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Looks like a number of lakorns airing next week, such as Payakorn Sorn Ruk (2020) and Leh Game Rak (2020), so right now not that many new lakorns being subbed to talk about.

Marn Bang Jai just started May 26 and Neko has already subbed the 1st episode. I love Weir and the marriage of convenience genre so this is a must see for me, but I do want to wait until more episodes are subbed. Neko is also finishing up historical lakorn Dong Poo Dee (2019) which has 28 episodes (and lots of angst, judging by the teaser). Neko is also working on an older lakorn, Baan Sila Dang (2015) which is notable as one of the few twin lakorns that actually feature twin actresses!

Marn Bang Jai (2020)

Fuenglada studies at a boarding school and her father lives with his new wife Soithong and stepdaughter Soisoun. One day on the way to see Fuenglada, her father had an accident with Taen’s car and passes away. Taen is a rich widower with two children and lives with his brother Tai. On knowing that Soithong is trying to sell Fuenglada to an old Chinese man, he offers to marry her himself and thus begins their marriage life. Path to a peaceful love is not easy with Tai being suspicious of Fuenglada’s family and Soithong trying to make Soun closer to Taen.

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Thippy is working on currently airing Suay Sorn Kom (2019). She just finished subbing Pom Arthun (2020) and Rabam Mek (2020).

Suay Sorn Kom (2019)

“I will come back and get vengeance. You guys will not die pretty.” Were the words of Jia Ing, who was filled with vengeance and anger, as fire consumed her soul. Jia Ing was forced out of the house with her mother and another mistress of Jao Sua Sian, when they did nothing wrong. Jia Ing would later return as Ping the eldest daughter of Jao Sua and the main wife. She has returned to get her vengeance as she once uttered.



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  1. Fansub TH047 will sub lakorn Peek Hong. Previously they completed Likit Haeng Jan in collab with 1fanthailakorn. Another ongoing project will be Kratuad Nuad Seua.


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