Tuesday’s Teaser: A Love So Romantic

I’m going back and clearing out some of my old posts I’ve been working on and realized I forgot to post this. Sooo, here you go. This drama already started airing on Dec 24 and just finished on January 7 with 32 episodes.

A light hearted historical Chinese drama, A Love So Romantic might just be the romantic comedy I’ve been looking for this year. Yang Zhi Wen‘s first starring role pairs her with
Ye Sheng Jia (Endless Eighteen). This looks to be another bubbly young miss in love with a cold hearted man, but that can be fun if it’s done right. Another Tencent production that is already English subbed on youtube, A Love So Romantic will also be on viki.

Synopsis: As a flower girl, Su Xiao Wan never really imagined her simple life would ever be anything other than ordinary. But when an accidental mixup lands her in a sibling contract with Gu Yan Xi, the young master of the well-known Gu family, her simple life is flipped upside down. Now obligated to play the part of Gu Yan Xi’s younger sister, Xiao Wan finds herself tangled in the affairs of one of the most prominent business families in the land.

Constantly hounded by Yang Xi’s sharp tongue and ceaseless schemes, Xiao Wan is forced to rely on her quick wit and sly tricks, in order to survive. Never allowed a moment’s peace, Xiao Wan can only find respite while in the company of Gu Zi Qian, the family’s second master. A warm and caring young man, Zi Qian takes it upon himself to look after Xiao Wan, shielding her, whenever possible, from the constant pestering of his older brother. Unfortunately for Xiao Wan, Zi Qian’s kindness is fueled by his own secret ambitions.

Soon trapped in a complicated relationship with both Yang Xi and Zi Qian, Xiao Wan struggles to find a way out. As her head tells her to go one way, her heart tells her to go another; leaving Xiao Wan to wonder, which brother will ultimately help her find the happiness she desires? (Source: Viki)

(Source: mydramalist.com)

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