What’s Next – Fai Sin Chua (2020)?

Out of all the Thailand channels, GMM seems to be the least affected by COVID19 due to many of their lakorns being filmed in advance. Here’s yet another one,
Fai Sin Chua
 (2020). It looks to be high drama indeed and starts airing July 8 on GMM, so GMM may English sub it on their youtube channel.

Synopsis: Orawee and Tharn are perfect spouses with no child because Orawee’s always been busy with her work. They decide to adopted the boy and the girl, named as Aekaong and Atcharee who love each other and have so much attachment, even not be biology sister – brother Orawee becomes a successful businesswoman, then behave bossy to Tharn, he feels so much uncomfortable with it. Vichuda is Orawee’s cousin, who takes care of the house for this couple. One day, Tharn sleep with her in order to be drunken. Orawee get mad when knew it, later ask him for divorce Tharn takes Vichuda and Aekaong out of this house.

Aekaong and Atcharee still try to meet several because they start to be in love with each other until Orawee knows this. She cages Atcharee in house, not letting go anywhere As time passed, Tharn and Aekaong life are getting better while Orawee decides to open up Atcharee as her daughter to society because she needs to set Atcharee with some guy who will be under her control. Ben is the best choice for Orawee but he doesn’t like Atcharee , just think that she’s plain for him but need to marry her due to financial problem of his family Aekaong needs to stop the wedding but Tharn doesn’t let him go and set him to marry Khunlah, daughter of Saeng Kham. Hearing about that make Atcharee so sad Eventually, Ben knows Orawee true color and what she has done to Atcharee , start to feel sorry for her, later become romantic interest.

(Source: Fahyongwaree_world )

I debated whether to write about this lakorn as there is a fair chance that Fai Sin Chua (2020) could turn out to be an angsty mess (just count all those slaps in the teaser 😁), but there appears to be a marriage in the lakorn and that’s catnip to me. This is a remake of a 2003 lakorn and for those who don’t want to read the synopsis, it’s apparently about a dysfunctional family where adopted siblings fall in love, only to be divided and married off to other people by their parents. We’ll see if this will be English subbed.

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