Monday Meeting

It’s been a while since I’ve had one of these posts. I thought I’ll talk about the blog and what’s going on in lakornland, so stay tuned if you’re interested.


  • First, I want to point out it’s called lakornview with a reason. I do want to focus on lakorns, but also away from lakorns to other dramas, mostly from other countries. Basically, I want to write about things that engage me, interest me, which is lakorns sometimes, but also Japanese doramas, Chinese and kdramas and so on.
  • I will be changing the look of Lakornview as well.
  • Expect to see more content based on social issues in dramas, this is based on my interests such as on portrayal of working class here, COVID-19, or guns.
  • I want to post more, but possibly short clips, or things I find interesting.
  • Last, but not least, I want to post on Instagram, Facebook and maybe even YouTube? as well. We’ll see.
My Husband in Law (2020)


  • Muse has basically got rid of their Telegram site and made their videos only accessible by those who donate (apparently it doesn’t matter how much). They are great subbers and apparently have been getting a lot of trolls now. Apparently they’re no longer subbing My Husband in Law (2020)!
  • It’s ridiculous that Muse and other subbers have to put up with this crap. Again, it makes me wish there was a official site that we go to see lakorns. Most sites aren’t available in US like and Netflix has a few, Youtube has GMM, but that’s about it.
  • But this all seriously impacts the availability of watching lakorns easily. Restricting access makes sites such as Dramac**l that steal subs more attractive to people. We want more people to watch lakorns so we garner more fans, so more of us can press for an official site.
  • Speaking of youtube, I just learned today that youtube has a Classic Thailand movie channel, just like there is a Korean Classic film channel.
  • The channel is called the Film Archive Thailand and has some movies with English subtitles, but not all content does have subtitles.
  • There are movies, short clips of movies, musical performances, interviews and even, ads from 50 years ago?
Source: Film Archive Thailand
  • There’s some weird stuff here, lol. I confess to being enchanted by this channel so far. (Or I just have to much time on my hands staying at home.) But see this clip, in the old fashioned silent era style of a ‘Banana Eater Heroine’? (see video below)
  • Also, Lovefia has some new impressions up of lakorns My Husband in Law (2020) and Leh Bunpakarn (2020) so check her out.
  • Neko did a year end review in March on the lakorns she’s subbed, so if you need something to watch, look it up here.
Source: Film Archive Thailand