Meeting Monday – Dropping/Put on Hold Dramas 2020!

I’ve been trying to kickstart my rewatch campaign, but it’s been slow going as there’s so much new stuff out there! Plus, when I’ve looked back at my pile of dramas put on hold/dropped, I realized it may not be as easy to pick up where I left off. And series? Forget about it. Some tips and thoughts about dropping dramas and what dramas I dropped in 2020 (hint, hint, there were a lot of them!)

Dropping Dramas

There have been some recent articles on dropping dramas, like this very nice article here I could totally relate to. I found I paused and/or dropped dramas a lot depending upon a variety of factors including time, mood, what’s going on in the drama and so on. Here’s some questions to ask yourself if you’re not sure you want to drop and drama or not.

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To Drop/Put on Hold a Drama or Not?

  1. Are you ever planning on finishing the drama?
  2. Will you regret not finishing it?
  3. Are you at a place in the drama where you can easily resume it and still know what’s going on?
  4. If the drama’s plot is getting you down, like there’s a case of noble idiocy you can’t stand or a big misunderstanding, what about just watching 1 or 2 more episodes and then that plot point should be over.

If you answer yes or maybe to any of these questions, I would look at the amount of episodes left and see if I can just watch a couple more episodes if that would help me pick it up later more easily and/or get me past a part in the drama I don’t like, or find boring or stupid.

2020 Dropped Dramas

The King: Eternal Monarch
– was a drama I was sooo looking forwards to. I love the main leads, Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun and wanted to see them together. I watched 2 episodes and it was all rather boring and predictable. I was not impressed by the slow pacing of the plot, which barely started to move in episode 2. And the romantic chemistry between the two leads – ugh, no. Just no.

Why you might like it anyway? If you’re a big fan of the main leads, or you’re craving more dramas about parallel universes, fantasy and mystery, the production values are great here. If you’re craving epic romance, eh not here.

Tawan Arb Dao 2020 – I watched 3 episodes of this lakorn out of 18. I don’t think it’s bad, but it is rather mediocre in most areas. I liked the plot, the premise, however Kem Hussawee as the male pra’ek just came off as too young and not experienced enough to pull off the gravitas needed in the role. I mean, his brother is dead and he’s pretending to be him as he investigates his death! That’s… a whole lot of emotion there. You really need a seasoned actor who can make this role his own.

Why you might like it anyway? Hmm, that’s hard to say, if you’re looking for a revenge lakorn about twins, well this is the only one that came out this year, 😂. No seriously, I think if you watched it, you might watch the whole lakorn to find out who the main villain(s) were.

Dance of the Phoenix (2020) – This Chinese drama had a favorite actor Xu Kai Cheng in it, and a forced marriage, so it was catnip to me!!! Until I watched the first episode and saw the lead girl using a disguise which made her uglier (and that involved having darker skin.) At that point, I said, sJ*i4npi& or something like that and moved on to other dramas, and there are a ton of them out there!

Why you might like it anyway? It definitely has colorism in it, so if you’re fine with that, then I don’t know what to say. The idea that having darker skin makes you ugly is such a no starter for me. Plus, there are tons of other Chinese dramas out there that have come out with similar plots that it makes no sense to me why anyone would still want to watch this. No point wasting time on a drama with colorism in it when you could be watching The Romance of Tiger and Rose (2020) and tons of other Chinese dramas set in historical times with marriage in them like Marry Me (2020), Fake Princess (2020), The Sleepless Princess (2020), and Oh! My Sweet Liar! (2020).

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