lakorns that don’t fall into other categories, so if it’s a horror lakorn or historical lakorn, I’m not covering it here. I did decide to include slap and kiss lakorns because I’m not making a separate post about them.

My Forever Sunshine (2020) – The story about Paeng, a girl with a tragic life. After losing her father, she has to go live at Artit’s house. The only way for her to be able to stay at this house is to be with him. But no one expected that her approaching Artit nearly costs him his life. He ends up hating her to the bones and she is exiled far from home for four years until the day they come across each other again. One might think that time will lessen hate, but not for Artit. Not only he still hates her, but he also hates her even more than before. But in order to keep her final promise to Artit’s father, she must endure it! (Source: VIU)
(Source: MyDramaList)

Reason it’s interesting? My Forever Sunshine (2020) started off on a really intense note, with our main heroine losing her parents and practically witnessing their deaths at the age of 16. She proceeds to really self-destruct and then we have a time skip of years before we meet her again and we land in a farm comedy. Literally. I was expecting this intense, psychological study of a girl in crisis that would really have revolutionize lakorns forever and instead I got a farm comedy. We stay in that farm comedy mode for most of the drama, only near the last episodes is the trauma of the first few episodes even addressed. I felt this was such a lost opportunity, but on the other hand, I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy the comedy part or how the romance slowly develops. And why can’t a drama choose to focus on someone who’s healthy and whole rather than broken by their traumatic past? Still, it was disappointing in all. Subbed by Muse.

Payakorn Sorn Ruk (2020) – Rosita gets into a car accident and suddenly gets a talent where she sees the future when she touches a rose. She becomes a famous fortune teller. One day, she makes a prediction in public to reporters that Theeruth, a famous actor, will make a woman pregnant and have a secret child. That prediction gets Theeruth into trouble and their relationship becomes antagonistic from that day. A few years later, there is a charity event and the host invites Theeruth and four celebrities as special guests, and also invites Rosita to tell their fortunes. Five celebrities choose different roses and give them to her to read. Once Rosita touches those roses, she sees sweet scenes of Theeruth and herself hugging, kissing and loving each other very much. She is so shocked. Her reaction is so strange and the five celebrities are very curious about what she saw. Rosita does not tell anyone and claims that she saw nothing. But all the guests do not believe her. After that day, something strange happens to her. She is attacked by someone and the suspect is one of the five celebrities whose fortunes she had read. The biggest suspect is Theeruth who had always been her opponent. But one day, he coincidentally saves her from the criminal and also offers to let her live with him as it is the safest place for her since everyone thinks that they are opponents. Their relationship improves little by little from that day through many dangerous situations to find the real criminal who wants to kill Rosita. (Source: James Ji Fansub)

Reason it’s interesting? Overall a solid drama, Payakorn Sorn Ruk (2020) featured one of the top themes in 2020 lakorns where the main character has some sort of special powers, be it ESP or some other type of power. This drama also had one of the best male leads in any drama, he was very sweet, protective and he was always watching out for the heroine. James Jiyaru did an excellent job acting as Theeruth. I didn’t feel the same enthusiasm for a heroine (or her hairstyles, which distracted me greatly as they seemed to change multiple times in the same episode.) but she was okay too. This was a mystery/thriller as someone kept attacking the nang’ek and you had to figure whodunit from a range of suspects, and while the main villains weren’t too surprising, I enjoyed the mystery and learning more about what was behind the attacks. Subbed by Muse.

Mia Archeep (2020) – The Plan is a business that turns women into perfect ladies for a man, which is managed by Mr. Robert. He calls these women the “Ideal Wife”. Chollada is from a middle-class family who became a perfect and educated lady by The Plan. She was considered to be a great product from the company. Mr. Robert thinks she’s perfect for Kasidit and tries to invite him for this service many times. Kasidit starts to think of this as a fun game, so he accepts it and meets Chollada. It’s no longer a game for him when he falls in love with her, but he doesn’t know if she truly likes him or if it’s a set up by The Plan.

Reason it’s interesting? Solid lakorn overall, that played up some clichés, had loving family relationships. Unlike some lakorns, this lakorn felt much more grounded in the present, with the female lead Chollada having a more modern relationship with the male lead played by Mai Warit. There is some angst here because of the premise and also people who are trying to break up their relationship, but I felt this was a surprisingly well made lakorn and the main couple had lots of chemistry. Subbed by Neko.

So Wayree (2020) – Two hotel moguls, once family friends since their grandparents’ generation, are now sworn enemies, and are competing with each other to become the top in the industry. Parin never thought that he would be part of the hatred. Although his father is the son in law of Sirimantra, his mom was only a mistress who was abandoned in America. Growing up, he never knew what having a father was like. Paramita is the only heiress of the famous Emporium real estate mogul. Before going overseas to further her studies, something horrible happened to her. Four years later, she came back with a set of twins but she told everyone that they were her cousins, adopted by her aunt. She then meets the man who caused her misery after many years and decides to willingly help her father into the warring game after finding out that he was the son of her father’s rival. Parin and Paramita, standing on opposite sides of the line as sworn enemies
(Source: asianfuse.net)

Reason it’s interesting? This was one of the most popular and talked about dramas of 2020. I watched about half of it before I couldn’t take it any more. There is a lot of drama here and this is a slap and kiss drama featuring a rape. I was there for the female empowerment, the heroine getting revenge on her abuser, but I just couldn’t stand how weak the heroine became as she fell in love? And the fall in love part? I didn’t see that. How, when, where did she fall ln love? I wanted to see them reunite, but not without major groveling on hero’s part and actions that showed he was sincere. I also wanted heroine to be more fierce and really make him work for his redemption. Kids are cute though. This lakorn really could have used some rewriting and more seasoned actors. Subbed by Neko and Muse.

Prom Pissawat (2020) – This is the story of God bringing two unlikely people from different parts of the world together. Plapol, a half Korean-half Thai man who grew up in Korea his whole life but chose to escape to Thailand sees his new step-mother as just another gold digger after his dad’s wealth. He pretty much thinks that of all women because his mother disappeared from his life since divorcing his dad when he was young. With hatred for his step-mother, Plapol decided to go to Thailand to find his mother. While in Thailand, Plapol goes to a bar and meets a young woman named Pantawan, a sexy singer who’s popular among the men there. He views her in the same light as the other women he has come across in his life. However, Pantawan is not that type of woman and doesn’t take insult from anyone especially from a misogynistic man like him. The two always get in a fight but eventually they came to an understanding and fell in love. But after love blossomed, all is not rosy for Plapol and Pantawan because of one truth that gets revealed: Pantawan’s mother is Plapol’s new step-mother. (Source: NinjaKKN) ~~ Adapted from a novel of the same title by author Tepita

Reason it’s interesting? This was another popular drama and for many of the same reasons that the previous drama was popular. Again the very angsty story, lots of drama and conflict. Here we also had a tale of families divided and reunited. But overall, the storyline was pretty cliché and mediocre. I didn’t really feel the romance, or the acting or anything really took it to another level which made me want to continue watching the last part of it. I may still finish it, I don’t know, but it’s no priority. Subbed by Muse and Neko.

Rahut Rissaya (2020) When the heiress of a billionaire family lost everything including her parents who got murdered…lost all the properties to her aunt and her daughter. Her revenge starts with a businessman who is a fiancé of her aunt’s daughter, as he becomes a chess piece in her game. She uses a confidential document that shows his father’s bad deed as a way to force/pressure him. But their closeness turns to love. Before she starts to see the value in his love and to learn how to forgive, everything is almost too late. (Source: Choi’s_(MY) at MyDramaList)

Reason it’s interesting? A remake of a 2007 titular lakorn, this lakorn seemed more like a complete reimaging of the 2007 version rather than a remake. Just a lot of scenes changed and/or deleted and new scenes added. Characters were fleshed out, or changed and so on. I liked the idea of the changes more than the execution because often times the new dialogue/scenes wasn’t very compelling. Still, good chemistry between the couple and Bank Artit really gives a stand out performance here as Siwa, who has to go through seeing his family torn apart and yet also have a new love bloom. This is even darker than the previous 2007 version, with more attempted murders/murders, but there are some comic moments here to lighten things up. Subbed by Thippy.

Many More English Subbed Lakorns

There were a lot of lakorns subbed this year, in part thanks to streaming platforms like Viu, Dimsum, which isn’t accessible from the US. So there were a lot of lakorns I didn’t watch but still wanted to include in case you’re interested.

What’s Next? Mia Jum Pen (2021)

I’ve written before about upcoming lakorn remake Mia Jum Pen (2021)) that stars Mai Warit (Mia Archeep) and Pie Rinrada (Krong Karm), but now it’s actually getting ready to air!!! So yes, this will be on Channel 3 starting on January 4 (correction this will star airing on January 22, 2021. This is another marriage lakorn and I’ve loved the chemistry between this couple so far, and the teaser is funny. This looks like a winner. Neko should be subbing this one.

Synopsis: Tawan live with Yuanjai, aunt in law and her daughter Yardfah as servant. Yhod, her uncle once made promise with his friend Trong to set their child marriage. Yhardfah refuse it, think that Tomorn, Trong’s son, is rustic and poor guy, also being in relationship with Bunlaeng. They don’t make any money, just spend Yuanjai’s money. One day, Tomorn gives his hand to pay a debt for Yuanjai, so she let Tawan to marry him as Yhardfah. Because of telling that he hate liar, Tawan start feeling awkward about this. At Tomorn’s house, she’s always bullied by Sawai, his mother, Gingkaew, nanny of his sister and Sopit, his friend who crush on him (Source:thaidramatic_update). (Source: MyDramaList)

Credits: mydramalist.com, asianfuse.net, asianfuse.wiki

What’s Next – Fai Sin Chua (2020)?

Out of all the Thailand channels, GMM seems to be the least affected by COVID19 due to many of their lakorns being filmed in advance. Here’s yet another one,
Fai Sin Chua
 (2020). It looks to be high drama indeed and starts airing July 8 on GMM, so GMM may English sub it on their youtube channel.

Synopsis: Orawee and Tharn are perfect spouses with no child because Orawee’s always been busy with her work. They decide to adopted the boy and the girl, named as Aekaong and Atcharee who love each other and have so much attachment, even not be biology sister – brother Orawee becomes a successful businesswoman, then behave bossy to Tharn, he feels so much uncomfortable with it. Vichuda is Orawee’s cousin, who takes care of the house for this couple. One day, Tharn sleep with her in order to be drunken. Orawee get mad when knew it, later ask him for divorce Tharn takes Vichuda and Aekaong out of this house.

Aekaong and Atcharee still try to meet several because they start to be in love with each other until Orawee knows this. She cages Atcharee in house, not letting go anywhere As time passed, Tharn and Aekaong life are getting better while Orawee decides to open up Atcharee as her daughter to society because she needs to set Atcharee with some guy who will be under her control. Ben is the best choice for Orawee but he doesn’t like Atcharee , just think that she’s plain for him but need to marry her due to financial problem of his family Aekaong needs to stop the wedding but Tharn doesn’t let him go and set him to marry Khunlah, daughter of Saeng Kham. Hearing about that make Atcharee so sad Eventually, Ben knows Orawee true color and what she has done to Atcharee , start to feel sorry for her, later become romantic interest.

(Source: Fahyongwaree_world )

I debated whether to write about this lakorn as there is a fair chance that Fai Sin Chua (2020) could turn out to be an angsty mess (just count all those slaps in the teaser 😁), but there appears to be a marriage in the lakorn and that’s catnip to me. This is a remake of a 2003 lakorn and for those who don’t want to read the synopsis, it’s apparently about a dysfunctional family where adopted siblings fall in love, only to be divided and married off to other people by their parents. We’ll see if this will be English subbed.

Credits: mydramalist.com, asianfuse.net, asianfuse.wiki

What’s Next – Mia Jum Pen 2020?

Mia Jum Pen (2020) or The Necessary Wife would have caught my eye anyway because of its marriage genre, my fav. But the recent stills that really showcases the chemistry of the lead couple elevated this on my Plan to Watch list. This is a Channel 3 lakorn and there’s no word yet on when it will come out.

Synopsis from 2001 lakorn: Tawan is an orphan who lives a Cinderella life with her aunt and cousin Yardfah. She was treated like a servant and did whatever she was told to do. Her cousin’s dad and Tomorn’s dad arranged a marriage between her cousin Yardfah and Tomorn when they were kids. Years pass by, her aunt’s status changed but Tomorn’s dad wants to keep his promise to give his son away.

Tomorn hates the idea but agrees to meet Yardfah before making his decision. He ends up falling in love at first sight but it was with Tawan instead. When Tawan’s aunt found out, she made Tawan pretend to be her daughter because she wanted his money.

(Source: mydramalist.com)
Source: aeyaey_mo’s instgram

Mia Jum Pen (2020) is a remake of a lakorn that’s been filmed at least 3 times before, with the most recent version in 2001. It stars Mai Warit (Rak Rai) and Pie Rinrada, who is mostly a supporting actress, so this could be a breakthrough role for her.

The 2001 version of Mia Jum Pen was billed as a slap n’kiss including rape. I haven’t seen it, but you can watch it with English subs. The 2020 version seems more light hearted, and hopefully they’ve made changes to make it improve it, not just copy it.

Credits: mydramalist.com, asianfuse.net, asianfuse.wiki

Deep Dive Part 2 – Slap and Kiss

I’ve decided to do another deep dive into lakorns. What does that mean? Using mydramalist’s tags, I try to find answers to common questions I or others have about lakorns. Part 1 focused on marriage. Part 2 will look at the slap and kiss genre of lakorns.

But before we start, it’s probably a good idea to talk about what is a slap and kiss lakorn? Well, here are some views from around the web.

… it is about a love-hate relationship (mostly revenge-oriented) in which couples bicker, fight, argue, and then end up kissing or having sex (I would rather call it being raped because the woman is usually being forced by the guy).

Credit: Ceki from mydramalist.com

When a male and female character spend a lot of time bickering, it is all but inevitable that sooner or later he will interrupt her in mid-rant by suddenly grabbing her and kissing her. … Usually this is triggered by their hostilities reaching a climax that results in an exchange of slaps, followed by a moment where both stare at each other in combined confusion and shock, after which they dive into the kiss.

Credit: Tv tropes

It’s usually revenge/hate oriented. Utterly violent and can be considered unethical. This genre is not for the faint of the heart, it can make you repulsive to lakorns because all of them contain rape or attempt to rape.

Credit: Cheer from mydramalist.com

A genre that is not for the faint of heart, as it usually contains rape, attempted rape, and mental abuses. Unethical behavior and the fact the the nang’ek can fall in love with the pra’ek in the end despite the abuse, may deter some from watching. Violence in one form or another is always included.

Credit: Amino

For the purposes of this post, I’ll describe slap and kiss lakorns as the following:

  • an adversarial relationship between the main couple that usually has slaps followed by kisses or vice versa.
  • violence occurs in the lakorn, usually with slaps, but also includes rape and/or attempted rape a lot of times.
  • this relationship is the main focus of the lakorn and often, if not always, ends in a happy ending (let’s pretend shall we 😉?) for the main couple.

So I’ve always had several assumptions and I wanted to see if my deep dive into lakorns supported them or not. These are some of the assumptions and questions I have and ones I’ve heard from Internet.

  • Are there are a lot of slap and kiss lakorns? That wasn’t my assumption, but a lot of people seemed to feel that way. So I asked the question. Are slap and kiss lakorns really a big portion of lakorns each year?
  • I’ve also assumed that the majority of slap and kiss lakorns are remakes based on older books and novels when rape and such was seen in a different light. Is this assumption correct or false based on facts?
  • Are slap and kiss lakorns the most popular lakorns?

Methodology: Inspired by this article, I wanted to see if I could use the wonderful search engine at mydramalist as well. I decided to proceed as follows. First, I would use three years of data and the most recent years because I assumed that most people would be more familiar with and have seen the more recent lakorns as opposed to older ones, so they are more likely to have tags. Undoubtedly, English subbed lakorns would have been seen by more people, so they would have better and more accurate tags. There’s little I can do about inaccurate data outside of seeing every lakorn made myself, 🤣, so I decided to just plow forward. By the way, I started looking into this in September 2019, so by now these statistics may be outdated as people add genres, tags and so on.

Something to point out. Because I am using the mydramalist database, how or if things are tagged depends mostly on the users. So obviously things can lack tags, or be wrongly tagged. So please note any statistics I come up with definitely has a margin of error.

In 2016 – 174 lakorns were released. 2017, 193 lakorns. Lastly, in 2018 – 182 lakorns.


Raeng Tawan

2016 – 174 lakorns, 7 lakorns were tagged slap and kiss (or 4.0%), including, Kon La Kop Fah (remake of 1987 lakorn), Raeng Tawan, U-Prince The Series: The Handsome Cowboy, The Fire Series: Fai Ruk Game Rorn, The Fire Series 2: Talay Fai, Buang Rak Salak Kaen, Mon Rak Asun (remake of 1989). Of those, rape was in Buang Rak Salak Kaen, Mon Rak Asun and U-Prince The Series: The Handsome Cowboy had attempted sexual assaults. 2016’s Piang Chai Khon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wised was a remake of Samee Ngern Phon, which did have rape in it and was considered a slap n kiss, but the 2016 version was toned down, so I am not counting it here. Naree Rissaya (2016) had rape in it, but I can’t tell if it would be considered a slap and kiss lakorn. Finally, I don’t understand the algorithm behind the ‘most popular’ rankings on mydramalist.com, but only one of these lakorns broke the top 20 and that was The Handsome Cowboy at #5 . If I look at top rated, only Raeng Tawan is in the top 20 at 7.7 rating.

2017 Lakorns

2017 – 193 lakorns, slap and kiss played a part in 7 of them (3.6%). Kleun Cheewit (remake of 1983 lakorn), Game Payabaht (remake I think), Barb Rak Ta Lay Fun, Ra Rerng Fai (remake of 2000 lakorn), Rak Rai, Lying Heart, and Plerng Rak Fai Marn. One of them is classified as having rape in it, Game Payabaht. There were other lakorns that had rape in them like Lah, but I did not count them as they weren’t subbed, or wasn’t considered part of a ‘hea’ relationship. Kleun Cheewit contained a sexual assault and both it and Ra Rerng Fai were in the 20 top rated lakorns of the year, with Kluen Cheewit also making it into the top 20 lakorns in popularity as well.

2018 Lakorns

2018 – Two slap and kiss lakorns out of 182 lakorns (1.0%), Jao Sao Jum Yorm and Panthakan Rak. Attempted sexual assaults in Por Pla Lai (2018), Nakark Kaew and Songkram Nak Pun (2018). At 8.0 rating, Jao Sao Jum Yorm and Panthatkan Rak (7.7 rating) both made it into the top rated lakorns of 2018 and Jao Sao Jum Yorm was also in the top 20 in terms of popularity too.

Back to 2006, 2007, 2008

I didn’t really want to go back too far, because the amount of info on recent lakorns is bound to be greater, but I did do a quick look at several other years to see how many were classified as ‘slap and kiss’. 2006, 5 lakorns Lhong Ngao Jun, Khing Kor Rar Khar Kor Rang (these two had remakes in 2019). Also in 2006, Roy Adeed Hang Ruk, Duang Jai Patiharn, Kon Rak Game Payabaht. In 2007, there were 3 slap and kiss lakorns, Rahut Rissaya, Hua Jai Sila (remake in 2019) and Likit Kammathep. 2008 – 4 results – Jam Loey Rak, Sawan Biang, Suparb Burut Satan (which got a remake in (2015) and Dao Puen Din (2008).


What does this mean? Well, let’s look back at the questions. Are there are a lot of slap and kiss lakorns? Are slap and kiss lakorns really a big portion of lakorns each year? The answer to that is no. Slap and kiss lakorns are a very small percentage of lakorns released each year, between 1 to 4%. Even if we account for a margin of error, it’s hard to see it being over 10%. However, I believe 10 years ago or so, there were less lakorns released every year, so slap and kiss lakorns could have made up a larger portion. Take for example, 2006, with 5 slap and kiss lakorns out of only 59 lakorns released. That would be a percentage of 8.4%. Still under 10%. So no, slap and kiss lakorns make up less than ~10% of lakorns released each year. HOWEVER, they do seem to always get subbed more frequently. Maybe that is what plays into the idea that there are a lot of them.

I’ve also assumed that the majority of slap and kiss lakorns are remakes based on older books and novels when rape and such was seen in a different light. Is this assumption correct or false based on facts? Well, of the 3 years, we had 16 slap and kiss lakorns, 5 of those being remakes. That would be 31% of them are remakes. Let’s look back at 2006, 2007, 2008. There were 12 slap and kiss lakorns, 5 of which had remakes. That’s 41%. So we’re looking at least a third of slap and kiss lakorns are remakes. In 2019, that was 100% with Hua Jai Sila, Lhong Ngao Jun, and Khing Kor Rar Khar Kor Rang.

The last question I wanted to answer, Are slap and kiss lakorns the most popular lakorns? Well, according to this site, I would say no, since like only one slap and kiss is usually in the top 20 each year in terms of popularity. But again, slap and kiss lakorns are usually subbed, unlike historical or musical genres. So I don’t think I can do a good job answering this question by just using this site.

Final thoughts: Well, the next time someone says something about the slap and kiss genre that’s wrong, you can refute them with this info. But seriously, I think the popularity of slap and kiss lakorns is based on more than just kisses and slaps. It can invoke strong feelings, one way or another and that isn’t something that is quantifiable.

What are some other questions you think we should address?

Credits: mydramalist.com, asianfuse.net, asianfuse.wiki

Music Monday

So we have one more week and month until 2020, and honestly, I am so ready for 2020. I decided to just drop a favorite mv of mine, because, yeah, I’m already looking at 2020 lakorns😊. So, here’s my all time favorite mv. Enjoy! You can watch it Kleun Cheewit English subbed here.

Kleun Cheewit (2017) synopsis:

Jeerawat is a hardworking woman, who is a famous model and actress. Her mother married a smarmy but rich man, who secretly lusts after her. After he attempts to drug Jeerawat, she manages to escape by driving away. Unfortunately, she hits a young woman in the road, who later dies at the hospital.

The dead young woman has a fiancee, Sathit, who happens to be a lawyer. He vows revenge on the female driver who killed his beloved fiancee. Unfortunately, Jeerawat’s stepfather and mother use their influence and money to hide and hush all evidence. Sathit decides to stalk and bother her to find the evidence that she’s an evil and manipulative temptress. But in the end, he finds out she’s actually a good and kind person, despite her lowly beginnings, and gradually falls in love with her

Credits: mydramalist.com, asianfuse.net, asianfuse.wiki

Music Monday

Week 10. No particular theme this week, but I’ve been thinking back to an older lakorn, the first lakorn I ever watched, Jam Loey Rak. That was the first lakorn for a lot of people. 😊 Felling nostalgic for no good reason except maybe because it’s fall. You can watch it English subbed here, download here. But wondering, this lakorn and Sawan Biang are both due for a remake.

Jam Loey Rak (2008) synopsis:

Harit Rangsiman, a pearl farm owner in the south of Thailand is very angry and vengeful after Harin, his only younger brother, commits suicide because of a woman name Sansanee (she was his girlfriend in college) breaks up with him.

Harit wants to take vengeance on the girl who caused his brother’s death. He kidnaps who he thinks is Sansanee to torture her, but he doesn’t know that the girl that he kidnaps is Soraya, Sansanee’s cousin. Soraya lives in the same house with Sansanee and her parents because her own parents died a long time ago. Harit believes that Soraya is Sansanee no matter how many times Soraya tries to tell him she isn’t. Soraya ends up accepting all the punishment doled out by Harit due to her wanting to repay her debt of gratitude to Sansanee because Sansanee once save her life from drowning when they were young.

Credits: mydramalist.com, asianfuse.net, asianfuse.wiki