Music Monday

Childhood love. Never really been a fan. But I have to admit it is a very popular trope in Asian dramas and even in some lakorns. Hmm, what about unrequited love or just love in general? How about family love, siblings, or what about friendship? Or bromance? This week is the week of love in various forms.

Credit: onlymyobsession‘s yt

Ngao Asoke (2016) synopsis: This is a story about Bpeeyachat a young orphan that meets Monthai, the son from a rich family, during her childhood and befriends him. A car accident takes her grandmother, her last living family member, away from her and she starts living with Viyada and her family. Monthai, who is engaged to Viyada, goes abroad for studies because he can’t stand living at home anymore because of his mother’s insane jealousy and the terrible things that happened because of it. During his time abroad, he sends many letters to his fiancee, which are not answered by her, but instead by Bpeeyachat. Viyada is more interested in getting to know other men than corresponding with or waiting for him. Monthai´s mother gets really sick and asks for Viyada to take care of her. This is the last thing she wants to do and so Bpeeyachat goes in her place. Monthai comes back from abroad and thinks that Bpeeyachat is pretending to be Viyada, because of the money. He starts to treat her badly, but slowly starts to care for her. Shortly after, Viyada comes to his home and trouble ensures.