Poster Love❤

I have written about lakorn posters before, comparing them to Korean posters here, but I wanted to do a separate post on lakorn posters as there have been a number of them that have stood out to me in the recent years. Join me for some poster lovin’. 😊

Dare To Love: Hai Ruk Pipaksa (2020)

I really love the fresh, simplistic look of this poster, the colors really complement each other and the blue pops. This makes me want to watch it, I’m thinking it will be a cute, light hearted (but sweet) romantic comedy from this poster. It’s not out yet, so we’ll have to keep waiting for it to air.

Klin Kasalong (2019)

The direct look at the camera, the possessive hand across the chest, this poster really does convey a lot about the plot. If you’re thinking possessive ghost out to get/terrorize the hero, you’re right. Look at the muted colors in this, and the fog surrounding them. I watched part of Klin Kasalong, a couple of episodes, but couldn’t stand Yaya or her voice as the sweet twin and had to bail. Nails on chalkboard aversion! Ugh!

Payakorn Sorn Ruk (2020)

This was another lakorn where the poster caught my eye first. I loved the roses, which are a big part of the lakorn by the way (and the name of the nang’ek.) I also really loved the confident, assertive pose of the nang’ek, and it made me think the lakorn would have an equally strong, confident heroine, which was pretty accurate. A good lakorn all around, my one quibble with the poster is that poor James gets less attention and should probably be looking at the nang’ek, like he did all throughout the lakorn! 😍

My Husband in Law (2020)

Loved the poses, Mew’s character of Muey really shines here, you see her love for Thien (played by Mark Prin) and her cheerful nature. I watched 4 episodes and felt the lakorn was all over the place in turns of plot, and the poster also reflected a big problem about the lakorn, Thien’s lack of love for Muey, until many episodes later. I like the unrequited love story at times, but not this time.

In Time With You (2020)

I haven’t even watched this lakorn, but that red and blue background? Come on! I had to include this lakorn just for that contrast. In reality, if you anything about the plot, the poster doesn’t really make sense. In the lakorn, it is the guy who has secretly loved the girl for a long time, while she just sees him as her best friend. But maybe it’s trying to show the girl being very comfortable with him and he holding her away stiffly and looking away to hide his feelings? That… might be a reach, lol. Anyway, I really love the font they used here as well, in fact in all of these posters.

I Hate You, I Love You

I actually watched this drama, and the poster was one of the reasons why I wanted to watch it. I was intrigued by the dark setting and the arrangements of the characters in an almost half circle. Most seemed to be focused on someone, who was focused on someone else and that caught my notice too. I thought this was a good short drama.