Tuesday’s Teaser: Cinderella is Online (2021)

More drama remakes on the way from Japan, this time it’s Cinderella is Online (2021), a remake of Chinese drama megahit Love O2O (2016). This Japanese dorama stars
Seto Toshiki
(Marry Me! 2020) and Nakamura Riho (Shanai Marriage Honey) as college students who fall in love thanks in part to a video game they both play. The dorama starts airing January 12, 2021 on Fuji tv. Definitely expect this to be English subbed.

Synopsis: Arisawa Ichika, a second year college student who attends a prestigious university is indifferent to romance and crazy about online game ‘Tenkyo’. Her avatar Vivi gets into a virtual relationship with top player Leon. After they meet in person, she finds out he is her senior and the campus prince, Onoda Asahi who is popular, athletic and owns a gaming company. The two are attracted to each other and started dating. However a co-worker and the campus belle enters the picture. Arisawa also gets attacked by slander from those who are jealous of her. source: 38jiejie, fujitv

(Source: mydramalist.com)

I like the fact that Cinderella is Online (2021) is only 10 episodes long, as the original Love O2O (2016) was 30 episodes long, 45 min each. It wasn’t that draggy, but I definitely felt the story could use some trimming. Outside of that and the lame kisses, I enjoyed the cute love story at the heart of Love O2O (2016) and I’m looking forward to watching this dorama. Only one episode a week, so it might be wise to wait until it’s subbed.

Credits: mydramalist.com, asianfuse.net, asianfuse.wiki