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I debated what to write about here, what I was most interested in and then decided, what the heck, I’ll discuss both dramas. Once Loved You, Distressed Forever (2020) and Dinner Mate (2020) are two upcoming dramas where romance will likely be of a slow burn variety.

Once Loved You, Distressed Forever (2020)

Synopsis: It’s a modern drama and the age difference of 44-year-old Jang Dong Gun and 26-year-old Tang Yi Xin is apparently following the narrative as the love story is between an older successful businessman and a film student. ~~ Adapted from a C-novel of the same name.

Once Loved You, Distressed Forever (2020) is a older man/younger woman Chinese drama that stars Korean hallyu actor Jang Dong Gun (A Gentleman’s Dignity) and Tina Tang (Rule the World). The title alone suggests there will be angst aplenty. I thought this drama fits with the other lakorns I’m talking about this week, namely with that older male, younger female dynamic. This is based on a Chinese novel, but apparently changes have been made so this drama will differ from the novel. This drama airs May 31, 2020.

Dinner Mate (2020)

Synopsis: This drama is about a young woman going through a rough breakup with a longtime boyfriend she’s still in love with, and a young man who’s a serial dater and kind of tired of relationships. They both like to eat out but dislike having to go to nice restaurants alone, and they happen to meet while waiting to be seated at a restaurant, each of them alone. The hostess mistakes them for a couple and offers them a couple special, which prompts them to sit together and end up having dinner together.

After their first unexpected meeting, they meet and have dinner together weekly. That’s how they strike up an unusual friendship where they get together just to eat out, and over multiple dinners, they open up to each other about their relationship troubles and grow closer. ~~ Adapted from the webcomic “Jeonyeok Kati Deusilraeyo?” by Park Shi In

Dinner Mate (2020) airs May 25 and stars Song Seung Heon (When A Man’s in Love) and Seo Ji-Hye (Heart Surgeons (2018)). Outside of the premise, the characters are the most interesting part of this as Song Seung Heon stars as an eccentric psychiatrist and Seo Ji-Hye’s character is very cool and collected. This is based on a webcomic that you can find online with English subtitles and I’m looking forward to checking this drama out soon.

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