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Second chances, regrets, missed opportunities. I think we’ve all thought about those things on a daily basis. It can all devolve into a mess of “What ifs”. So the theme of this week is missed connections.

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Neung Nai Suang (2015) Poom, a beautiful girl with no parents, meets Neung at a party. Neung is a handsome son of a former renowned diplomat that just came back from studying oversea. Every girl wants to get to know him. But after the first glance, Neung falls in love with Poom straightaway. He has forgotten that he knew her before. On the other hand, Poom deeply remembers that Neung used to bully her when they were young. So she really doesn’t like him. But when they have to dance together at the party, Poom runs away. This makes Neung angry and embarrassed. So, he keeps picking fights with her nonstop.


Music Monday

🥰😍😻🤩😘 Marriages!!!! Marriages of convenience, forced marriages, arranged marriages, substitute brides, fake marriages, failing marriages, you name it! We’re talking marriages this week and I love it! It’s my favorite trope by far.

Lucky for me, lakornland is rife with marriages. Unluckily for me, I had to make some choices. Naturally, I couldn’t choose, so I picked two lakorns, both with couples who have loads of chemistry and lots of 😘 too.

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Dum Kum (2009) synopsis: Not wanting to marry Tuthiya, a man who looks down on country folks, Dum paints her body black and pretends to be an uncultured woman to make Tuthiya despise her and break off their arranged marriage. Sure enough, he does. (Source: Viki)

Credit: Alina S yt channel

Jao Sao Jum Yorm (2018) synopsis: Maysarin is a famous socialite who’s engaged to Sarut, but he left her on the day of the wedding. Kadethaen is a 30 year-old real estate businessman who’s waiting for Pinmanee, his bride at the reception of a luxury hotel, but he saw her escape the wedding with another man. Kade walked out to a party at the beach, where he met May, who was still in her wedding dress drinking alone. They started drinking together and people thought they were a couple, so they went along with it and he jokingly proposed to her. Afterwards, they went back to the hotel and spent the night together. In the morning, May regretted what happened and wants to forget about Kade, but he’s not going to give up on her. (Source: MyDramaList)


Music Monday

This week, I thought I’ll take a look at the paranormal in lakorns and elsewhere. Not ghosts, there are sooo many lakorns about ghosts out there. But about paranormal/supernatural activity and creatures. Fantasy lakorns, in other words.

With a nang’ek who turns into a bird at night, fairy godmothers, and wishes, Leh Nangfah (2014) definitely had supernatural elements in it. It starred Push Puttichai and Vill Wannarot and they make such a cute couple here!

Credit: Настя Симонова yt – Music by M83

Leh Nangfah (2014) synopsis: Teepob and Lallalit “Beauty” grew up together but he hates her. So when she comes to him for help to regain power over her family’s company, he pranks her by sending her to do the lowest jobs. Lallalit is a spoiled, bratty and selfish heiress who is completely absorbed with her own beauty. Looking down from heaven two angels decide to teach her a lesson by acting as her fairy godmothers and casting a spell on her. Only she doesn’t receive a reward but the curse of living her life as a human at day and as a bird at night. Only true love’s kiss can break the spell thinks everyone loves her, so when she was challenged to break the spell. Of course Lallalit thinks it would be a piece of cake to find somebody love her but to her surprise she overhears people talking badly about her, hating her for being rotten


Music Monday

People wear masks in public, hiding their true nature. And sometimes, the pretense continues in private life as well. Disguises, hidden/secret identities, mysteries, secrets. This week, so stay tuned.

With nang’ek Kadesurang in Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat (2018), she doesn’t have a choice in pretending to be someone else. She’s in another woman’s body, so she must pretend to be her. I don’t think Kadesurang really tries hard to pretend to be Karakade though. Her modern behaviors and attitudes are frequently displayed and commented on.

Credit: achimay14 yt channel

Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat (2018) synopsis: Kadesurang is a 25-year-old chubby archaeologist. One day she suffers an accident after meeting Karakade’s ghost and goes back in time to the Ayutthaya era around 300 years ago. She wakes up in Karakade’s dead body right after she died. Karakade was a very mean and selfish person. Everyone hated her, especially her betrothed Date, who liked another girl but his dad and Karakade’s dad were best friends and they promised that their kids would marry each other. Karakade tries to kill her rival but her rival’s servant dies instead. Date and his dad chant a spell in order to punish the culprit, which results in Karakade’s death. After Kadesurang wakes up in Karakade’s body, everyone around her is confused now that she’s acting like a completely different person. But her optimistic and playful personality slowly wins over everyone, including Date, who falls in love with the new Karakade. (Source: Written by MyDramaList

A better example of someone pretending to be someone else might be the kdrama Resurrection (2005). The hero pretends to be his brother, adopting his mannerisms, and behavior and in the process, almost loses his own identity.

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Music Monday

Happy New Year!!! I’ve spent a lot of time going back over the lakorns of 2019 the last few weeks, so I’m going to start looking more to 2020 this week. Lots of previews and such. But I will also be talking about what I watched this year, what I dropped and so on this week.

For now, one of the first lakorn releases of this year was a historical lakorn, Wimarn Montra (2020). It aired on January 4 on Channel 7 and here is an ost from it. It looks to be a reincarnation lakorn with past and present themes and lots of angst and tragedy. No idea if this will be subbed or not. Enjoy!

Credit: Hormone official yt

Wimarn Montra (2020) synopsis: “There’s a past at this house, there’s death at this house, waiting will be over at this house.” She try to beat her rival because of being betrayed by her lover, decide to spell his spirit to be with her. She use a blood from innocent girl to live as immortal. Waiting for new perfect body of her lover. (Source: thaidramatic_update)


Music Monday

This week continues the drama! Melodramas, soap operas, tearjerkers, dramas. Tears, fears, angst galore, breakups, screaming people. I’ll be showcasing several mvs from two 2019 lakorns. Enjoy!

Credit: Jessica Taimi‘s channel

Hua Jai Sila (2019) synopsis: Tor is a love child of a mistress and a wealthy hi-so man. After his mother dies from neglect, Tor is forced to live with his father’s family. Abused by his stepmother and stepbrother, he turns to the girl-next-door, Mingta, who also suffers neglect at the hands of her so called mother and sister.
One night, while being chased by his stepmother, Tor jumps into a river and is presumed dead, though he survives. He is taken under the wing of another prostitute who knew his mother and takes on a new life under the alias, Sila. Years later, he returns as a notorious, rich pimp, with plans to avenge his mother and to get revenge for the torture and pain brought to him by his stepmother and stepbrother.
Sila’s main goal is to hurt the people that hurt him as a child, but he never expected to see the only friend he ever had as a child, Mingta. As soon as they see each other, she realizes that he looks familiar to her. She notices a ring he wears around his neck, and immediately comes to the conclusion that he’s Tor, her childhood best friend that supposedly died. But he denies it because of his revenge plan.
(Source: MyDramaList)

Credit: Official Channel 3 yt

My Love From Another Star (2019) An alien named Achira who comes to Earth for research, sees a woman in trouble and decides to save her. His heroic action gets him stranded on Earth for 300 years as he was late returning to the spaceship and it left without him. With only three months left before his long-awaited departure, he meets actress Falada and realizes that she is the woman he saved all those years ago. Will Achira choose to return to his planet or stay on Earth after finding himself developing feelings for the famous actress?
(Source: Dimsum)


Music Monday

This week, it’s all about the drama! Melodramas, soap operas, tearjerkers, dramas. Tears, fears, angst galore, breakups, screaming people. This mv inspired me to watch Tra Barb See Chompoo (2018), which was very popular in 2018. Neko subbed it here.

Credit: onlymyobsession’s yt channel

Tra Barb See Chompoo (2018) synopsis:

Patsakorn is the only heir of a millionaire/billionaire who hides his cruel coldness under his good looks. When Kangsadan enter his life he cannot hide his interest in this kind and sassy girl. But his world begins to wave when his father bring exactly this girl and her mother home and decide that they will live as family now.
With resentment in his heart, Patsakorn decided to turn his back on his family. After four years, he returned in order to take everything back, and Kangsadan will be the first person he takes revenge on.

I tried to watch this lakorn after watching the mv, but ended up dropping it, so I was unsure whether to showcase this lakorn or not. But others were big fans, and rightly so, of the chemistry of the couple and the bickering. I felt the nang’ek was too weak and too forgiving of the pra’ek’s rotten behavior to her. I skipped through episodes to the end and never felt he really made it up to her, but for those who like the drama and can stand the nang’ek, well, here’s a lakorn for you!


Music Monday

Week 13 of the blog, the focus will be on action, so Morrasoom Sawat (2015) seemed appropriate. And it also stars Weir Sukollawat, whose lakorn Yodrak Nakrob (2019) is airing now. This was subbed by Ninjakkn I believe.

Credit: Sandra Sky’s yt channel

Morrasoom Sawat (2015) synopsis:

Sayumphu is a CEO who comes from gangster background, but wants to turn away from his past and rebuild his life. He meets and falls in love with Kwang, an innocent student, but they are separated due to misunderstandings.
(Source: MyDramaList)

Does the music sound familiar? Well, if you’re a BTS fan, it should. It’s actually a Russian cover of the BTS song “The Untold Truth.” I thought the Russian version was interesting and I liked the way the whole mv was put together.


Music Monday

We’ll be focusing on comedy this week, taking a look back at 2019 comedies, what was English subbed and what interesting lakorns weren’t English subbed. Thong Ake Mor Yah Tah Chaloang starring Kimberly Voltemas, and Mario Maurer was a romantic comedy with a historical bent. Here’s two mvs from the show that was subbed by Muse.

Credit: missshiannelee‘s yt channel

Thong Ake Mor Yah Tah Chaloang (2019) synopsis:

Credit: Channel 3’s yt channel

A romantic comedy set during the reign of Rama 5 (Chulalongkorn).
Thong In is an experienced doctor who has treated many people. He has a grandson named Thong Ake who wants to become a traditional doctor. He also studies ancient Thai medicine. One day, Thong In isolates himself after one of his patients dies and he’s blamed for his death. He doesn’t want Thong Ake to become a doctor and go through the same. Still, Thong Ake is determined to prove himself to his grandfather.
Chaba is a tough and fearless girl. She prefers to fight with swords than do household chores. After meeting Thong Ake’s grandfather, she becomes interested in traditional medicine and wants to become a doctor as well. Thong Ake starts teaching her and although they don’t get along at first, they eventually fall in love.
(Source: MyDramaList)

The first mv showcases the 2nd couple in the lakorn. And the 2nd mv is just a ball of crazy. It’s weird. I don’t know if I like it, but I felt you all deserved to experience the weirdness too 😁. You’re welcome. That chorus of moans is quite something. But this really showcases the main couple well. Enjoy!


Music Monday

So we have one more week and month until 2020, and honestly, I am so ready for 2020. I decided to just drop a favorite mv of mine, because, yeah, I’m already looking at 2020 lakorns😊. So, here’s my all time favorite mv. Enjoy! You can watch it Kleun Cheewit English subbed here.

Kleun Cheewit (2017) synopsis:

Jeerawat is a hardworking woman, who is a famous model and actress. Her mother married a smarmy but rich man, who secretly lusts after her. After he attempts to drug Jeerawat, she manages to escape by driving away. Unfortunately, she hits a young woman in the road, who later dies at the hospital.

The dead young woman has a fiancee, Sathit, who happens to be a lawyer. He vows revenge on the female driver who killed his beloved fiancee. Unfortunately, Jeerawat’s stepfather and mother use their influence and money to hide and hush all evidence. Sathit decides to stalk and bother her to find the evidence that she’s an evil and manipulative temptress. But in the end, he finds out she’s actually a good and kind person, despite her lowly beginnings, and gradually falls in love with her