Drama Matchup: Marriage Lakorns part 1

I’ve labeled this blog Lakorn View because I wanted to talk about more than lakorns here. And for the drama matchup this week, I’m focusing on marriage, but will also be comparing lakorns to other dramas with similar plots or stories.

2018 was a breakthrough year for me in terms of Chinese historical dramas. For the very first time, I watched one, Lost Love in Times and enjoyed it so much, I went on to find my next fix, which turned out to be the highly touted Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (TMPB for short). I loved the epic romance, the wonderful characters, the tragedy and the depth of the romance. Their love story seemed bigger and larger than the drama itself, iconic.

What makes a love story epic in nature though? This is just my thinking, but I think of epic love stories as ones that have characters that are perfect for each other, have their own distinct moments that stand out, a story rich in conflict, and that they come together after having experienced hardships, tragedy or something else that prevents them from coming together. TMPB definitely fits. But what lakorn could compare?

Manee Yard Fah (2000) synopsis: Princess Areeya was kidnapped, and managing to escape her captors, made it to a small island where she met a solider who helped her with the bad guys. The princess and the solider fought with each other constantly as she was spoiled and used to getting her way, and he laughed at her when she said she was a princess. But still, somehow, for some reason, each night, they fell asleep in each other’s arms. After making it off the island, the Princess found she had to go undercover as the solider’s wife to keep safe.

Source: mydramalist.com

1. Manee Yard Fah (2000) Anne Thongprasom is wonderful here as the princess and Willie McIntosh is believable as the solider who must marry her. Manee Yard Fah has the same epic feel of TMPB because the princess has another life to get back to, and she must do her duty to her kingdom. There are valid reasons why they can’t be together, and the lakorn is full of intimate moments where they create their own love story. Watch below how they set up their story, based on a tale of a crane and a farmer.

And because it is their story, they refer back to it again. There are kisses and a parting. TMPB is better overall in terms of plotting, better characters, some gorgeous scenery, while Manee Yard Fah had some unfunny comedy bits and problems with pacing in the middle, so it’s not perfect. But the love story, the love story is near perfection. You can watch it here or download it here.

What are your drama matches?

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