Deep Dive Part 2 – Slap and Kiss

I’ve decided to do another deep dive into lakorns. What does that mean? Using mydramalist’s tags, I try to find answers to common questions I or others have about lakorns. Part 1 focused on marriage. Part 2 will look at the slap and kiss genre of lakorns.

But before we start, it’s probably a good idea to talk about what is a slap and kiss lakorn? Well, here are some views from around the web.

… it is about a love-hate relationship (mostly revenge-oriented) in which couples bicker, fight, argue, and then end up kissing or having sex (I would rather call it being raped because the woman is usually being forced by the guy).

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When a male and female character spend a lot of time bickering, it is all but inevitable that sooner or later he will interrupt her in mid-rant by suddenly grabbing her and kissing her. … Usually this is triggered by their hostilities reaching a climax that results in an exchange of slaps, followed by a moment where both stare at each other in combined confusion and shock, after which they dive into the kiss.

Credit: Tv tropes

It’s usually revenge/hate oriented. Utterly violent and can be considered unethical. This genre is not for the faint of the heart, it can make you repulsive to lakorns because all of them contain rape or attempt to rape.

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A genre that is not for the faint of heart, as it usually contains rape, attempted rape, and mental abuses. Unethical behavior and the fact the the nang’ek can fall in love with the pra’ek in the end despite the abuse, may deter some from watching. Violence in one form or another is always included.

Credit: Amino

For the purposes of this post, I’ll describe slap and kiss lakorns as the following:

  • an adversarial relationship between the main couple that usually has slaps followed by kisses or vice versa.
  • violence occurs in the lakorn, usually with slaps, but also includes rape and/or attempted rape a lot of times.
  • this relationship is the main focus of the lakorn and often, if not always, ends in a happy ending (let’s pretend shall we 😉?) for the main couple.

So I’ve always had several assumptions and I wanted to see if my deep dive into lakorns supported them or not. These are some of the assumptions and questions I have and ones I’ve heard from Internet.

  • Are there are a lot of slap and kiss lakorns? That wasn’t my assumption, but a lot of people seemed to feel that way. So I asked the question. Are slap and kiss lakorns really a big portion of lakorns each year?
  • I’ve also assumed that the majority of slap and kiss lakorns are remakes based on older books and novels when rape and such was seen in a different light. Is this assumption correct or false based on facts?
  • Are slap and kiss lakorns the most popular lakorns?

Methodology: Inspired by this article, I wanted to see if I could use the wonderful search engine at mydramalist as well. I decided to proceed as follows. First, I would use three years of data and the most recent years because I assumed that most people would be more familiar with and have seen the more recent lakorns as opposed to older ones, so they are more likely to have tags. Undoubtedly, English subbed lakorns would have been seen by more people, so they would have better and more accurate tags. There’s little I can do about inaccurate data outside of seeing every lakorn made myself, 🤣, so I decided to just plow forward. By the way, I started looking into this in September 2019, so by now these statistics may be outdated as people add genres, tags and so on.

Something to point out. Because I am using the mydramalist database, how or if things are tagged depends mostly on the users. So obviously things can lack tags, or be wrongly tagged. So please note any statistics I come up with definitely has a margin of error.

In 2016 – 174 lakorns were released. 2017, 193 lakorns. Lastly, in 2018 – 182 lakorns.


Raeng Tawan

2016 – 174 lakorns, 7 lakorns were tagged slap and kiss (or 4.0%), including, Kon La Kop Fah (remake of 1987 lakorn), Raeng Tawan, U-Prince The Series: The Handsome Cowboy, The Fire Series: Fai Ruk Game Rorn, The Fire Series 2: Talay Fai, Buang Rak Salak Kaen, Mon Rak Asun (remake of 1989). Of those, rape was in Buang Rak Salak Kaen, Mon Rak Asun and U-Prince The Series: The Handsome Cowboy had attempted sexual assaults. 2016’s Piang Chai Khon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wised was a remake of Samee Ngern Phon, which did have rape in it and was considered a slap n kiss, but the 2016 version was toned down, so I am not counting it here. Naree Rissaya (2016) had rape in it, but I can’t tell if it would be considered a slap and kiss lakorn. Finally, I don’t understand the algorithm behind the ‘most popular’ rankings on, but only one of these lakorns broke the top 20 and that was The Handsome Cowboy at #5 . If I look at top rated, only Raeng Tawan is in the top 20 at 7.7 rating.

2017 Lakorns

2017 – 193 lakorns, slap and kiss played a part in 7 of them (3.6%). Kleun Cheewit (remake of 1983 lakorn), Game Payabaht (remake I think), Barb Rak Ta Lay Fun, Ra Rerng Fai (remake of 2000 lakorn), Rak Rai, Lying Heart, and Plerng Rak Fai Marn. One of them is classified as having rape in it, Game Payabaht. There were other lakorns that had rape in them like Lah, but I did not count them as they weren’t subbed, or wasn’t considered part of a ‘hea’ relationship. Kleun Cheewit contained a sexual assault and both it and Ra Rerng Fai were in the 20 top rated lakorns of the year, with Kluen Cheewit also making it into the top 20 lakorns in popularity as well.

2018 Lakorns

2018 – Two slap and kiss lakorns out of 182 lakorns (1.0%), Jao Sao Jum Yorm and Panthakan Rak. Attempted sexual assaults in Por Pla Lai (2018), Nakark Kaew and Songkram Nak Pun (2018). At 8.0 rating, Jao Sao Jum Yorm and Panthatkan Rak (7.7 rating) both made it into the top rated lakorns of 2018 and Jao Sao Jum Yorm was also in the top 20 in terms of popularity too.

Back to 2006, 2007, 2008

I didn’t really want to go back too far, because the amount of info on recent lakorns is bound to be greater, but I did do a quick look at several other years to see how many were classified as ‘slap and kiss’. 2006, 5 lakorns Lhong Ngao Jun, Khing Kor Rar Khar Kor Rang (these two had remakes in 2019). Also in 2006, Roy Adeed Hang Ruk, Duang Jai Patiharn, Kon Rak Game Payabaht. In 2007, there were 3 slap and kiss lakorns, Rahut Rissaya, Hua Jai Sila (remake in 2019) and Likit Kammathep. 2008 – 4 results – Jam Loey Rak, Sawan Biang, Suparb Burut Satan (which got a remake in (2015) and Dao Puen Din (2008).


What does this mean? Well, let’s look back at the questions. Are there are a lot of slap and kiss lakorns? Are slap and kiss lakorns really a big portion of lakorns each year? The answer to that is no. Slap and kiss lakorns are a very small percentage of lakorns released each year, between 1 to 4%. Even if we account for a margin of error, it’s hard to see it being over 10%. However, I believe 10 years ago or so, there were less lakorns released every year, so slap and kiss lakorns could have made up a larger portion. Take for example, 2006, with 5 slap and kiss lakorns out of only 59 lakorns released. That would be a percentage of 8.4%. Still under 10%. So no, slap and kiss lakorns make up less than ~10% of lakorns released each year. HOWEVER, they do seem to always get subbed more frequently. Maybe that is what plays into the idea that there are a lot of them.

I’ve also assumed that the majority of slap and kiss lakorns are remakes based on older books and novels when rape and such was seen in a different light. Is this assumption correct or false based on facts? Well, of the 3 years, we had 16 slap and kiss lakorns, 5 of those being remakes. That would be 31% of them are remakes. Let’s look back at 2006, 2007, 2008. There were 12 slap and kiss lakorns, 5 of which had remakes. That’s 41%. So we’re looking at least a third of slap and kiss lakorns are remakes. In 2019, that was 100% with Hua Jai Sila, Lhong Ngao Jun, and Khing Kor Rar Khar Kor Rang.

The last question I wanted to answer, Are slap and kiss lakorns the most popular lakorns? Well, according to this site, I would say no, since like only one slap and kiss is usually in the top 20 each year in terms of popularity. But again, slap and kiss lakorns are usually subbed, unlike historical or musical genres. So I don’t think I can do a good job answering this question by just using this site.

Final thoughts: Well, the next time someone says something about the slap and kiss genre that’s wrong, you can refute them with this info. But seriously, I think the popularity of slap and kiss lakorns is based on more than just kisses and slaps. It can invoke strong feelings, one way or another and that isn’t something that is quantifiable.

What are some other questions you think we should address?