Music Monday

Some stories are retold over and over again, passed down from generation and generation. Many fairy tales, folk tales, fables, so many repeated and told over and over again. This week, I want to revisit the stories told over and over again. Remakes. Legends. Fairy tales.

Credit: Tshavntuj Nrig‘s yt

Puer Tur (2016) synopsis: Chanon is a responsible, enthusiastic and hardworking young man. He is at his milestone of life, facing a career promotion and becoming the head of a factory. However, Atibed is jealous of his career growth and is determined to get back what he deserves. One day, Chanon meets Antika and their relationship is blessed by her father. Threatened by Chanon’s success, Atibed frames him and he is sent to prison. When Chanon is released, everything has changed except the love between him and Antika. With all these difficulties and obstacles, what will be their destiny? When everyone around tries to tear them apart, will the star crossed lovers find their way back to each other?