What’s Next? Sunya Ruk Sunya Luang

I’ve just finished Stranger 2, and still feel in a bit of a drama funk, but hopefully this lakorn will change things around. Sunya Ruk Sunya Luang (2020) is a past/present lives drama and I’m all for it. Ngamnet Denkhun (Toong Sanaeha (2020)) pairs with Namwhan Phulita (Fak Fah Kiri Dao) in this Channel 3 lakorn that starts airing October 16, 2020. Muse has it on their subbing list, so it should be English subbed!

Synopsis: A story transitioning between the past and present lives.

(Source: mydramalist.com)

The teaser looks really interesting! The lakorn looks beautifully filmed, and I like the special effects too, I’m impressed. This lakorn will air 3 days a week, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 🤞 Fingers crossed it lives up to the teaser.

Credits: mydramalist.com, asianfuse.net, asianfuse.wiki