Music Monday

A new theme for Lakorn View! How do u like it? I’m still testing it out, so we’ll see if I keep it. In addition, this week I’m introducing more content from other dramas outside of lakorns, so today I can introduce my all time favorite ost from the Chinese drama Loving, Never Forgetting (2014). I love the drama, it’s a guilty pleasure of mine, but the song (and music in general) from the drama is wonderful. Also this week, I’m working on more posts about the brand new lakorn Who Are You? and so on.

Loving, Never Forgetting (2014) synopsis: She first met him when the blooming lotus flower was falling, only to have to part ways. Years later, when they reunited, Li Zhong Mou had all but forgotten of Wu Tong’s existence, leaving her forlorn, except the only thing he wants now from her is the guardianship to their son. 7 years long years together, can they fix their broken relationship? This drama is based off the novel by Lian Bai Se.

Such beautiful lyrics.
No scenes from the drama, but I like this version on how you can focus on just the music. The song is called How Do or What to Do? – Zhu Jie: lyrics, Authors : Zhu Jie , Lin Yu Composer: Zhu Jie