Tuesday’s Teaser: Song Sanaeha 2021

So I know I’ve talked about this lakorn before, but it finally has an airdate and everything!!! Song Sanaeha (2021) is one of those high profile lakorns that’s getting plenty of buzz, thanks to the star power of the main couple, Kimberley Voltemas (Dung Duang Haruetai) and James Ma (Klin Kasalong), not to mention it’s their much anticipated reunion (they both starred together in 2016’s Piang Chai Khon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wised! This twin lakorn starts airing May 5, 2021, two days a week on Channel 3. It will be English subbed on Viu, we’ll have to see if anyone else picks it up.

Source: CH3Thailand’s yt channel

If you can’t see the teaser, here’s the link. And there’s a great ost song here.

(Warning; possible spoilers ahead)

A remake of a 2005 titular lakorn, Song Sanaeha (2005) starred Aum Patcharapa and Vee Veraparb. I looked to find more info about it and discovered this thread here. Apparently, the pra’ek Warit is divorced in the 2005 version and nang’ek (the good twin) Pit is something of a tomboy who promised her dad to protect her younger sis (they’re twins so…. lol!) and she does so with her fists. Her younger twin Duan is a bit of a mess, a famous actress who was in relationship with rock star and got pregnant from him but aborted the baby. Warit encounters Pit first of course and they even kiss, and there are the usual misconceptions/mistaken identities, but apparently he knows from the 2nd episode who is whom. Thank goodness they don’t drag that out. Of course, Duan tries to get in between the couple as she throws her sister under the bus (she drugs her and sets her up to be raped), but there’s a happily ever after ending and Duan ends up dead I think? That is not that unexpected an ending, a lot of twin lakorns seem to have only one twin left alive by the time they end, since the bad twin would probably end up in jail otherwise.

It remains to be seen how much the 2021 version will copy Song Sanaeha (2005), but at least we have some idea of how the plot turns out.

Synopsis: Two twin sisters, so similar in appearance, but so different in nature, go through life in different ways. Duen is a capricious model and actress, she’s not considerate of anybody’s interests and feelings. Pit, after the death of their parents, takes care of her sister and constantly helps her. While Duen was in a scandalous relationship with a rock musician, Pit met Warit, a worthy young man who first was confused by the twins, but soon realized the difference between them. By a strange coincidence, he turned out to be the nephew of Duen’s new lover. Duen, tired of the elderly uncle, switched her attention to the nephew. And the more he resisted, the angrier and terrible her tricks became to quarrel the lovers. (Source: MyDramaList)

(Source: mydramalist.com)

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