Subbing Now

Things are starting to pick up in lakornland again, so yeah! Lots of new lakorns being subbed, lots of choices, such as Por Mai Lek Tai Song Tua (2020), Payakorn Sorn Ruk (2020) and Leh Game Rak (2020), so right now not that many new lakorns being subbed to talk about. I’m finally out of my own lakorn slump and eagerly watching several lakorns, trying to decide which I want to write about in the form of first impressions, recaps, etc.


Muse is working on a number of currently airing lakorns, including Leh Game Rak (2020), Raeng Tian (2019) and Peek Hong (2020). They’re also subbing Payakorn Sorn Ruk (2020) and another subbing group, Jirayuhomedrama is subbing this as well, more options to choose from!

Leh Game Rak (2020) – An orphan having to disguise herself as a heiress of the Patayakul family who has died in an accident In order to manage the company. (Source: PPTVHD36)

(Source: MyDramaList)


Thippy is working on currently airing lakorn Por Mai Lek Tai Song Tua (2020) and another older lakorn that has been incompletely subbed before, Prao (2014) or Proud in English. She just finished subbing Tawan Arb Dao (2020).

Por Mai Lek Tai Song Tua (2020) – When Panu’s twin children Oley & Nene wants Karaked, a teacher, to be their step mom, the two starts to play cupid. But their obstacles are General Samurjai, Karaked’s father who tries every way to intervene between Panu and Karaked and the twin’s maternal grandmother Khun Nuankae, who wants to take custody of the two children. So Panu must use his love and sincerity to prove to everyone.

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Neko is continuing to sub Marn Bang Jai and an older lakorn, Baan Sila Dang (2015) which is notable as one of the few twin lakorns that actually feature twin actresses!