What’s Next? Remember You (2021)

Another kdrama remake. Remember You (2021) airs August 16, 2021 two days a week and should have around 24 episodes. This lakorn is a remake of Hello Monster (2015), and stars Paopetch Charoensook (Social Syndrome (2018)), Kemisara Paladesh, Aun Witaya and Tawan Vihokratana. The teaser certainly looks dark and mysterious enough, lots going on in it. This lakorn is coming to Netflix, so yeah, I’m definitely planning to watch this.

Synopsis: A genius detective teams up with a colleague to investigate a case that hits close to home, but the duo becomes entangled in a cat-and-mouse game. (Source: Netflix)

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What’s Next? Irresistible (2021)

Hmm. Irresistible (2021) is rumored to be coming to GMM25 on August 3, 2021. This lakorn will definitely be full of angst, revenge and tragedy. A remake of Roy Ruk Raeng Kaen (2015), Thanat Lowkhunsombat (U-Prince: The Badly Politics) and Aom Sushar are the ill fated couple in the lakorn. This role makes is a departure for Aom Sushar, as most are used to seeing her in more light hearted romantic fare such as Full House.

Synopsis: Kimhan and Mookarin were engaged to be married but a tragedy destroyed their happiness. Mon, Kimhan’s sister, was found dead and her husband Tada, Mook’s brother, was accused of killing her. The case went to court and Tada was acquitted with Mook taking the stand as her brother’s alibi and Mon’s death was ruled an accident.

Kimhan was furious that his sister’s killer walked free and that Mook lied to help acquit her brother. If the law could not punish Tada, Kimhan will do it himself, so he vowed to get revenge. He actively persecuted Tada and broke off his engagement to Mook. In pursuing his revenge, he caused a lot of pain to Tada, Mook and other innocent people.

Yet, through it all, neither Kimhan nor Mook could forget their love for each other. They were filled with conflicting feelings of love, hate, revenge and loyalty as they, and the people around them, get caught in Kimhan’s whirlpool of revenge. ~~ Adapted from the novel “Mia Nok Hua Jai” by Chalalai. (Source: MyDramaList)

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What’s Next? Revenge Lakorns and More

There are really no upcoming lakorns that I’m super excited about, but there are a couple airing that feature ‘revenge’ as the main theme, so I’ve decided to make a post about them! You’re welcome, lol.

Plerng Prissana (2021)

If you can’t play the video, here is the link to the teaser here. Of all the lakorns I list in this post, this is the one I’m most excited about. It stars Om Akkaphan, who may not be the greatest actor, but he often has great chemistry with his co-stars, who in this case would be Sammy Cowell. This Channel 7 lakorn airs March 29.

Source: Channel Channel 7’s yt channel

Synopsis: Top’s aunt has him execute revenge against Rinlada’s family due to what happened to his mom in the past. He plans to ruin Natee Farm, her family’s business. He also gains her trust and makes her fall in love with him. Later he finds out he’s just another chess piece in his aunt’s plans, and a birth secret is revealed. (Source: MyDramaList)

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Barb Ayuttitham (2021)

Barb Ayuttitham (2021) airs March 22, 2021 on Channel 3 and it stars Boy Pakorn and Gina Yeena, hmm not bad. But it also stars Bomb Tanin, maybe as the villain? That… will certainly challenge Bomb’s acting skills. The trailer is all action, which you can watch here if it’s not showing below, but this MV does showcase the sweet moments between the couple.

Source: Channel 3’s yt

Synopsis: Chidtawan go to the jail because was framed for what he had nothing to do with. After get free, he decide to take revenge any peoples who is the cause of this (Source: Thaidramatic_update) ~~ Remake of the U.S. series “Revenge”.

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Sweet Revenge (2021)

Sweet Revenge (2021) is billed as a romance, but that synopsis suggests that it could easily veer into thriller/horror territory. I’m hoping for a thoughtful, heart touching look at love and loss of love from this Fuji Tv production. The Japanese dorama airs March 22, 2021 on Monday, should be the usual 10 episodes. You can watch the trailer here if it doesn’t show up below.

Source: FujiTv’s channel

Synopsis: Mariko who seems to have no luck with romance but is actually the president of a company named Sweet Revenge which helps their female clients take revenge on men who have dumped them in cruel and harsh ways. (Source: MyDramaList)

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Tuesday’s Teaser: Rahut Rissaya (2020)

I already talked about Rahut Rissaya (2020) in a previous post, but now we’ve got some teasers and an airing date and I’m still excited!!! Pinkploy Chansamorn (Khing Kor Rar Khar Kor Rang) stars as the scheming nang’ek out for revenge and Artit (Bank) Tangwiboonpanit (Panthakan Rak) is the pra’ek whom the nang’ek plots against. This is a remake of a 2007 drama and hopefully they’ll keep the forced marriage theme. The lakorn airs Monday and Tuesday on Channel 7 and I’m hoping it will be English subbed.

Source: Channel 7’s yt

Synopsis: When the heiress of a billionaire family lost everything including her parents who got murdered…lost all the properties to her aunt and her daughter. Her revenge starts with a businessman who is a fiancé of her aunt’s daughter, as he becomes a chess piece in her game. She uses a confidential document that shows his father’s bad deed as a way to force/pressure him. But their closeness turns to love. Before she starts to see the value in his love and to learn how to forgive, everything is almost too late. (Source: Choi’s_(MY) at MyDramaList)

(Source: mydramalist.com) 
Source: Channel 7’s yt

I watched the the 2007 version of Rahut Rissaya and it remains one of my top ten lakorns to this date. (You can watch it from here.) The heroine was one of the baddest I’ve ever seen in lakorns as she was calculating, cool and focused on her revenge. The hero or pra’ek was overall sweet and attracted despite himself. Both he and the heroine went back and forth in that drama, it was awesome. He tied her up, she tied him up, etc. I hope that they don’t get rid of that back and forth, she was more than his equal in that lakorn. The nang’ek or heroine in that version blackmailed the hero (pra’ek) into marrying her because she needed to be close to his family to get more evidence on who killed her parents.

I’m hoping that they continue to have the forced marriage theme here (although it’s usually the other way around, this time it was the girl forcing the guy into marriage, 😂.) There was rape in the 2007 version which they could easily do without though this time around. Definitely will be watching this one!

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Tuesday’s Teaser: Nee Kiattiyot

Finally, a lakorn I’m interested in watching. Nee Kiattiyot (2020) begins November 3 on Channel 7 and has the nang’ek trying to cope after the death of her father and learning about the circumstances behind his death. It stars Maggi Apa (Suparburoot Jorm Jon: Duang Jai Kabot) and Oath Ratthee in what appears to be his first starring role. This lakorn airs weekdays, at 50min each. Neko has this on her list, so it should be English subbed.

Source: Channel 7 yt

Synopsis: An irresponsible father dies by suicide, leaving all his family to shoulder the responsibility of repaying his gambling debts to gangs and loan sharks. In addition, his son needs to care for his sick mother, and a sister oblivious to their suffering who enjoys nothing more than shopping her life away. What will Pan Tawan do? (Source: MyAsianArtist) (Source: MyDramaList)

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Tuesday’s Teaser: Fah Mee Tawan (2020)

Fah Mee Tawan (2020) began September 14, 2020 on Channel 7. The lakorn seems to be a revenge lakorn, with the pra’ek being angry at the wrong person, 😂, as usual. It stars a pretty unknown couple who are both in their early 20s, Donut Phattharapon (Plerng Sanaeha) and Prapye Ramida (Suay Sorn Kom) This one is on Thippy’s English subbing list so yeah!

Synopsis: Paul hates Net, the woman who harmed and took the position of his mother, kicked her out of the house causing her to die in pain. 20 years later, Paul returned and found Net owns the jewelry company owned by him. In revenge, Paul deliberately seduced Net. But Paul falls in love with Naen, the girl Net raised at the suggestion of Paul’s father, though she doesn’t love Naen. Singkorn, Net’s lover, but he has plans for Naen. Singkorn has known Naen for many years and has never given up on his intentions to Naen, which makes Naen feel very awkward. (Source: Lakorn World @ WordPress) (Source: MyDramaList)

The couple looks good together and apparently this is based on a 2007 lakorn called Fah Mee Tawan Hua Jai Chun Me Ter (2007). I will definitely be checking this one out.

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First Impression – Who Are You?

It’s no wonder we got a Thai remake of Who Are You: School 2015, since there are a number of components in it that reminds me of lakorns, the twins thing, and the amnesia definitely takes it into lakorn territory. There is also supposed to be a love triangle as well, though that, and the school bullying aspect as well as being set in high school are more like a Korean drama.

WHO ARE YOU (2020) started airing on GMM on May 2 and currently airs two days a week, Saturday and Sunday, you can watch it with English subs on Youtube.



WHO ARE YOU (2020): After enduring vicious bullying, orphaned student, Mind, attempts to take her life in hopes of escaping her problems. Miraculously, she survives with the loss of all memory and wakes up with a new life as she takes on the identity of Meen. Mind and Meen couldn’t be more different, of course, besides the fact that they are identical twins. Living as Meen, Mind is granted the opportunity to meet Natee, a young swimming athlete who is Meen’s close friend, and Gunkan, a mischievous handsome boy at the school who later comes to help her recover her lost memories. But, as time passes, unveiling the truth causes her to feel more pain than she had ever experienced. (source: GMMTV)

Cast of Characters

I recently watched two episodes of the Thailand remake of the 2015 kdrama Who Are You: School 2015. You can actually watch both versions on YouTube with English subs, the original Korean drama and the Thailand remake. Also, you can look at the recaps of the Korean drama online at Dramabeans.

Mind being bullied.

There will be lots of spoilers here. In Episode 1, we are introduced to the characters and in particular the main character, of which there are two, twins Mind and Meen. Mind is an orphan who is the subject of much bullying by her vicious classmates. She’s very sweet, nice type who apparently can’t fight back. The one spot of joy in her life is the gifts she receives from a mysterious donor we later find out is Meen.

Then we get a glimpse of our male lead Natee or Na as he is swimming in a competition. He wins of course and we see him presenting the medal to Meen, who seems like she could care less about it and him. 

Instead, Meen is focused more on an ominous text she receives from someone named June, which says “You seemed to have been happy ever since I died.” Whoa. That’s not the only message either. Meen is going on a school trip and she’s distracted the whole time. She goes off by herself and it turns out she’s in the same town as her twin, and she seems to know about her twin, but Mind doesn’t seem to know about Meen. Meen goes to the bathroom and while she’s in a stall, she hears her twin come in, followed by the mean girls who beat her up, but Meen hesitates to do anything until she finally bangs on the bathroom stall and the bullies run off.

Next we see that Meen is missing, and no one seems to know where she went. Around the same time, Mind is facing a charge from the main bully Tida that she’s the one who was bullying Tida, not the other way around. Tida and her gang took pictures in the bathroom when Mind fought back a little and Tida takes it to her mom and the school. So the school forces Mind to resign. Mind goes back to her classroom where she was bullied some more, and we see her? in different clothes at the edge of a bridge, remembering all of the bullying, and she jumps off into the water. All is well as we see her or her twin? in a hospital bed and she’s fine except for a few bruises and a head injury.

Ep 2 is mostly about Meen? (probably it’s Mind) having amnesia and reuniting with her friends, Natee in particular is taken aback by this kinder, nicer Meen. Meen? also meets Tida in hospital, who’s about to lay down some more bullying on her, but is stopped by Meen’s mom. Later Meen? looks at different photos from her? youth, but notices there are no baby pictures, so Meen’s mom tells her they met when she was ten.

Meen? and her friends party thanks to rich girl Koykaew, who seems to have a particular dislike of Meen, although they used to be friends? At the end of the episode, Koykaew can’t pay for her friends when they party at her expense and it turns out she’s been stealing things from home. Koykaew says Meen? has been making her steal, and asks them to look in Meen’s locker. Which they do. And they find Koykaew’s mom’s diamond necklace. (By the way, we saw Koykaew place it in Meen’s locker previously in ep 1 I believe).

My take

WHO ARE YOU (2020) has a number of mysteries that interest me enough to continue watching, with some caveats.

I’m not particularly engaged by any of the characters and the whole weak twin, strong twin thing, that’s sooo like Raeng Ngao or Song Naree (1997). Mind seems weak as anything, while Meen isn’t particularly likable either, witness her treatment of Natee and how she hesitated to come to her sister’s aid. It’s obvious Meen knows a lot about what’s going on too, and that’s one of the things I’m interested in watching to find out. Where is Meen? What does she know and why? The trailer also makes me want to continue watching to find out.

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First Impression – Tawan Arb Dao

I’ve been working towards my April watching goal I listed here to watch more lakorns. I’ve been watching Japanese doramas mainly because they’re shorter and I’m finding my attention span is shot for the most part. But I have watched 3 episodes so far of Tawan Arb Dao (2020) that Thippy is subbing. Thank you Thippy! Here’s my thoughts on it.


Tawan Arb Dao (2020) started airing on Channel 7 on March 26 and currently airs two days a week, Wednesday and Thursday.


Tawan Arb Dao (2020): Siwakorn disguises himself as Siwath, his twin brother in order to investigate his death. He tries to avoid sleeping with Chorprae who is Siwath’s lover and meets Daopradub, Chorprae’s daughter who was called out from abroad to help with the family’s company. (Source: MyDramaList)

Cast of Characters

Our main couple. Kem Hussawee who plays twins, Siwakorn, Siwath. Thisa Varitthisa plays Daopradub

In episode 1, we are introduced to the characters, with the main couple meeting in a battlezone. Our pra-ek Siwath is a reporter who happens to save the nang-ek from gangsters when he covers a story about gangs. They meet again in Thailand as Dao returns from school overseas, a very common trope.

Yui Chiranan is Chorprae – married to Daopradub’s adopted father and Daopradub’s aunt (and rival)

There’s an award ceremony going on for Chorprae that Dao interrupts and we can see there is no love lost between the two though they are aunt and niece. But Dao definitely loves her adopted Dad, who was married to Dao’s mom before her death. Dao hears of a rumor that Chorprae has a lover and starts investigating who it is around the company her dad owns.

There are other characters, most of them are servants of Dad, and we also have another relative of Dad who works at company, but these are the main characters for these episodes.

Meanwhile, we see the pra’ek has amnesia, but… not really. We learn this early on, Siwakorn got to Thailand in time to see his brother die and he pretends to be him, saying he was in accident and has amnesia as a result. He’s determined to find out the truth about his brother’s death and starts at the company EVERYONE in this lakorn seems to work at, lol.

In ep 3, there is a big welcome home party for Dao, which Siwath uses as an opportunity to spy more at the company his brother worked at. The nang’ek works there too now and of course she finds out Siwath is the rumored lover of Chor and sparks fly between the two. Siwakorn learns from Chor the real relationship between her and Siwath.

my take

Tawan Arb Dao is mildly entertaining, but nothing special. The characters follow the usual formula, with one exception, the main villain of the piece, or is she? Chorprae. Chorprae is easily the most complex character of the lakorn, she openly shows her disdain for her husband, but her acting avoids much of the standard nostrils flailing stereotypes of most ‘rai characters. Yui Chiranan endues her acting with enough vulnerability that makes me wonder who the the real villain is, her or her bratty niece Dao who always tries to show her up.

Apart from her, the most intriguing part of the lakorn is the mystery of Siwat’s death, who’s behind it, but there are also other things I want to know. Why is Dao’s dad in a wheelchair, what happened to him and Chor, and why is it poor people are often such caricatures?

Which leads me to my main critique. The writing is very pedestrian in most instances, and that was shown in cringe worthy detail in one scene. The nang’ek is sent by Chor to handle workers who are protesting and demanding a wage. What follows is a scene sooo awesome in its awfulness, its tone deafness and complete lack of empathy for the working poor that, well, I’m gonna be writing more about. What I want to say is way too long.

In conclusion, the mysteries in the story may drive you to watch further, but I’m doubtful whether I shall bother.

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Tuesday's Teaser: Duang Jai Nai Montra

Another reincarnation tale is coming April 2, 2020 from Chanel 3. Duang Jai Nai Montra (2020) stars Tono Pakin and Nychaa Nuttanicha. This has an interesting twist to it. Currently, neko may be subbing this, so let’s hope she does.

Duang Jai Nai Montra (2020) synopsis: This is about a man named Pachara who was cursed to be immortal and heartless two thousand years ago by his lover named Matira whom he awaits to undo the curse. He believes that PraoPloy, an artist with a heart disease, is the reincarnation of Matira. (Source: MyDramaList)

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Tuesday's Teaser: Tawan Arb Dao

Twin stories are a staple in lakornland, and now we have Tawan Arb Dao (2020) airing on Channel 7 on March 26. Our pra’ek is Kem Hussawee, who disguises himself as his twin for revenge. Naturally, there are many pitfalls he must avoid. Currently, this is on Thippy’s list to sub.

Tawan Arb Dao (2020) synopsis: Siwakorn disguises himself as Siwath, his twin brother in order to investigate his death. He tries to avoid sleeping with Chorprae who is Siwath’s lover and meets Daopradub, Chorprae’s daughter who was called out from abroad to help with the family’s company. (Source: MyDramaList)

There are definitely similarities in plot between this lakorn and kdrama Resurrection (2005), namely male twins, one is killed and the other one investigates his death, but it doesn’t seem to be a remake. Hopefully, this lakorn will have some of the intensity and great acting of Resurrection.

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