Music Monday

Action lakorns have never been of interest to me. There are some genres Thailand lakorns excel at, like romance and revenge lakorns, and others which have lots of need for improvement. Week 27, action lakorns.

Credit: Thanu D’s yt

And to completely change the subject because I did not want to post a mv about an action lakorn, love triangles. I hate them in general. When they involve siblings in love with the same person, I hate them even more. But Ching Nang (2012) isn’t a love triangle. It’s a reverse harem story with 4 brothers in love with the same girl. Now that’s the kind of love triangle I can get behind, because too often multiple girls are making fools of themselves chasing after the hot pra’ek. Glad to see it reversed for once! 😁

Ching Nang (2012) synopsis:

Four brothers: Preuk, Pupah, Meka, and Aroon all love Wong Deuan and try to win her heart. Preuk, the eldest of the brothers, is the most understanding and of course, most mature. He becomes the next owner of the Saen Samut, who was founded by his grandparents. Meka, who takes after his father, is a doctor. Aroon, who is the youngest, is the weakest and has an illness. He is also self-centered because he knows all of his brothers like Wong Deuan but he wants her to himself. Pupah, on the other hand, our pra’ek, is the playful and outgoing one. He feels useless around his family because everyone has their own occupation but he doesn’t. One day after an incident, Pupah gets kicked out of the house by his father and goes to live far out in the country, which is the land secretly given to him by his grandmother. Right before he leaves, he asks Wong Deaun to run away with him but Aroon fakes a sickness to prevent Deuan from going. The competition for Wong Deuan continues as more people are entangled in their story.