Kha Khong Khon review

The first Thai lakorn I’ve watched this year. In fact, the only new Thai lakorn I’ve watched this year and my second Thai lakorn review. Ah! Look at the sparkly good looks. Pretty. 

Cast of Characters: Pong Nawat (Luck), Noon Woranuch (Gluay), Nam Rapeepat (PeeMarn), Fang Pitchaya (Nahtah)

Synopsis: Luk (Pong) is the only son of His Highness Naruenat and Lady Sri. When his father brought another woman to live in the house, Luk was sent to study abroad. The other woman is Khun Kae, another one of his father’s wives, and he now has a little brother named Peemarn. Soon after his father’s death, her Highness sent his brother from another mother, Peemarn, to study abroad with him. Luk then became serious about his own education, and he also loved and cared for Peemarn very well. Then, his mother, Her Highness, became severely ill. Before she died, she entrusted everything to Khun Kae. Khun Kae loves and respects all the family members and runs the household very smoothly. After finishing his education, Luk takes over the family business. Although he is very successful in business, he is often criticized for his social behavior. The complaints went to Khun Kae who decided that she would try and find a good woman that is suitable and qualified to marry Luk. When Khun Kae was unsuccessful in finding a wife for Luk, she decides to turn her attention to Peemarn instead. However, Peemarn already had a woman he loved so he refused. Therefore, she asked Luk for help. Luk met Rojarate (Noon), who was the love of Peemarn, and told her he would pay her 10 million baht to break up with Peemarn. In order to ensure there would not be any problems, he also signed a marriage license with her and planned to divorce her once he is certain that Peemarn would marry Nutta, the woman his mother chose. Rojarate accepted the marriage agreement because she needed money to pay off her older brother’s debt. Luk believes he could buy anything with money, and thus, he thinks Rojarate is just like any other woman that does anything for money. However, after the marriage, Luk and Rojarate fall in love. Nonetheless, Family drama ensues w/ plenty of jealousy and misunderstandings to provide many challenges and impediments to their love

Major Themes: How do we determine a person’s worth?

In Brief: Gluay marries Luck to pay for her brother’s debts. Luck wants Gluay to marry him because his half brother PeeMarn loves Gluay. Luck thinks she’s not good enough for PeeMarn because he’s seen her with other men in incriminating circumstances.
In the second half of this lakorn, the thrust of the story changes to focus on Margie, Luck’s daughter who comes to stay with them.


Any scene where the two leads are together and making eyes at each other makes this list. I was also very much struck by the way Pong acted in one scene. He’s saying goodbye to a person he loves and he lies on a couch the whole time, eyes closed. Very memorable and unique way to act the scene. Not to mention he so pulls it off. Awesomeness!

Another thing I loved? Khun Kare, Luck’s stepmom and PeeMarn’s mom. She played a pretty rational mom, and was ready to put the smackdown on both Luck and PeeMarn when they needed it. She really sounded her son off in one scene and was just overall a reasonable human being, go figure.

For a lakorn, as well as many Korean dramas, evil moms are soo in, and especially evil step moms. So Khun Kare’s character was very refreshing.

Lastly, I also liked Nahtah. Although why she would love the block of wood named PeeMarn, i don’t know, but she was a nice and sweet character.


Let me count the ways. First off, the whole lakorn is full of cliches, which isn’t necessarily bad since almost every story contains cliches. The question is how you make cliches seem fresh and interesting. Good dramas do that by a combination of adding new elements to the cliche, twisting it, or just relying on great acting, a well-written script and good chemistry between the main couple.

Well, the first half of this lakorn managed to slightly overcome its cliche-ridden plot by Pong’s acting and by having a cute couple who have good chemistry and lots of touching moments together.
However, that grounds to a halt in the second half of the lakorn, as the couple fight and have lots of stupid misunderstandings. They spend most of their time arguing. Not good.

Final rating:                   Mediocre I did enjoy the 1st half of the lakorn and all the sweet moments. But the 2nd half was a disappointment and unnecessary.

Rating: 2 out of 5.