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So perhaps it was too much to expect, that 2019 would have another blockbuster historical lakorn hit after the breakaway success of 2018’s Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat. No real blockbusters here, but there are some interesting lakorns. So join me in a look back at 2019 historical lakorns.


Krong Karm (2019) – Yoi is the mother in a Thai-Chinese family, she has four sons. Her eldest Achai comes from the army bringing a pregnant prostitute Reynu as his wife even though he already has a fiancee Philai. Yoi can’t accept this and tries every possible way to to make him leave Reynu but fails, unknown to her that Reynu has performed black magic to tie her son’s heart. She decided to marry her second son Atong to Philai to avoid shame even though he likes a worker named Janta and decides to also give Atong the house and store she was supposed to give to her eldest.
Her third son Asa is the kindest. He is handsome, smart and charming. When Yoi finds out he has feelings for Janta she worries he will do like his eldest brother and decides to marry him off into a rich family, unknown to her that the family is tricking him into marrying their already pregnant daughter to avoid shame.
The fourth son Asee is still a student. He is spoiled, playful and doesn’t assume responsibility for his actions. He becomes charmed by Reynu’s sister when he meets her and tries desperately to court her.

Reason it’s interesting. James Jirayu and Bella Ranee are the top stars in this saga, but the reviews say it is well acted, and directed that I’m most interested in. If you’re looking for romance, you’re likely be disappointed, but if you’re looking to watch a well made lakorn, this might be it. Trailer

Thong Ake Mor Yah Tah Chaloang (2019) A romantic comedy set during the reign of Rama 5 (Chulalongkorn).
Thong In is an experienced doctor who has treated many people. He has a grandson named Thong Ake who wants to become a traditional doctor. He also studies ancient Thai medicine. One day, Thong In isolates himself after one of his patients dies and he’s blamed for his death. He doesn’t want Thong Ake to become a doctor and go through the same. Still, Thong Ake is determined to prove himself to his grandfather.
Chaba is a tough and fearless girl. She prefers to fight with swords than do household chores. After meeting Thong Ake’s grandfather, she becomes interested in traditional medicine and wants to become a doctor as well. Thong Ake starts teaching her and although they don’t get along at first, they eventually fall in love.
(Source: MyDramaList)

Reason it’s interesting. Mario and Kimberley star together in a romantic comedy. Mario looks really good in this. I think he fits historical lakorns. It is English subbed by Muse Trailer

Klin Kasalong (2019) – Very long synopsis at link. But overall, this is about a set of twins played by Yaya Urassaya who have tragic lives and are reborn again and again to replay their fates.

Reason it’s interesting? Yaya Urassaya and James Ma. I started this for Yaya and left it because of her. Honestly, I couldn’t get past her voice which had the same affect on me as nails on a chalkboard. Ugh! However, for those who can get past that, the drama itself is nicely shot and directed. Trailer

Plerng Naka (2019) Singha and Gumpa are two nakka brothers with different thinking. The younger Gumpa respects Buddha and decides to practice Dhamar. The older Singha is angry that his brother would rather respect Buddha instead of grandpa Suwan Nakkarad. He later cages his brother with the Alumpire spell.
Time passes and Alumpire is out of its power. Singha comes back to ruin the Nakkapitak family. Tian, the heir of this family from Gumpa’s lineage, has to fight Singha. Roijun, who is Tian’s ex-girlfriend and her brother Riew, who has a mental power, also help him.
(Source: MyDramaList)

Reason it’s interesting. The cast. Aum Athichart  and Boy Pakorn star. And… it’s subbed? Trailer English subbed by Muse

Sataya Tis Tarn (2019) Pakin, a guy who was born in a wealthy family, was sent to live in America because Pakinee, his mother knows that he can remember his past life since he was 3 years old. She needs him to forget everything and sends him away, but his memories become clearer when he comes back.
Pakin met Rosawan when he came back to Thailand. She has the same face as the girl he’s always dreamed of. He tries to get close to her to find out if she’s the same person.

Reason it’s interesting. Son Yuke is an old hand at historical lakorns, he was in Sao Noi 2012, Tae Pang Korn 2017 (which seems a little similar to this lakorn) and more I’m sure. This is being subbed by bobaddicts here. Trailer

Chumpae – A clash of gangsters and villagers in a small Thai village.
(Source: MyDramaList)

Reason it’s interesting. There’s a 60’s or 70’s vibe to the clothes and sets here, which might be cool. But it could also be awful! It is English subbed by dragonlair’s fansub Trailer


Daai Daeng (2019) – A couple who couldn’t fulfill their love and separate in a past life try to get back together in the present.
(Source: asianfuse.net) 

Reason it’s interesting. That trailer is full of drama 🤣. Trailer

Luk Krung (2019) “Luk Krung” is the story of Ravin, a ballad singer who has a beautiful voice. He meets and falls in love with Petchlada, the daughter of a senior military officer. But their different social status became an obstacle for their love. How will they overcome this barrier?
(Source: MyDramaList) 

Reason it’s interesting. This looks to be a musical, so that’s pretty unique already. And everyone looks like they’re having fun in the trailer.

Dong Poo Dee (2019) “Dong Poo Dee” is the story about Kom a young girl who grew up with her mother Kae, who has amnesia. The two are supported by Kru Sompon who is the owner of a school. Kae faints on the day that Kru Sompon throws a party for his older brother. She meets Pit Roongprai and remembers everything. Kae entrusts Kom in his hands before she dies. Once they are done with her funeral Pit takes Kom to Bangkok and entrusts her with a friend named Rangsan Rattanadechakorn to take care of and give her an education equal to his daughters Ratirot and Podjanee, but in truth Rangsan and Bunga his wife doesn’t like Kom and treats her as a servant.
Once Pit goes out of the country, he sends a younger relative named Chartsiam Surabordin who is studying in England to take care of Kom if anything were to ever happen to him. Chartsiam gives a doll to Kom and this leaves a great impression on her.
Pit dies and leaves a will for Kom, once Chartsiam returns he takes care of Kom from afar, but refuses to tell her about Pit. As for Bunga she sees him come often and tries to get close to him, but the young man doesn’t care for her because he has a lover already. Eventually, love blossoms between Chartsiam and Kom. But the love that appears to be forbidden for the two, how will it end up?
(Source: AsianFuse Wiki)

Reason it’s interesting. This reminds me of other lakorns where there’s a younger girl and a guy she likes goes overseas, comes back when she’s grown up like in Ngao Asoke. That said, this stars Smart Krissada, not a good actor, who is reprising his role as the main lead from the 2009 version of Dong Poo Dee. Trailer.

Phatu Kat (2019) It’s a period drama centered around WWII era.
Napa, the lady master and wife of Lieutenant General Kittibodin of Thai Air Force, found herself miscarried while her husband was abroad. At the time Lampao, her housemaid was found pregnant with twin boys, so Napa asked to adopt one of the boys. Lampao agreed because a fortune teller predicted the twins would kill each other if they stayed together. The older one, Sasin was given to Napa and Lampao later moved out of the house to work in the rural area far away with her another son Ravit.
22 years later, the boys by chance studied in the same Air Force Academy and became buddies without knowing they are twins. Their relationship turned to be a race after they fall in love with the same woman, Arpaluck. Sasin, the rich and powerful boy, almost killed Ravit. With rage, Ravit turned his back on the Air Force and joined the communist team instead to get revenge. Eventually fate brought them to unexpected happenings where each had to make choices for himself or for his true blood and love.
(Source: VCan)

Reason it’s interesting. This has a high rating of 8.7 on mydramalist, but what makes it most interesting to me is it’s set in the WWII period. I know next to nothing about Thailand at that time and place, so I think it would be fascinating to watch!

Credits: mydramalist.com, asianfuse.net, asianfuse.wiki

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