What’s Next? Oh! My Sweet Liar!

Another historical Chinese drama has caught my eye, Oh! My Sweet Liar! (2020) which stars Xia Ning Jun (Love Under the Moon) as Li Hong Bin and Xi Zi (Blowing in the Wind (2019)) in her first main role. Oh! My Sweet Liar! (2020) looks to be a comic romantic story about a girl with a fake marriage and pregnancy. This Youku TV drama will probably be English subbed and airs on September 16, 2020.

Synopsis: Xiong Xi Ruo is a young female painter who infiltrates the family home of the powerful Li family to paint a copy of a precious item. However, her escape from the Li home goes horribly wrong and she finds her fate at the mercy of Li family heir Li Hong Bin. On the verge of arrest, Li Hong Bin and Xiong Xi Ruo hatch a lie – they pretend that she is pregnant with his child. This arrangement suits Li Hong Bin fine, as a marriage with Xiong Xi Ruo will help him escape an arranged marriage with the daughter of the Song family – a union he is particularly keen to avoid.

The Li family grants its consent for Li Hong Bin and Xiong Xi Ruo to get married, but it is not long before some relatives – and the plotting Song family – begin to suspect that the pregnancy is a fake. Meanwhile, as Li Hong Bin and Xiong Xi Ruo spend more time in each other’s company, they begin to develop a growing fondness for one another. Could love bloom between the pair? And can they survive – or even thwart – the schemes at court? (Source: Viki) ~~ Adapted from the novel Wangfei Bukaopu written by author Wan Xia

(Source: mydramalist.com)

The director is Cheng Ming Ko (Refresh Man), and the trailer looks like fun. Is it just me or is there a ton of these Chinese faux historical dramas out there, where the emphasis is more on comedy and hi-jinks then historical accuracy? Well, I’m ready to see if this tickles my funny bone, but honestly don’t think it can outdo The Romance of Tiger and Rose which was hilarious as well as very romantic.

Credits: mydramalist.com, asianfuse.net, asianfuse.wiki