Tuesday’s Teaser: Roy Leh Marnya

Roy Leh Marnya stars Pope Tanawat and Bella Ranee as the leads in this lakorn. The pair starred together in the hit show Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat and became a fan favorite koojin couple as a result. This lakorn airs on October 5, 2020 on Channel 3 on Monday and Tuesday. This is going to be subbed by Muse.

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Roy Leh Marnya (2019) synopsis: Pitcha a girl whose personality is confident, modern, and outgoing, moreover, she is the CEO of an organizing company. However, she was really unlucky because her husband was really playboy and throughout her life, she waited for the time that her bad husband turns to a good and loyal husband. When she finally realized that her husband will never change, she decides that she doesn’t want to be together with the men with no loyalty and gets pursues a divorce. Ramin is a smart lawyer who is helping Pitcha divorce her bad husband.

While Ramin is helping Pitcha, he falls in love with her and finds out that Pitcha was his childhood best friend. Even though Ramin loves Pitcha, Ramin motto for love was not achieving instead it was giving. As Pitcha faces many difficulties throughout her married life, she is really scared to start her new life with love. So will Ramin and Pitcha get happy marriage life at the end? (Source: Collin Hypercuz at MyDramaList)

(Source: MyDramaList)

The lakorn seems full of drama, Pope and Bella work magic together, and look so comfortable together. This drama was originally supposed to air in 2019, but COVID19 happened and we kept getting delays, well, at least we’re finally getting it.

What’s Next – Dare To Love?

We have a new lakorn pairing in the upcoming lakorn Dare To Love: Hai Ruk Pipaksa (2020). It’s an older woman, younger man lakorn starring Bella Ranee (Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat (2018)) and will be newcomer’s Kongthap Peak‘s first lakorn. This is a Channel 3 lakorn and Bella’s very popular, so I’m hopeful it will be English subbed.

Synopsis: This story is about the handsome young boy who secretly fall in love with his beautiful senior at school. When the time pass and his senior grow into smart and talented lawyer while he also become handsome man who is still completing his degree. While , he is studying he also follow his senior crush and try to win her heart. For smart lawyer, although she have the good feeling for this junior boy , she is not sure that she should accept his love or not because other young men who was qualified of her is also following her at the same time.

(Source: Collin Hypercuz at mydramalist.com)

I’m not a fan of the older woman, younger man genre, but I love the pictures of the two together and the synopsis seems… adorable. Is that a thing? 😁 But he has a crush on her and she’s his senior so I’m assuming they have almost a mentor relationship going on. Let’s hope we’ll be able to catch this lakorn soon.

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TOP 3 – Upcoming Historical Lakorns

I’m liking the fact that lakorns are becoming more diverse in plot and genre. A woman with a medical background solving mysteries in a historical period? Sounds like China’s Miss Truth (2020). But no, it’s actually one of several upcoming lakorns I’m looking forwards to.

1. Lai Kinnaree (2020) – This lakorn stands out for several reasons. 1. It stars Nadech Kugimiya, Yaya Urassaya 2. It takes place in the Ayutthaya period of time 3. It’s about a woman with medical knowledge she uses to solve cases and mysteries. More pics here and here.

Synopsis: The reign of King Narai was the most prosperous during the Ayutthaya period. Ayutthaya kingdom at that time has great commercial and diplomatic activities with all foreign nations especially the west. Everywhere was full of foreign immigrants, merchants, missionaries diplomats and military personnel. Foreigners especially westerners were backed to oppress Ayautthaya people causing the rage among Ayutthaya people. Lady Pudsorn is the beautiful daughter of a famous deceased doctor. She well inherited medical knowledge from her father. Aok Luang (Viscount) Indra Ratchpakdee is a handsome police nobleman who is responsible for the peace and safety of people in the metropolitan area. Monsieur Robert is a handsome French guy who closes to an important French military diplomat whom King Narai borrowed from King of France to work for. Faith brought the three of them to met and work together in investigating the suspicious death of an important French cargo ship captain who died while wearing female sarong cloth with Lai Kinaree (Half Bird Half Human) patterned which is the kind of pattern prohibited for royal ladies in the palace only. Therefore this case has the existence of Ayutthaya Kindom at stake because it may trigger the war by being claimed as a rightful cause for the French army to seize Ayutthaya Kindom. The investigation leads the three of them to many somehow involved people, many stories and many suspects which each of them has unexpectable secrets. Moreover, one of the suspects is a very powerful lady in the royal palace too. Besides that, the investigation also leads those two gorgeous and high-profiled guys to fall for Lady Pudsorn and both of them ready to compete to win her heart. What should Lady Pudsorn do? (Source: Asianfuse & ShareRice)

2. Dung Duang Haruetai – This will be the 2nd remake of the popular lakorn and it stars Tik Jesadaporn, Kimberly Voltemas as the main couple. I’ve posted before about the detailed, if sometimes questionable fashions of the lakorn. It will be interesting to see if it holds up to the previous versions.

Synopsis: The story of three kingdoms. Kasit ruled by King Rungsimun is the wealthiest and most powerful but they lack a sea route, for this reason, King Rungsimun had planned to politically wed Princess Munisala of Thanta in order to conveniently use their water route. However if both Kasit and Thanta were to unite that would cause Puntoolat to become isolated and for this reason, the three kingdoms have longed lived with suspicion of one another. Princess Munisala decided to flee in order to escape the wedding because she had heard many ruthless stories about King Rungsimun but she accidentally fell into a trap and was rescued by Prince Tiyuttithorn/ Pee Chai of Puntoolat where she asked to seek refuge. Upon hearing the news of Princess Munisala’s disappearance and learning that it may be linked to Pee Chai, Princess Tasika feared the start of a war and so she made her way to speak to Pee Chai and got kidnapped by King Rungsimun and brought to Kasit. Tasika believed she was kidnapped as a hostage in order for Kasit to negotiate Munisala’s return and so she began at first to dislike Rungsimun. However Rungsimun had fallen in love with Tasika at first sight and so began their love story, but things get complicated as Mina constantly stirs up trouble, by trying to harm Tasika as she was in love with Rungsimun. Meanwhile, Munisala and Tiyuttithorn also started to slowly fall in love. Matters get complicated as Mina’s father committed treason against Rungsimun. (Source: Sharerice) (Source: MyDramaList)

3. Prom Likit – Not much is known about this except it’s a sequel to Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat (2018) and the main couple of Bella Ranee and Pope Thanawat will be returning. Also returning is the director Mai Phawat Panangkasiri, but Louis Scott won’t be returning. This will have an opening ceremony on May 2020. It remains to be seen whether it will air in 2020, but is a couple worth waiting for!

Synopsis– This sequel is set in King Thai Sa’s reign (1709-1732) and will focus on Por Date and Kadesurang’s kids 20 years after Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat’s ending.

What are your top 3?

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Music Monday

People wear masks in public, hiding their true nature. And sometimes, the pretense continues in private life as well. Disguises, hidden/secret identities, mysteries, secrets. This week, so stay tuned.

With nang’ek Kadesurang in Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat (2018), she doesn’t have a choice in pretending to be someone else. She’s in another woman’s body, so she must pretend to be her. I don’t think Kadesurang really tries hard to pretend to be Karakade though. Her modern behaviors and attitudes are frequently displayed and commented on.

Credit: achimay14 yt channel

Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat (2018) synopsis: Kadesurang is a 25-year-old chubby archaeologist. One day she suffers an accident after meeting Karakade’s ghost and goes back in time to the Ayutthaya era around 300 years ago. She wakes up in Karakade’s dead body right after she died. Karakade was a very mean and selfish person. Everyone hated her, especially her betrothed Date, who liked another girl but his dad and Karakade’s dad were best friends and they promised that their kids would marry each other. Karakade tries to kill her rival but her rival’s servant dies instead. Date and his dad chant a spell in order to punish the culprit, which results in Karakade’s death. After Kadesurang wakes up in Karakade’s body, everyone around her is confused now that she’s acting like a completely different person. But her optimistic and playful personality slowly wins over everyone, including Date, who falls in love with the new Karakade. (Source: Written by MyDramaList

A better example of someone pretending to be someone else might be the kdrama Resurrection (2005). The hero pretends to be his brother, adopting his mannerisms, and behavior and in the process, almost loses his own identity.

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Roy Leh Marnya (2019)

Sometimes, it’s all about chemistry. At least, that is what caught my eye in regards to this lakorn. Pope Tanawat and Bella Ranee became a fan favorite koojin couple after the success of the hit lakorn they starred in, Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat. They look so comfortable with each other here.

Source: @makerjgroup @bung_lakorn (edited by @cherry_kulnapa)

Roy Leh Marnya (2019) synopsis: The story is about Ramin, a sharp tongued lawyer and Pitcha, a confidently modern socialite girl who’s the CEO of an organizing company. They were childhood friends who meet again when Pitcha decides to divorce her cheating husband with Ramin’s help.

(Source: MyDramaList)

(Source: MyDramaList)

I don’t really like stories about cheating husband, and poor Louis Scott looks to be the cheating husband in this one. I like Louis, wished he had more starring roles. Anyway, Roy Leh Marnya (2019) is going to be subbed by Muse, no airing date yet, so watch out for it!

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Music Monday

This week is Andrew Gregson week. Today’s music video is from the ost of Wimarn Mekala (2016) stars Andrew and Bella Ranee. You can watch it English subbed here.

Wimarn Mekala (2016) synopsis:

Mekkala was raised to be a spoiled brat by her aunt who resented the fact that her sister and brother-in-law left Mekkala in her care while they worked. After they died, Mekkala was continued to be raised by her aunt in the same spoiled way as always. Mekala got to be a celebrity years later.

Meanwhile, Paya advocated for trees to be planted in the village after his father died in a flood. The forest owner admired Paya’s passion and made him manager of the forest operation. The village needed a teacher so they arranged for a teacher named Prim to teach there. The forest owner passes away and Paya finds out that Mekkala’s father is his half brother so he writes a letter to get him to come see the forest. Mekkala is in need of money after her career fails and her endless spending so she decides to go to the forest and sell it to Paya’s worst enemy, the man who wants to chop the forest down.

On the way to the forest, Prim is Mekkala’s biggest fan and they ride the train together. Mekkala ends up giving Prim a makeover and gives her clothes and Mekkala wears Prim’s. Paya is confused seeing them thinking one of them is the other but they settle that immediately. However they get into an accident and Prim dies. Everyone assumes the person who died was Mekkala due to the fancy clothing and Paya decides to keep quiet and when the real Mekkala loses her memory, he tells her that she’s Prim. However, even with memory loss, she is still a brat at heart and eventually the people there cause Mekkala to fix herself and she becomes a selfless person. What will happen when Mekkala regains her memory?

Credits: mydramalist.com, asianfuse.net, asianfuse.wiki

Fab Five – Actress Edition

To continue our week of posts for lakorn newbies, I present to you some well known actresses. As a bonus, I’ll even add in info about them. I’ll also talk about what lakorns they starred in. Next week will be Thai actors turn.

The Actresses

BELLA RANEE – 29 years old, been an actress since 2011. Her top hits include Phope Ruk with Mark Prin, and Padiwarada. Bella’s successes have mostly been in historical lakorns, and the hugely popular lakorn 2018 hit, Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat really cemented her stance as a top actress in Thailand.

Taew Natapohn – 30 years, has been in lakorns since 2006. She’s garnered numerous acting awards, along with a reputation for getting along well with co-stars. 2016’s Nakee was a big hit, Nueng Dao Fah Diew had Taew pairing with James Jirayu and Game Sanaeha is a favorite with international lakorn audiences.

Yaya Urassaya Sperbund is 26 years old, but has been in lakorns since 2008. Yaya’s frequent pairings with Nadech Kugimiya have made them a favorite couple and they’ve starred in 7 lakorns together already, with an 8th reunion already planned. It all started with lakorn series 4 Huajai Haeng Koon Kao, in which Yaya starred with Nadech in Duang Jai Akkanee. Game Rai Phaai Game Ruk in 2011, again with Nadech, was another success. Kleun Cheewit (2017) is very popular and she had great chemistry with Mark Prin.

Kimberley Anne Voltemas – 27 years old, was also part of the lakorn series 4 Huajai Haeng Koon Kao along with Yaya, and to this day, they are best friends. Her role in the series didn’t garner as much notice, but it was her first real role apart from a cameo, so I’m including the lakorn Thara’s Himalaya, part 1 of the series. Kimberley starred in 2013’s Rang Pratana with Nadech Kugimiya, but really is famous for pairing with Mark Prin, whom she became a koo-jin couple (couple people ship together) with. Piang Chai Kon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wised was another big hit for Kimberley.

Vill Wannarot is 30 years old, and is one of the more prolific actresses on the list. Vill’s first role in 2008’s Kaew Lorm Petch with Son Yuke was a hit, and she has continued to star in hits such as Sud Sai Pan (2013) with Toomtam Yuthana and Leh Nangfah. Vill has starred with a number of different actors, but look out for her roles pairing her with Son Yuke or Toomtam Yuthana.

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