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We’ve got four more lakorns being English subbed, or will be English subbed, so it’s time for another edition of Subbing Now.

Rong Tao Naree

The story is about 4 women who are like different kinds of shoes.

Warisa represents high heels. She’s a chic and modern girl who loves to flirt with guys. She is picky because she wants a perfect love.

Namnao represents boots. She’s a confident surgeon who may seem ordinary but is actually hiding something.

Ussana represents sneakers. She’s a free spirited artist who wants to be a professional photographer.

Ticha represents sandals. She’s a simple but fearful shoes designer. She doesn’t like taking risks and wants to find a safe love.

(Source: MyDramaList)

Thippy is now subbing Rong Tao Naree (2019). I’m a bit surprised because she started subbing Tiwa Sorn Dao too only a couple of weeks ago. It stars Four Sakonrut, Focus Jeerakul, Gypso Areekanta and Kaew Jarinya. This started October 19, 2019 and airs Saturday and Sunday and should have around 20 episodes. With Voice (2019) rumored to start November 7, 2019, Thippy will have a full schedule so let’s all wish her the best! You can find it here. Tags: friends, romance, multiple couples

Sapai TKO (2019)

Rawich hired Rakfah to become his wife to prevent his mother from arranging a marriage with him to Pimdeuan. Little did Rawich knew, his mother was not going to stop interfering in his love life. So when Rakfah moved into the house, the war between mother in law and daughter in law began.

(Source: Thippy)

Sapai TKO (2019) started October 24, 2019. It stars
Dan Worrawech and Pattie Ungsumalynn. Thippy is subbing it here. It’s a remake of Sapai Tornado. This airs 2 days a week on GMM25. Here’s a song from the ost. Tags: pretend relationship, family, comedy

Kao Waan Hai Noo Pen Sai Lub (2019)

Suam, a girl who grew up in a slum, has to become a spy for the police to help Tuan, a deputy commander, who’s also disguised to spy into Mr. Ha.

Suam started to have a crush on Danurut, a good cop, as soon as she saw him because of his handsome looks. They met when Suam took a guy who she thought was going to rape her to the police station. Danurut’s uncle is part of Mr. Ha’s gang.

Danurut gets involved with her again when he misunderstands that she’s his uncle’s mistress, then he hires her as his fake wife to avoid Suchada, Mr. Ha’s daughter and his ex. Tuan thinks this is a good chance for her to spy on Danurut, to find out whether he’s involved with Mr. Ha or not. Suam accepts it.

Suam and Danurut fight all the time. She moves into his house because he needs her to do anything he orders, meanwhile she must spy into Danurut.


Kao Waan Hai Noo Pen Sai Lub (2019) just started November 8, 2019. I like what I see. It’s a remake of a 1991 lakorn, remade in 2000 and now once again. The fake marriage, spies, yes! I can go for that. But tags for the older versions has ‘rape’, so I’m wondering if they meant the attempted rape in the synopsis or not, or does the pra’ek rape the nang’ek? If so, I doubt this new version would have that. neko is going to be subbing it, and it’s actually the only one I really want to watch out of all of these 😅.

Sanya Kaen Saen Rak (2019)

Chaesitha is a wedding planner and Wongwen owes him money for her wedding because her groom runs off with her money.


This is one of those lakorns filmed and forgotten in a vault somewhere until they unearthed it years later. No seriously, this lakorn was made years ago, it was supposed to air in 2016, but for one reason or another, nothing happened. One notable thing about it, this was Nike Nitidon’s first comedy lakorn I believe and one of the few comedies of Vill Wannarot as well. Muse will be subbing this after they finish a few other projects first.


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