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We are still working on learning lakorn terms here at Lakorn View. I wrote a post about common words in lakorns like Pra’ek and Nang’ek. In this post, we’ll go more into details and give examples of these three common Thai words about lakorns: nang’rai, pra’rong and koo jin.

Common Lakorn Terms

I will again be using the lakorn Princess Hours Thai to explain the terms in detail because the poster itself does a great job of explaining the relationships involved. The lakorn is based off the kdrama Goong, which you may or may not be familiar with.

Princess Hours Thai

Nang’rai – the 2nd female lead, but usually she’s the villain of the lakorn. If you check out the poster above, can you spot the female looking like she can’t be bothered? Yes, that’s her, the long haired brunette on the right, our nang’rai of Princess Hours Thai. And like so many other nang’rais (not sure about plural nang’rai), this nang’rai wants our pra’ek for herself, the handsome, rich guy next to her. But unfortunately, our pra’ek is captivated or will be captivated by our spunky heroine. Well, who wouldn’t be? (Also wondering why is it that so often the 2nd female lead is prettier then the female lead? I guess because the nang’ek is supposed to be just a common girl, anyone can be. But I digress.)

If the 2nd female lead isn’t the villain of the piece, then she will be a friend of the female lead usually and have a romance with the 2nd male lead. She can also be a friend of the male lead, or relative, but her role is usually to support the nang’ek’s relationship with the pra’ek. I’m trying to think of any other roles for 2nd female leads other then this, but I’m drawing a blank. Can anyone else chime in? So other females in lakorns will be relatives, servants of the lead couple usually.


Pra’rong – 2nd male lead. Honestly, this term isn’t used as often as nang’rai, so you may never hear it in a lakorn. Often times, the 2nd male lead is just a friend of either the nang’ek or pra’ek. He can be the villain too, who’s after the nang’ek to harm her, but that role is often taken by the pra’ek. 😜 A pra’rong like Louis Scott in Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat can be villainous, but also a supporter of the nang’ek or pra’ek, like his role in Kleun Cheewit. The pra’rong may also form a romantic relationship with the 2nd female lead, sometimes after losing the nang’ek to the pra’ek.

Koojin – this is a couple that is shipped by the general public, usually because of their great chemistry together in a lakorn. This doesn’t mean the couple is together in real life (although that has been known to happen aka Yaya and Nadech or Mark and Kim), just that the public loves them as a couple. Often times, a couple is paired over and over again if they become known as a koojin couple. Yaya and Nadech are definitely an example, they’ve been in many lakorns together, starting in 2010’s Duang Jai Akkanee, then Game Rai Game Rak,Torranee Ni Nee Krai Krong (2012), the Rising Sun series, Leh Lub Salub Rarng, The Crown Princess and upcoming lakorn Lai KinnareeThat’s about all for now. Sawadee!