What’s Next – Chor Malila?

Chor Malila (2020) is adapted from a novel and stars big names such as Tik Jesadaporn, Son Yuke and Yam Matira. The English title is Jasmine Bouquet and it’s a past and present lakorn with a ghost in it. Of course!

Synopsis: Poomtai works as a government secretary and he’s assigned to repair an old building located not far from his office. There he finds documents, personal belongings and photographs of Jaokhun Saymamuang and his wife, Lady Pinmuang. He decides to transfer the finds to the museum, but suddenly the spirit of Pinmuang appears and stops him. She tells Poomtai the story of her life. Pin and Jaokhun fell in love with each other, and although there were difficulties on their way, they still got married. 7 years later, Pirath, Pin’s childhood friend, comes back from England. They get closer again, and although Pin is now a married woman, Pirath secretly falls in love with her. Lady Sae, Jaokhun’s mother, dislikes Pin and tries to match her son with Pragai, her adopted child to be Jaokhun’s mistress. Jaokhun does not particularly mind, but Pin cannot accept this situation. Things get worse when Jaokhun goes on a business trip to the province, and Pragai follows him. Considering that her husband accepted Pragai as his mistress and forgot about his wife, Pin seeks confort from Pirath. However, Jaokhun mistakenly believes that his wife is cheating on him, driving her out of the house and divorcing her. The disgraced Pin returns to his mother’s house and stops all communication with Pirath. Later, she dies, but her spirit, feeling guilty in front of her husband, stays in their house ready to forgive him and explain everything.

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What’s Next? Duang Jai Nai Montra (2021)

Another reincarnation story, Duang Jai Nai Montra (2021) stars Tono Pakin (Monkey Twins) and Nychaa Nuttanicha (Plerng Prang Tian)) in a tale of an immortal who finds the woman he loved once upon a time. The leads were a couple together in The Cupids Series: Kammathep Sorn Kol (2017), so hopefully they have good chemistry. Airing January 27, 2021 on Channel 3 on Wednesday and Thursday. Muse will be English subbing this.

Source: Channel 3’s yt channel

If you can’t play the video, here is the link to the teaser here. And you can find a mv here.

Synopsis: Pachara was cursed by his lover named Matira. Because of the curse, Pachara becomes immortal without having the death and having the heartbeat. After thousands of years, he meets the artist named Praploy. As soon as he sees Praploy he feels that it was the reincarnation of his past love Matira. So he hates Praoploy and has conflicts with her. Is Praoploy really Matira who cursed Pachara? Will the hatred of Pachara towards Praoploy eventually turn into love? (Source: Collin Hypercuz on Dramarice.com)

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What’s Next? Sunya Ruk Sunya Luang

I’ve just finished Stranger 2, and still feel in a bit of a drama funk, but hopefully this lakorn will change things around. Sunya Ruk Sunya Luang (2020) is a past/present lives drama and I’m all for it. Ngamnet Denkhun (Toong Sanaeha (2020)) pairs with Namwhan Phulita (Fak Fah Kiri Dao) in this Channel 3 lakorn that starts airing October 16, 2020. Muse has it on their subbing list, so it should be English subbed!

Synopsis: A story transitioning between the past and present lives.

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The teaser looks really interesting! The lakorn looks beautifully filmed, and I like the special effects too, I’m impressed. This lakorn will air 3 days a week, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 🤞 Fingers crossed it lives up to the teaser.

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Tuesday’s Teaser: Leh Bunpakarn

Finally! The teaser is out for Leh Bunpakarn (2020). Lots of drama! For more pics and info, check here, and here. James Jirayu and Taew Natapohn recently finished filming Leh Bunpakarn, but we don’t yet have an airing date. This lakorn involves reincarnation, mysteries, past lives, romance, and even, marriage?

Synopsis: Plerngfah has ability to see the previous lives of people since he was young. His parent decided to move to live at US in order to treat his strange symptoms. He is no longer able to see weird images or have dream. 20 years later, Plerngfah is back to live at Thailand and work as a news reporter for Channel 6. Several bombings with ancient traces happened cause him to meet Sitang, a young archaeology professor. Then Plerngfah is able to see past lives again. He is sure that Sitang is his soulmate and they has been together for many lifetimes. However, enemies who cause chaos in their previous lives, still follow them to this world and swear to separate Plerngfah and Sitang again

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Historical genre

I took a look at 2019 historical lakorns here. Now here’s an updated look at the historical genre. I included the many lakorns that have a past and present life, as well as time travel lakorns, ghost/horror lakorns and so on. So if you want to see what’s out there, take a look at this list! This is not a complete list by any means, this includes lakorns that are English subbed only.


Blood & Treasures or Pitsawad/Pitsawat, Bpee Kaew Nang Hong (2018), Bpoop Phaeh SaniwaatBuang (2012), Buang Athithan (2016)Bangkok Naruemit (2018), Dead Time Stories, Devil Lover/Ploer Jai Hai Nai Pbeesard, A Gift to the People You Hate, Jao Ban Jao Ruen, Jan Euy Jan Jao, Kaen Sanaeha, Kao Waan Hai Noo Pen Sai Lub (2019), Klin Kasalong, Nang Barb, Nang Khaen (2017), Ngao, Oh My Ghost, Pisard Hansa, Plerng Prang Tian (2019, Pom Arthun, Qi Pao, Raak Boon, Raak Boon 2 (2014), Reun Phayom (2017), Roy MaiSarp Phusa (2009), Sleepless Society: Nyctophobia, ThirTEEN Terrors, Wan Sawart, Wiang Roy Dao ~ Home Of A Hundred Stars, Yai Kanlaya


Atitha, Bangkok Naruemit, Blood & Treasures, Botan Gleep Sudtai, Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat, Buang Athithan (2016), Buang Banjathorn 2017, Chart Suer Pun Mungkorn (2018), Ching Chang, Chumpae (2019), Dung Duang Haruetai, Jao Ban Jao Ruen,  Ka BadinKaen SanaehaKehas See Dang, Khu Kam/Koo Gum (2013), Khun Seuk, Klin Kasalong, Krong Karm, Luerd Ruk Toranong (2016), Mafia Luerd Mungkorn Series, Malai Sarm Chai, Massaya (2000), Massaya, Meuh Dok Rak Ban/When Rak Blooms, Mongkut Saeng Jun, Nakee, Naree Rissaya (2016), Ngao Asoke (1999), Ngao Asoke 2008, Ngao Asoke 2016, Neung Nai Suang 2005, Neung Nai Suang 2015, Nueng Dao Fah Diew, Padiwaradda ~ Beloved Loyal Wife, Plerng Chimplee ~ Flame of Chimplee, Plerng Prang Tian (2019), Prissana, Rak Nakara, Roy Fun Tawan Duerd, Roy Mai, Roy Ruk Hak Liam Tawan (2014), Sai Lohit (2018), Sa Kao Duen, Sao Noi 2012, Sapai Jao ~ Royal Daughter-In-Law, Sarp Phusa (2009), Sataya Tis Tarn (2019), SilamaneeSroy Saeng Jan, Sud Sai Pan, Suparburoot Jutathep Series (), Tae Pang Korn 2017, Tard Rak, Tawipob, Thong Ake Mor Yah Tah Chaloang, Wanalee, Wanida, Wan Sawart (2015), Wiang Roy Dao ~ Home Of A Hundred Stars

If You Liked Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat

Buang (2012)

Buang (2012) – not that similar, but does feature a vengeful ghost, black magic and past and present.

Buang Banjathorn 2017 – Nang’ek travels to past through magic bed, different time period and not focused on politics as much.

Karm Wayla Tharm Ha Ruk – man travels to the future, instead of past.

Tawipob/Tawee Pope – like BPS, nang’ek travels back to past and falls in love.

Wan Sawart (2015) – twins like BPS, but no time traveling, but talks about past life.


Buang (2012), Jao Ban Jao RuenBlood & Treasures/Pitsawat, Klin Kasalong, Plerng Prang Tian (2019), Roy Mai, Sataya Tis Tarn (2019), Sroy Saeng Jan (2007), Tae Pang Korn 2017, Wan Sawart (2015)


Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat

Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat, Blood & Treasures or Pitsawad/Pitsawat, Khu Kam/Koo Gum (2013), Mafia Luerd Mungkorn Series, MassayaNueng Dao Fah Diew (2018), Neung Nai Suang 2005, Neung Nai Suang (2015), Ngao Asoke (1999), Padiwaradda ~ Beloved Loyal Wife, PrissanaSao Noi 2012, Sud Sai Pan, Suparburoot Jutathep Series, Wanida


Bpoop Phaeh SaniwaatBuang Banjathorn 2017, Karm Wayla Tharm Ha Ruk, Likit Haeng Jan, Roy Mai, Tae Pang Korn (2005), Tae Pang Korn 2017, Tawipob, Tunnel, Wan Sawart (2015)

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Kor Kerd Mai Klai Klai Ter (2020)

Kor Kerd Mai Klai Klai Ter (2020) stars Aff Taksaorn and Tor Thanapob. This is Aff’s first lakorn in awhile (I talked more about her career here) and Tor’s first one after the success of Hua Jai Sila 2019, so this is an important lakorn for both of them.

Kor Kerd Mai Klai Klai Ter (2020) synopsis: None available, but it looks like this is about Aff losing her husband, and then he’s reincarnated as Tor Thanapob.

(Source: speculation on asianfuse)

(Source: MyDramaList)

Not a fan of older woman, younger men tropes, just not my thing, but the reincarnation aspect is intriguing and might make this interesting to watch. No word yet on if this will be subbed, and no airing date yet, so watch out for it!

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Second Chances Trope

This week, I’m looking at second chances, regrets and missed opportunities. How does that relate to lakorns? Well, read on. But what came to mind for me is that time is the big factor in all of this. Because we can’t stop time or time travel, as we might wish, looking back, we realize so many times we could have taken a better path, or done something different. If only…. I wish….

Klin Kasalong

Reincarnation lakorns are pretty common and are often about revenge. But what is revenge except a regret for a missed opportunity, a way of trying to change things? There are also a number of second chances and time travel in lakorns here. Where can you watch these lakorns? Try here.

Past Lives/Reincarnation

Past Life/Reincarnation – Blood & Treasures or Pitsawat, Bpee Kaew Nang Hong (2018), Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat, Buang (2012), Klin Kasalong, Plerng Prang Tian, Rang Mai Hua Jai Derm (2016), Reun Phayom (2017), Roy Mai, Song Huajai Nee Puea Tur ~Two Spirits’ Love, Sroy Saeng Jan (2007), Tae Pang Korn (2005), Tae Pang Korn (2017), Wan Sawart

Second Chance

Second chance – Second chance at love, second chance to make things right, whichever the case, these lakorns have all the drama and more! Endless Love (2019), Game Rai Game Rak, Hua Jai Sila (2007), Hua Jai Sila, Jai Rao, Paragit Ruk Series: Niew Hua Jai Sood Glai Puen (2017), Pieng Jai Tee Pook Pun (2010), Sao Noi, Sai Roong, Yah Leum Chan (2014)

Time Travel

Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat

Time Travel: Time travel often involves second chances, going back to fix or change something for the better.  365 Wun Haeng Rak, Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat, Buang Banjathorn, Buang Banjathorn (2017),
Karm Wayla Tharm Ha Ruk/The Time Traveler, Tawipob, Tunnel

Credits: mydramalist.com, asianfuse.net, asianfuse.wiki