2019 Lakorns: Action! Part 1

I’m totally loving how many female oriented action flicks there are in lakornland this year! Kicka** female heroes are my favorite (💗 Linda Hamilton in Terminator) So join me in a look back at 2019 action lakorns that were subbed in English in 2019.


Bangkok Vampire (2019) – Rosarin, a vampire descendent, lost her sister mysteriously, coincidentally as other people in Bangkok disappeared one by one. She uses her psychic power to track down for her sister, joined by Nop, an IT geek who falls for her at first sight.
As the story reveals, the evil vampire boss is collecting special blood for some rituals. His cravings are about to fulfill with several elite assassins under his command. Rosarin needs to fight for her sister or she and Bangkok would be collapsed by the evil vampire.
(Source: MonoFilm)

Reason it’s interesting. Only 8 episodes. Vampires. Powers. English subbed by neko Trailer

Chumpae – A clash of gangsters and villagers in a small Thai village.
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Reason it’s interesting. There’s a 60’s or 70’s vibe to the clothes and sets here, which might be cool. But it could also be awful! It is English subbed by dragonlair’s fansub Trailer

Hua Jai Look Poochai (2019) Nop’s life became entangled in a whirlpool of vengeance when he found out that his mother and mother’s friend join hands to kill Nop’s father. He plans to kill his enemy but it turns out that man is Pinpak’s father, the woman that he loves. The path of a gentleman and his last love, will he choose revenge or love in the end?
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Reason it’s interesting. Revenge. Forbidden love. Hmmm. It is English subbed by Thippy Trailer

I like it!

Insee Daeng (2019) – A mysterious man with a mask known as Red Eagle enforces vigilante justice. A beautiful & seductive lady adheres to goodness but hates those who abuse power. A talented young police officer, full of principle and defender of justice.
The three heroes with different ideologies but same goal, join forces to wipe out and eliminate criminal organizations to protect the people.
(Source: lakorn galaxy

Reason it’s interesting? This teaser. Watch it! Very well done. Everything about it. Except that red mask? It doesn’t really suit Om’s features I think. Which is kinda a big deal, lol, since the whole lakorn is about Om donning the red mask.

Kao Waan Hai Noo Pen Sai Lub (2019) Suam is a mischievous girl who grew up in the slums. She develops a crush on Danurut, a good cop, the first time she meets him due to his good looks and kindness. They met previously at the police station when Danurut helped Suam get out of some trouble due to a false accusation. Suam is then asked to become a spy for the police by an undercover deputy commander named Tuan. His mission is to spy and gather evidence on an influential criminal named Sia Ha. Tuan believes Danurut’s uncle is part of Sia Ha’s gang and suspects Danurut as well. Suam gets involved with Danurut again when he misunderstands that she is Aek’s mistress who is his cousin’s fiance. He hires Suam to be his fake wife to keep her away from Aek and to also help him avoid his ex-girlfriend Suchada who is also Sia Ha’s daughter. Tuan believes this is the perfect opportunity to spy on Danurut so Suam accepts his offer. Suam and Danurut bicker and fight all the time. She moves into his house pretending to be his wife because he needs her to follow his orders while she must spy into him!
(Source: MyDramaList

Reason it’s interesting. Spies, fake marriage, cute couple. What’s not to like? Trailer English subbed by neko

Kularb Kror Petch (2019) – A story about a young woman Kanyawee who got revived by her father after she was dead and became a semi mechanic human being named Natwara. Due to her fighting abilities, she is joined by other females under the name Kularb Kror Petch, who are after to destroy a bad organization.
After the death of his girlfriend, Techit also joins Kularb Kror Petch team to investigate who is this girl that looks like his ex-girlfriend Kanyawee. Little does he know that it was his own father that caused her death in the first place.
(Source: Thippy)

Reason it’s interesting. Look at the size of that gun the female lead is toting 😂! It is English subbed by Thippy Trailer

Nee Ruk Nai Krong Fai (2019)

Nee Ruk Nai Krong Fai (2019) On her seventh birthday, Chalita’s entire family was killed. Kawin/Kevin, was given the option to slay three people in order to protect one. His guilt drove him to distance himself from her.
In her youth, Chalita is adopted by a mysterious stranger who is known as, “Nai Noi (Young Boss):” He turns her life around and is her means of support. Kawin moves next door to Chalita and their lives become entangled. Feelings blossom, and happiness is reintroduced to Chalita’s life, but Kawin risks losing her, if his secret were to ever be revealed. If Chalita ever recalled the past, he will lose everything.
(Source: asianfuse.net)

Reason it’s interesting. This generally received good reviews, and of course, lots of drama just in the premise. trailer English subbed by neko

Payak Rai Sai Lub (2019) Ken Anothai’s life turned upside down from being a creator with a bright future ahead of him who was on his way to marry Pink, manager of the AE department, suddenly becomes a different person when he falls asleep. One personality he becomes is Uza, a drag queen performer at the Uthopia pub, the other King Crow, a fighter in the underground fighting rink. Ken was shocked when a mysterious group started hunting him down. (snip) (Source: Oh Sweet Haven)

Reason it’s interesting. The male lead becomes a drag queen. Honestly, the trailer is a mess. English subbed by Thippy

Praai Pikart (2019) A scary criminal and the cop who was trying to catch him need to collab together to face supernatural forces and join the fight against a powerful organization, while also getting involved with the daughter of a scientist and a female criminal.
(Source: MyDramaList)

Reason it’s interesting. The female lead definitely plays a big role here, at least if you watch the trailer. Reminds me of kdramas like Bad Guys, where we have criminals and cops working together. 12 episodes subbed by neko

Rerk Sanghan (2019) A girl is found murdered and buried in a very strange way. This alerts Maha Krating, a young astrologist who specializes in auspicious timing and fortune telling. He realizes that the ancient rite is performed in order to change the city’s fate to benefit someone wanting to take over. Whoever does this have to sacrifice four women represent Earth, Water, Air and Fire elements who must also have exact same birth date, month and year. Maha Krating uses all his knowledge to prevent the next murder from happening but he is always one step behind the killer until there is only one woman left. He can’t make the same mistake again because this means the life of Run, the woman he loves.
(Source: VCan)

Reason it’s interesting. If you watched the trailer, you’ll see that this is very different from the other action lakorns, which feature lots of traditional gun fights, martial arts and so on. This one has a focus on astrology, fortune telling and is about stopping a killer. 24 episodes subbed by Muse.

Suparburoot Jorm Jon: Maturot Lohgan

Suparburoot Jorm Jon series – Two lakorns featuring twin boys on different sides of the law, Suparburoot Jorm Jon: Duang Jai Kabot part 1 and Suparburoot Jorm Jon: Maturot Lohgan, part 2.

Reason it’s interesting. I watched some of part 2, looks like a solid lakorn with good chemistry between the leads. English subbed by neko (part 2) and Muse (part 1). Trailer above

Credits: mydramalist.com, asianfuse.net, asianfuse.wiki