2020 IN LAKORNS: Comedy! Part 1

I’m finishing up my look back at 2020 this month. Up next is the English subbed comedy lakorns. Again with COVID, selections aren’t as abundant as last year, and I tried to focus on lakorns that are mainly comedy and can’t be put in other categories such as mystery, horror, action or historical genres. Part 2 of 2020 comedy lakorns will be lakorns that should have been English subbed because they sound interesting/weird/different, so expect to see that post coming soon.

This year, I’ve already done 2020 historical lakorns and action lakorn. Last year, I put all the 2019 English subbed lakorns in part 1 and if they were not subbed, but sounded interesting, or different and should be subbed, they were part 2. So you can check out these posts to see what you may have missed out on in 2019. So 2019 action lakorns part 1 here, part 2 here, 2019 comedy lakorns part 1 here, part 2 here, 2019 drama lakorns (slap n kiss included) part 1 here, part 2 here. 2019 historical lakorns here.


With over 68 lakorns (according to mydramalist.com) classified as comedy, I had to make some choices. I decided to include the lakorns that had teasers/posters that were primarily comic in nature, and excluded lakorns which might have some comic moments, but also had plenty of drama as well. That said, please don’t expect this to be a complete list of comedies.

Sapai Import (2020) – Lisa is a rich, spoiled girl who returned from her studies in England to find her parents were in debt. She had to work to repay that debt. And Don’s mother helped her. Don is the grandson of a very famous farm owner. When Don’s grandfather died, he conditionally named Don as his successor. To receive the farm, Don had to marry and have a child within a year. Otherwise the farm would be awarded to his cousin’s brother.

Don’s mother loved Lisa like a daughter, so she pushed them toward marriage . At first, both of them rejected the marriage. Then Don’s mother announced that she was going to die soon, so Lisa accepted as a sign of gratitude. Since Don and Lisa don’t love each other, they agreed to pretend to be married for 6 months. Despite their differing lifestyles, nothing could stop destiny. (Source: Collin Hypercuz at MyDramaList)
(Source: MyDramaList)

Source: Channel 7’s yt

Reason it’s interesting? The coupling of Mik and Min in Sapai Import (2020) has garnered much praise from the international community. You can see their chemistry in the teaser. I also really love marriage lakorns where the couple is married, so this is definitely on my to watch llst.17 episodes at an hour and half seems unnecessary though, so I would expect some filler. Subbed by Muse.

My Husband in Law (2020) – The smart and multi-talented Muey lives with her crush, Thien, for over seven years. During that time her crush deepens into love but Thien only notices her as someone to tease and bully. He is completely oblivious to her feelings. So she resigns herself to loving him from a distance. After all, Thien is smart, wealthy, hard-working and good looking. His only “flaw” is being a bit of a player. Unfortunately that leads to major trouble when he sleeps with the wife of a dangerous mobster. In the aftermath, Thien’s life is in danger. To protect him, Thien’s mother forces him to marry Muey. Muey only agrees for Thien’s safety, but it is also a chance for her to be closer to him.

While Thien reluctantly concedes and marries Muey, he wants to keep the relationship secret. How will their relationship fare when Muey begins working at the same company? Is love even possible for them in these circumstances? (Source: written by Collin Hypercuz and Wander_Queen, and edited by bumblethunderbeast at MyDramaList)

Source: Channel 3’s yt

Reason it’s interesting? This was a popular lakorn of 2020 with Mark Prin and Mew Nittha as the stars and being directed by Aew Ampaiporn Jitmaingong (Kleun Cheewit), one of the best lakorn directors in Thailand. But the story was all over the place, from rom comedy to spy thriller and more, without doing enough to really ground the characters in reality and make the love story more romantic and convincing. Subbed by Muse.

My Bubble Tea (2020) – The storyline features a woman who falls for her handsome boss, and so concocts a supernatural bubble tea brew to win his love. In a bitter twist, a man she despises accidentally drinks the tea and falls head over heels for her – giving rise to a hilarious and chaotic love triangle. (Source: KAvenyou) A drama that blends two Asian cultures, taking both Thai humour and Korean romance, to create a new form of entertainment.
(Source: MyDramaList)

Reason it’s interesting? At 13 episodes, 45 mins each, this is one of the shorter lakorns in this category and that’s a good thing. Lakorns often have bloated storylines due to their excessive length and this is short enough to be a cute, fluffy watch. This is on Viu and Muse also has it subbed.

Lakorns With Kids/Babies – I didn’t feel confident enough in these lakorns to want to talk about them at length, as these are probably mediocre lakorns at best. But I did want to mention them as there aren’t that many English subbed comedies to choose from.
  • Fah Fak Ruk (2020) The story is about Tongrak, a girl who struggles in life agreed to be a surrogate mom for Praefah, her biological sister who has health issues. Praefah is in love with Natee, an ordinary musician who turns out to be the heir of the Asavakietikul family where they have enemies all around. Because of this, Praefah and Natee end up getting murdered, leaving Tongrak a lonely pregnant woman with no job. Tongrak wants to tell the Asavakietikul family about their possible heir or heiress in her tummy but Kimhan, a toy designer, stopped her from doing so because he thinks the reason Praefah and Natee were killed is because the murderer wants to kill the heir. So Tongrak ends up being under the care of Kimhan. The two becomes close and develops feelings for each other unintentionally. (Source: MyDramaList)
  • The premise is interesting enough and unusual for a lakorn, but some of the reviews wanted to see more romance between the leads. Subbed by Muse.
  • Por Mai Lek Tai Song Tua (2020) When Panu’s twin children Oley & Nene want Karaked, a teacher, to be their stepmom, the two start to play cupid. But their obstacles are General Samurjai, Karaked’s father who tries every way to intervene between Panu and Karaked and the twin’s maternal grandmother Khun Nuankae, who wants to take custody of the two children. So Panu must use his love and sincerity to prove to everyone. (Source: thippy)
  • Cute kids playing matchmaker? Sign me up… Except that this is 30 episodes of 50 minutes each. That’s a lot of screen time to depend on cute kids to hold my interest. This was subbed by Thippy.

Korean rom comedies remade in Thailand

  • Chun Cheu Bussaba (2020) Trained by one of the nation’s most prominent chefs, Busaba has dedicated her life to the study of Thai cuisine. A talented chef, she has the skill to become one of the best of the best. But nothing in her life seems to be working out the way it should. At thirty-five, she expected to have a thriving career and the world’s most perfect relationship. Instead, she finds herself suddenly unemployed, and soon after, she catches her boyfriend cheating on her!
  • On the verge of giving up hope, Busaba crosses paths with Saran, the son of a prominent family, well-known for their successful business ventures. Despite being in a position to take over the family business, Saran has opted to forge his own path in life, opening one of the city’s most popular restaurants. As fate would have it, Saran is currently in need of a chef and Busaba’s skills are exactly what he’s looking for. Agreeing to work for Saran, Busaba’s life seems to be coming back together and she couldn’t be happier. But things get a little more complicated when she realizes she’s fallen for her new boss. Something tells her he might reciprocate her feelings but does she dare to hope when everything else in life has gone so horribly wrong? (Source: Viki
  • This is a remake of 2005 Korean popular drama My Lovely Sam Soon (2005) and this diverges a little from the source material and is on Viki and Muse.
  • Unlucky Ploy (2020) – In this remake of the Korean series ‘Another Miss Oh’, a man becomes mired in the lives of two women who happen to share the same name. (Source: Netflix)
  • A close scene by scene remake of the original, this lakorn is on Netflix USA and on Muse.

Credits: mydramalist.com, asianfuse.net, asianfuse.wiki

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