Monday Meeting – Watching Now and Blogging Updates

It’s been a year since I started Lakorn View and I’ve been enjoying myself, for the most part. But I do want to change up some things, so I do want to give an update on what I want to change regarding this blog. Also, watching lots of different shows at varying rates. Read on for my take of the good, the bad and the ugly (and yeah, I’m talking bout you, So Wayree). For now, I’m just using this space to mourn the ending of It’s Okay to Not Be Okay and talk about what I’m watching now.

Blogging News

So this year, I do want to continue blogging, but I also want to make sure my content has meaning. Over the past year, I’ve grown to be more engaged politically, and have really changed in some ways, thanks in part to COVID19. I don’t feel in point in blogging about dramas, lakorns, etc. that means nothing to me and are of little interest. And I want to talk more about what I’m watching, so I’m going to be using more social media sites like instagram, etc. from now on. So in the future, expect this:

  • More content looking at lakorns/dramas/movies/whatever through a focus on social issues, political issues, religious issues.
  • A variety of dramas, including lakorns, but also anything that catches my attention.
  • Increased social media presence, my instagram is here. I’ll also probably post to twitter and/or facebook as well about what I’m watching, blog updates and so on.

Watching Now

Synopsis: Six survivors of a car accident are trapped in a mysterious river valley where hair-raising events ensue. What is the shocking secret in the valley? The lone survivors of a deadly accident have their own secrets to hide. Unable to treat each other with sincerity, they become increasingly suspicious as tensions rise. As they try to find a way out of their ordeal, they experience strange circumstances. Escape may seem impossible yet they continue to make a desperate attempt in the hopes of salvation. (Source:

Missing Persons (2020) Wow! This show is amazing! Why aren’t more people talking about this show? This is a Chinese drama and in each episode, another piece of mystery is unfolded. We get to know the characters, one by one and how they are connected. And there are mysteries abound. A river of cans of peaches. A mysterious flood that arrives at set times. A buried body. I haven’t finished the series yet, so honestly, don’t know what’s going on here. But it is a good thing! This show really keeps you guessing and it’s already finished at 12 episodes. Definitely recommend this one to anyone seeking a good mystery/thriller, haven’t finished it yet, but this looks like it will definitely end up on my best of 2020 list. The GOOD

I really want to see more of these two and their interactions.

Stranger 2 (2020) started in August and I’ve watched 6 out of 16 episodes. It’s different from the first season as the main focus this time seems to be on the war between prosecutors and the police, each side trying to dig up dirt on the other side to gain leverage. It’s all very Machiavellian, you really have to pay attention to keep up with what’s going on. I like the show, but I feel like I should have watched Stranger again to better prepare myself as I’ve forgotten the show largely. My recommendation? Watch it if you’ve seen the first show and want to know more about South Korea’s criminal justice system. Also know you’ll have to pay attention to the drama or you’ll get lost on what’s happening. The GOOD

Mia Archeep (2020)

Mia Archeep (2020) We’re nearing the final stretch in this drama, and I’m continuing to enjoy it, full stop! It’s a solid romantic lakorn that shakes things up a little as a lakorn, like having a heroine who smirks at the nang’rai and in the relationships. I find I’m enjoying the fact that just about all the characters have warm, loving relationships with other people, their family members, friends. The 2nd male lead has an adorable brother who helps him at times. The pra’ek has a loving mother and father and bratty sister. Nang’ek has a close relationship with her father and close friend. Even the nang’rai has her friend, who even sometimes tells her when she’s going to far (kinda shaky on that). Even one of the main villains of the piece has a great family, if only she appreciated them more than getting money and power. Compare the relationships here to the toxic ones in Prom Pissawat

I know a lot of people prefer the 2nd male lead (and I like him too and want to see him starring as the main lead in more lakorns), but the pra’ek isn’t as awful as the one in So Wayree (2020). He has LEGIT complaints about the nang’ek’s behavior, even though that doesn’t justify his behavior (he definitely used his position of power over the nang’ek to get her to live with him and so on). Unlike in other lakorns, the pra’ek WAS being deceived by the nang’ek, even if she had good reasons for not telling him who she really is. THE GOOD

Prom Pissawat

I debated dropping Prom Pissawat, and almost decided to do so. This is just a bundle of cliches with little to no attempt to elevate this beyond the mediocre. But then I realized I’m more than halfway through the lakorn, which is 16 episodes, so I may continue watching this every once in a while.

Not sure what else to say, I don’t find the chemistry between the leads to be that great, but there is definitely a lot of kissing, shouting and slapping going around, so if you like the slap and kiss genre, the clingy and possessive male who chases the female, this is that drama. THE BAD

Upcoming lakorn So Wayree (2020)

So Wayree (2020) This drama. Ugh. I tried, but I couldn’t really wrap my head around the nang’ek’s sudden love for this dude. Like, say what? Did I miss something? I just don’t think I can continue, plus I really thought the lakorn would try to rehabilitate the rapist H, or give some other more reasonable reason for what he did, yet 7 episodes (24 15 total), I don’t see it. THE UGLY

What are you watching now? In the future?