What’s Next – Phaet Sa Ya (2020)?

I don’t have the time to really blog about every new lakorn out there, so really I try to focus on what I’m most interested in. This lakorn, Phaet Sa Ya (2020) struck me as having an interesting premise. In general, rivalry in the entertainment business is a no-no from me, but I like the main star Pang Ornjira (Ngao), although Namwan Raknapak (The Face Thailand) is a new actress to me.

Synopsis: Punk is the story of two women competing for work in the entertainment and love . One is Ploy , a thirty-year-old superstar. Being hit by a newer, fresher young girl makes her unstable, both emotionally and emotionally. Because she is afraid that she will not be the number one star in the industry anymore; while another woman is Dao , a young girl in a province whose fate takes her to be near Ploy . Dao entered the entertainment industry with Ploy’s sympathy which turned out to be a mistake, like the farmer who took home a cobra to look after.

(Courtesy: drama.kapook.com)

The plot reminds me very much of All About Eve, a classic 1950 movie starring the incomparable Bette Davis (and Anne Baxter, George Sanders, Celeste Holm among others, 😄 they’re good too!) That movie was Bette Davis’ show and there were so many memorable quotes and scenes. If Phaet Sa Ya was even half as good as that movie, I’m all in.

Credits: mydramalist.com, asianfuse.net, asianfuse.wiki