What’s Next? Dance of the Phoenix

For a while, I’ve had my eye on cdrama Dance of the Phoenix (2020), for 3 reasons: It features an arranged marriage and time travel, but it also stars a rising actor who is one of my favorites, Xu Kai Cheng (Well Intended Love) as the male lead and female lead is Yang Chao Yue (Midsummer is Full of Love). This airs August 10 on Tencent and Tencent dramas can usually be found on youtube and should be English subbed.

Source: Tencent Video yt channel

Synopsis: Once hailed as a genius girl, Feng Wu is discarded after falling victim to a plot against her. A modern-day girl enters the world of cultivation in the body of Feng Wu and falls in love with Jun Linyuan. Because of the machinations of her rival Zuo Qing Yu, Feng Wu loses the true blood of the phoenix. Her teacher expends all energy to save Feng Wu and falls into a state of slumber.

In the 21st century, Meng Yuan is a homebody and a student of traditional Chinese medicine. She accidentally enters the world of cultivation to become Feng Wu. Meanwhile, Feng Wu has a seemingly non-existent marriage arrangement with Jun Lin Yuan. Meng Yuan living as Feng Wu uses her knowledge of Chinese medicine to protect those who are dear to her. ~~ Adapted from the novel “Godly Empress Doctor” by Su Xiao Nuan.

(Source: mydramalist.com)

I’m not familiar with the female lead Yang Chao Yue, and this role seems to be one of her first starring roles, but I have watched Xu Kai Cheng in multiple dramas such as Well Intended Love and I’m a Pet At Dali Temple and he’s one of those rare actors who can smoothly flit between modern and historical roles without looking out of place. He’s a solid actor who can do possessive and yet very charming roles very well.

Credits: mydramalist.com, asianfuse.net, asianfuse.wiki