Tuesday’s Teaser: Alice (2020)

Another time travel drama, this time it’s a Korean drama called Alice (2020). The kdrama stars Joo Won (Good Doctor) as a detective who travels through a device called “Alice.” Kim Hee Sun (Angry Mom) also stars and plays two separate characters. The teasers are interesting and the kdrama airs August 28, 2020 on SBS and should be English subbed.

Synopsis: “Alice” is about Park Jin Gyeom an emotionless detective who learns about the existence of time travelers and comes from the future through a device called “Alice.” In the course of his investigations into “Alice,” he has a fateful reunion with a woman who died a long time ago named Yoon Tae Yi . Actress Kim Hee Sun will be playing two characters who look alike, Yoon Tae Yi and Park Sun Young. (Source: Soompi)

(Source: mydramalist.com)
Source: SBS Now
Source: SBS Now

This reminds me of the recently aired kdrama Train (2020), which was also about a detective who was a traveler, only he traveled to parallel worlds and was chasing a serial killer, whereas in this drama the detective travels to the future. Maybe it’s more like Tomorrow With You (2017) where the hero could travel back and forth in time as well. There doesn’t appear to be any romance in this unlike Tomorrow With You (2017), but you can watch the teasers and see if it appeals to you.

Credits: mydramalist.com, asianfuse.net, asianfuse.wiki