Tuesday’s Teaser: Dao Kon La Duang (2021)

Will Dao Kon La Duang (2021) be the action lakorn done right? Not sure, but the teaser is out and the action sequences are varied and look good. Very, very cautiously optimistic. I’ve been burned too many times by action lakorns to have high hopes. The lakorn airs January 25, 2021 on Channel 3, and is a remake of a 1999 lakorn. Great action crew here starring Great Warintorn, Pop Thagoon, Boom Suphaphorn and Mew Piatha. So there should be at least 2 couples, and can we get some bromance as well in this police drama? Neko will be English subbing this lakorn.

Source: Channel 3’s yt channel.

I haven’t been able to embed some links, so if you can’t see the trailer, here it is here and Neko has an English subbed version here.

Synopsis: Thanat and Wasan are the sons of police officers who grew up together. Since childhood, both wanted to become a police officer with the same ideology as their fathers. After taking the position of inspector at the Crime Suppression Division of Narcotics, Thanat has the opportunity to work together with Wasan in finding drug dealers. They also meet Supika, a talented female police officer. She’s close to Chalanthorn, a beautiful girl who’s popular in the same social circle as Sia Sunai, who has a background in the drug dealing business. Chalanthorn starts working with the police by giving them confidential information, which puts her in danger. Thanat is always by her side to protect her and they develop feelings for each other. The same happens with Wasan and Supika, after going through many dangerous situations together. (Source: MyDramaList)

(Courtesy: mydramalist.com)

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