Music Monday

Today’s music Monday is brought to you from the music of Boy Peacemaker. Boy is a popular Thai singer whose music is featured in a number of different osts and mvs. Boy was born August 1, 1980, started performing with a band and later became a solo artist. He has released a number of songs and albums that you can find on youtube. One of my favorite songs of his is from the Roy Marn (2011) mv and it’s just beautiful and emotional.

Roy Marn

Synopsis: A lakorn involving a forced marriage that wasn’t meant to be. Bee’s cousin should have married Mark but the day before the wedding, her cousin was kidnapped by a guy who had loved her for years. He kidnapped her, assaulted her, got her pregnant, and thus everything changed.

The young and bratty Bee had to take the place of her cousin because it was a marriage to erase a debt. Her uncle owed money to Mark and his father. Since he can’t use his daughter, he’ll use his niece instead.


Source: Tracy Liu’s yt, credit Boy Peacemaker’s music

More recently, Boy’s music has appeared in Bpai Hai Teung Duang Dao (2020).

One of his most famous hits is “ไม่ไหวบอกไหว,” which roughly translates to “Can’t Stand, But Have To.” I tried to find an English version of the song, and all I could find is this. So enjoy!


First Impression – Who Are You?

It’s no wonder we got a Thai remake of Who Are You: School 2015, since there are a number of components in it that reminds me of lakorns, the twins thing, and the amnesia definitely takes it into lakorn territory. There is also supposed to be a love triangle as well, though that, and the school bullying aspect as well as being set in high school are more like a Korean drama.

WHO ARE YOU (2020) started airing on GMM on May 2 and currently airs two days a week, Saturday and Sunday, you can watch it with English subs on Youtube.



WHO ARE YOU (2020): After enduring vicious bullying, orphaned student, Mind, attempts to take her life in hopes of escaping her problems. Miraculously, she survives with the loss of all memory and wakes up with a new life as she takes on the identity of Meen. Mind and Meen couldn’t be more different, of course, besides the fact that they are identical twins. Living as Meen, Mind is granted the opportunity to meet Natee, a young swimming athlete who is Meen’s close friend, and Gunkan, a mischievous handsome boy at the school who later comes to help her recover her lost memories. But, as time passes, unveiling the truth causes her to feel more pain than she had ever experienced. (source: GMMTV)

Cast of Characters

I recently watched two episodes of the Thailand remake of the 2015 kdrama Who Are You: School 2015. You can actually watch both versions on YouTube with English subs, the original Korean drama and the Thailand remake. Also, you can look at the recaps of the Korean drama online at Dramabeans.

Mind being bullied.

There will be lots of spoilers here. In Episode 1, we are introduced to the characters and in particular the main character, of which there are two, twins Mind and Meen. Mind is an orphan who is the subject of much bullying by her vicious classmates. She’s very sweet, nice type who apparently can’t fight back. The one spot of joy in her life is the gifts she receives from a mysterious donor we later find out is Meen.

Then we get a glimpse of our male lead Natee or Na as he is swimming in a competition. He wins of course and we see him presenting the medal to Meen, who seems like she could care less about it and him. 

Instead, Meen is focused more on an ominous text she receives from someone named June, which says “You seemed to have been happy ever since I died.” Whoa. That’s not the only message either. Meen is going on a school trip and she’s distracted the whole time. She goes off by herself and it turns out she’s in the same town as her twin, and she seems to know about her twin, but Mind doesn’t seem to know about Meen. Meen goes to the bathroom and while she’s in a stall, she hears her twin come in, followed by the mean girls who beat her up, but Meen hesitates to do anything until she finally bangs on the bathroom stall and the bullies run off.

Next we see that Meen is missing, and no one seems to know where she went. Around the same time, Mind is facing a charge from the main bully Tida that she’s the one who was bullying Tida, not the other way around. Tida and her gang took pictures in the bathroom when Mind fought back a little and Tida takes it to her mom and the school. So the school forces Mind to resign. Mind goes back to her classroom where she was bullied some more, and we see her? in different clothes at the edge of a bridge, remembering all of the bullying, and she jumps off into the water. All is well as we see her or her twin? in a hospital bed and she’s fine except for a few bruises and a head injury.

Ep 2 is mostly about Meen? (probably it’s Mind) having amnesia and reuniting with her friends, Natee in particular is taken aback by this kinder, nicer Meen. Meen? also meets Tida in hospital, who’s about to lay down some more bullying on her, but is stopped by Meen’s mom. Later Meen? looks at different photos from her? youth, but notices there are no baby pictures, so Meen’s mom tells her they met when she was ten.

Meen? and her friends party thanks to rich girl Koykaew, who seems to have a particular dislike of Meen, although they used to be friends? At the end of the episode, Koykaew can’t pay for her friends when they party at her expense and it turns out she’s been stealing things from home. Koykaew says Meen? has been making her steal, and asks them to look in Meen’s locker. Which they do. And they find Koykaew’s mom’s diamond necklace. (By the way, we saw Koykaew place it in Meen’s locker previously in ep 1 I believe).

My take

WHO ARE YOU (2020) has a number of mysteries that interest me enough to continue watching, with some caveats.

I’m not particularly engaged by any of the characters and the whole weak twin, strong twin thing, that’s sooo like Raeng Ngao or Song Naree (1997). Mind seems weak as anything, while Meen isn’t particularly likable either, witness her treatment of Natee and how she hesitated to come to her sister’s aid. It’s obvious Meen knows a lot about what’s going on too, and that’s one of the things I’m interested in watching to find out. Where is Meen? What does she know and why? The trailer also makes me want to continue watching to find out.


What’s Next – Phaet Sa Ya (2020)?

I don’t have the time to really blog about every new lakorn out there, so really I try to focus on what I’m most interested in. This lakorn, Phaet Sa Ya (2020) struck me as having an interesting premise. In general, rivalry in the entertainment business is a no-no from me, but I like the main star Pang Ornjira (Ngao), although Namwan Raknapak (The Face Thailand) is a new actress to me.

Synopsis: Punk is the story of two women competing for work in the entertainment and love . One is Ploy , a thirty-year-old superstar. Being hit by a newer, fresher young girl makes her unstable, both emotionally and emotionally. Because she is afraid that she will not be the number one star in the industry anymore; while another woman is Dao , a young girl in a province whose fate takes her to be near Ploy . Dao entered the entertainment industry with Ploy’s sympathy which turned out to be a mistake, like the farmer who took home a cobra to look after.


The plot reminds me very much of All About Eve, a classic 1950 movie starring the incomparable Bette Davis (and Anne Baxter, George Sanders, Celeste Holm among others, 😄 they’re good too!) That movie was Bette Davis’ show and there were so many memorable quotes and scenes. If Phaet Sa Ya was even half as good as that movie, I’m all in.


Tuesday’s Teaser: The Romance of Tiger and Rose

One of the big draws for me to want to watch something is the synopsis. And the synopsis of The Romance of Tiger and Rose (2020) is just up my alley! Parallel worlds, arrogant princes, and a story come to life. This historical romantic comedy from China started airing May 18 on Tencent Video. Tencent Video usually provides English subs, so I’m definitely going to catch this drama.

Synopsis: Since birth, a screenwriter finds herself becoming a character in the script of her own creation. However, she is not meant to live past three episodes! Chen Xiaoqian is a writer who poured blood, sweat and tears into creating a big female-centric drama. What could have started filming smoothly quickly turned south because of actor Han Mingxing’s reservations about the script.

Feeling wronged, Chen Xiaoqian vows to prove herself yet she accidentally gets stuck in a parallel world where her story has come to life. Now known as the 3rd princess Chen Qianqian, she is an insignificant side character with a horrid reputation that is not meant to live long in the story. In order to live, she starts on a road to reverse her fate. She also gets caught in between the arrogant and black-bellied prince Han Dong and the practically perfect Pei Heng. (Source:


The synopsis reminds me other cdramas such as Unexpected (2018), Rule the World (2017) and kdramas Extraordinary You (2019) and W (2016).

I’ve watched the lead actress Zhao Lu Si before in various dramas such as I Hear You (2019) and she’s a solid actress. Not familiar with male lead Ryan Ding, who recently starred in Intense Love (2020), but I have high hopes for the couple, as Zhao Lu Si usually has great chemistry with her male leads. The trailer is over the top comedy, and I’m not usually a big fan of slapstick comedy, so hoping they’ll tone it down or it’ll actually be funny in the drama.


Music Monday

If I had to pick a drama that really started a new trend in dramaland, namely that of parallel worlds/virtual worlds, I would pick two, kdrama W (2016) and Chinese drama Love O2O (2016). Both of these dramas really helped popularize this genre. I’m not even sure what to call the genre, Parallel worlds, virtual worlds, parallel dimensions, maybe alternate dimensions? Whatever you do call, I call it fascinating. But as a definition, I would say it is a person traveling to a world outside of what we know as this world into a fictional world. This will be the focus of this week’s posts.

Synopsis: Xiao Nai is a gaming expert who, courtesy of his basketball skills, academic excellence, swimming talent and game company presidency, also happens to be the most popular student on campus. When he first comes across the gorgeous computer science major Bei Wei Wei, the infinitely talented wunderkind immediately falls in love.

But it’s not Bei’s looks that he notices; it’s the ridiculous mastery with which she is commanding her guild and owning everyone in an online multiplayer game that makes her impossible to forget. Now, Xiao Nai must use his skills both in real life and online to capture the adorable but dorky Bei’s heart. But does their love have the XP to succeed, or will this relationship never level up?