What’s Next? Remember You (2021)

Another kdrama remake. Remember You (2021) airs August 16, 2021 two days a week and should have around 24 episodes. This lakorn is a remake of Hello Monster (2015), and stars Paopetch Charoensook (Social Syndrome (2018)), Kemisara Paladesh, Aun Witaya and Tawan Vihokratana. The teaser certainly looks dark and mysterious enough, lots going on in it. This lakorn is coming to Netflix, so yeah, I’m definitely planning to watch this.

Synopsis: A genius detective teams up with a colleague to investigate a case that hits close to home, but the duo becomes entangled in a cat-and-mouse game. (Source: Netflix)

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Source: True CJ’s yt channel

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What’s Next? Let’s Fight Ghost (2021)

I might be mistaken, but I think this is the first Thai remake of a kdrama airing this year. Let’s Fight Ghost (2021) is a remake of 2016’s Bring It On, Ghost (2016). Our ghost busting team consists of Saint Suppapong and Orn Patchanan. This is going to be on Channel True4u production, which is well known for their many kdrama remakes, some good (Full House) and some bad (Princess Hours). This will start airing today March 3, 2021, two days a week, and it also will be a Netflix release (not sure what regions though), so hopefully it will be English subbed.

Synopsis: A cohabitation comedy about a ghost of a high school girl who has been dead for 5 years and an exorcist college boy with the ability to see and hear ghosts. What he’s discovered over the years is that he can touch them and fight them off, so when he’s in need of a part-time job and can’t find one that pays well enough, he starts putting ads online as an exorcist for hire. His ad: “Will face off with your ghosts. Chances of winning: virgin ghosts 80%, bachelor ghosts 40%, child ghosts 97%, the rest 50%.” One night he goes out on the job and faces off with a schoolgirl ghost, and during the fight, they accidentally kiss and sparks fly.” (Source: IMDb) (Source: MyDramaList)

Source: True CJ Creations YT channel

Check here for the trailer if you can’t see the link and here for highlights of Episode 1.

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Tuesday’s Teaser: Shitteru Waifu (2021)

Second chances. One thing I love about remakes is that they give you a second chance to try to enjoy a drama. In the case of upcoming Japanese dorama Shitteru Waifu (2021), it’s a remake of Korean 2018 hit Familiar Wife (2018). This Japanese dorama stars
Ohkura Tadayoshi
and Hirose Alice as the married couple who get a second chance and Shitteru Waifu (2021) starts airing January 7, 2021 on Fuji tv. No word yet on whether someone will English sub this dorama, but it should be English subbed as the original drama was popular.

Synopsis: Unhappily married, Motoharu, travels back in time, only to learn that he is married to another woman. (Source: MyDramaList)

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Source: FujiTVs’s YT channel

I liked the plot of Familiar Wife (2018), basically about a married man learning to revalue his family, but when I tried to watch, I found it more cloying and unrealistic then meaningful or heartwarming. The overblown comedy is still present in the teaser, but this dorama will probably be 11 episodes less than an hour each and that might make for more tighter, cohesive storytelling. Or not. Time will tell, but I’m looking forward to watching this dorama.

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What’s Next? Chun Cheu Bussaba

August 5 is the airing date of the latest kdrama remake coming to lakornland, Chun Cheu Bussaba (2020) is a remake of the ‘My Lovely Sam Soon (2005)’. It stars Bee Namthip (Aruna 2019) and Film Thanapat (Mia 2018). This is a GMM One lakorn, so hopefully it should be English subbed.

Chun Cheu Bussaba (2020)

Synopsis from original kdrama: Kim Sam Soon is a baker who has a talent in making pastries and cakes. On Christmas Eve, she caught her boyfriend, Min Hyun Woo, cheating on her and breaks up. On that same night, she accidentally went into the men’s restroom and met Hyun Jin Hun. By sheer coincidence, Jin Hun needs a baker for his restaurant Bon Appetit and Sam Soon is unemployed. Sam Soon is hired as the restaurant’s chief baker and the two fight like cat and dog.

(Source: mydramalist.com)

This is an older woman, younger man theme that we’re seeing more and more of in lakornland. Bee Namthip and Film Thanapat were also both in Mia 2018 and Aruna 2019. I do like how Bee is styled, she looks quite natural except for that hair in some shots, but overall I think they did a good job of just making her look normal, not particularly dowdy.

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What’s Next? Midsummer is Full of Hearts

Korean drama Full House (2004) was my very first time watching a kdrama and since then, I’ve loved watching Asian dramas so I was pleased to see another remake of this popular drama, a Chinese drama called Midsummer is Full of Hearts (2020). The cdrama remake stars Yang Chao Yue (Legend of Yun Xi) as the female lead and Timmy Xu (My Girlfriend (2019)) as the superstar who lives in her house. This is a Tencent drama so it’s likely to be English subbed on their youtube channel when it starts airing July 30, 2020.

Synopsis: Luo Tian Ran is a fiercely independent and strong-minded young woman with a high sense of self-worth. Although she is tone-deaf, she dreams of making a splash in the music industry as a songwriter. However, due to some ill-fated interventions from a pair of her friends, she ends up having to move out of her house. Fate intervenes, and her path crosses with a pop superstar named Jin Ze Yi, who comes across as something of a spoiled brat. Despite his cold exterior, he is actually secretly childlike and needy.

The duo is forced to live in the same house on a temporary basis. At first, it seems they will never see eye-to-eye, as their personalities are so very different. However, over time, Luo Tian Ran gradually falls for Jin Ze Yi’s charms – and the feeling becomes mutual. Could love bloom between this decidedly odd couple? ~~ Based on the manhwa “Full House” written by Soo Yon Won.

(Source: Viki)

There have been numerous remakes of Full House already, including a Filipino, Thailand remakes, a Taiwanese adaptation and even Full House Take 2 (2012) 😥, not to mention a Chinese version that hasn’t even come out yet. But most of those have been been based on the korean drama, rather than from the actual manhwa written by Soo Yon Won, which I’ve read a lot of and felt was better than the kdrama. So I’m hoping this version will have a stronger female lead character like the manhwa and I’ll be tuning in to check it out.

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What’s Next? – In a Class of Her Own

Chinese drama In a Class of Her Own (2020) is a remake of the 2010 Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010),a crossdressing romantic comedy that was very popular. The cdrama remake stars Ju Jing Yi (Legend of Yun Xi) as the female lead who dresses as a boy and Song Wei Long (Find Yourself) as the son of the Prime Minister. This is an iQiYi drama so I’m sure it’ll be English subbed on their app when it starts airing July 22, 2020.

Source: iQiXi via Ju Jingyi fanclub’s yt

Synopsis: Xue Wenxi comes from a poor family, and disguises as a guy to make ends meet by helping to transcript and copywrite books. She meets Feng Chengjun, the son of Prime Minister Yun, who acknowledges her talents. Feng Chenjun secretly planned a setup so that Xue Wenxi was appointed by the Emperor, and enrolled in the Yun Shang Academy which only accepts male students. There, she befriends the rebellious and unrestrained Yu Yuexuan and the cold and aloof Lei Zexin. The four become known as the “Yun Shang Quartet” and assists the Emperor in managing the country. (Source:DramaWiki)


Richards Wang, whom you may know as the 2nd male lead in time traveling cdrama The Eternal Love (2017), is one of the Quartet as the aloof Lei Ze Xin and Bi Wen Jun (Sweet Tai Chi) is the rebel of the group. The Quartet is all in their 20s so very age appropriate casting here and this is definitely on my watchlist.

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