2019 Lakorns: Action! Part 2

Part 2 of 2019 action lakorns includes the good, the bad and the weird? But it’s up to you to decide which lakorn fits which category. Part 1 is here, that post was about the 2019 action lakorns that were English subbed. These are lakorns that haven’t been English subbed yet, but there’s one especially I want to see English subbed.


Sarawat Yai (2019) – Weroj, a young accomplished policeman is moved from the frontier to be the new chief inspector at Phra Lan Provincial Police Station, Phra Kamphaeng Province. Phra Lan is a remote area and full of illegal business and corruption in civil service circles. He tries to solve crimes and be a good role model for other policemen. He has Kampaeng, a beautiful wife who always supports him, as well as Pittayatorn, a greenhorn young policeman to assist him.
(Source: Wikipedia)

Reason it’s interesting? This was one of the top rated lakorns at Channel 7 this year, it has a married couple and it’s got a rating of 9.2 at mydramalist!

Kamnan Ying (2019) is a tomboyish girl who protects the village from bullies. Her father who is a kamnan (village chief) got killed in the middle of the night. This made the villagers concerned about who was going to be the next village chief. The bad rich guys decided to participate in this village chief race because they have bad intentions of using it as an illegal site to do drugs. Daoroong decided to partake in this event too. No females had ever became a village chief which her sister thinks that it’s some childish act and discourages her.
Thanop is a deputy who was assigned to go to Daoroong’s village to host the race in a righteous way. He fell in love with Daoroong at first sight. She wins the race and began to make the village a better place. Thanop was impressed by all the things she had set. This made him fall in love more with Daoroong but all the women in the village had fallen for Thanop too, including her sister.
(Source: MyDramaList) 

Reason it’s interesting? A female village head who’s also the nang’ek? Cool.

The Man Series – Three lakorns, The Man Series: Pupa (2019), The Man Series: Petch (2019), The Man Series: Pat (2019) Not much is known about them.

Reason it’s interesting? Each part is only 8-9 episodes long, although each episode is 1 hr and 50 mins. Striking posters. Trailer

Pha Dong Payak (2019)

Pha Dong Payak (2019) – No synopsis, though it seems to have people who can shape shift into tigers. Reason it’s interesting? Ok, there’s only one reason. Some guy literally licks a girl’s face in the teaser. That’s unique.😅

Pleng Ruk Pleng Bpeun (2019) -Two guys who grew up in a temple are misunderstood as jailbirds. They come back, then meet a tomboyish girl and a undercover policewoman who disguised herself for an investigation. At first the four are enemies, but later romantic relationships are developed.
(Source: MyDramaList)

Reason it’s interesting? Music plays a part of this lakorn, and comedy, it reminds me of Weir’s lakorn, Poo Bao Indy Yayee Inter (2019). I also think the premise is promising.

Credits: mydramalist.com, asianfuse.net, asianfuse.wiki

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