Top Three RomCom Lakorns

No theme of the week this week, I couldn’t decide. But I did want to do a top three lakorn recommendation for those looking for a good romantic comedy. Comedy in general, is such a hard thing to get right in dramas and/or movies (Stephen Chow has some great movies). And romantic comedies are even harder. But here are 3 lakorns I enjoyed.

  1. Soot Sanaeha (2009)- Anne Thongprasom and Ken Theeradeth showcase the same chemistry here that’s made them a favorite koojin couple for years. Watch just about any Anne and Ken lakorn and you’re guarantee great acting, solid directing, not to mention mindblowing chemistry (I’ve watched all their lakorns except Rang Ngao). Here Anne really gets to show off her comic skills and I was very impressed. She makes the most of each scene and has surprisingly great comic timing. Ken is more the solid, earnest type to Anne’s spoiled, crazy antics, but he’s also lovable as well. Find it here.

Synopsis: Alin is a dwindling actress unable to compete with younger rising starlets. When she is approached to do a cooking show “Soot Aroi Gap Alin (Delicious Recipes with Alin)”, she accepts, hoping it will save her career and also to bring her closer to the owner of the show, Anucha. One problem, she can’t cook. She hires Din, a foul-mouth chef, for cooking lessons.

Slowly she learns how to cook and her show is a major ratings hit. Also at this time, Alin develops a personal relationship with her cooking teacher, not a romantic one. She begins to consult with him about her life and love.

As her relationship blossoms with the man of her dreams, she begins to question about the relationship she has with her chef. Though Anucha is the man of her dreams and can give her things she superficially desires (glamour and stardom), Din makes her happy. Who will she choose?

(Source: AsianFuse Wiki)

2. Stupid Cupid (2015) This is a parody and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. They throw just about every lakorn trope at you, crossdressing, arranged marriage, secrets, heirs, and see what jokes stick. Either you’ll think it’s hilarious or not. Sunny Suwanmethanont does such a great job here as the pra’ek. He has great comic timing, looks the part and really gives it his all. Link here.

Synopsis: The Amaraporn family is a big and wealthy family. On the 80th birthday of the grandmother, who is the head of the family, she announced that she wants to hold an arranged marriage between Chawee and Araya. Chawee, the only grandson of the Amaraporn family, dislikes Araya since they were young. Araya is an orphan that grandmother adopted. Yingmae and Chonlee wants to eliminate Araya because she will soon become the daughter-in-law and receive the inheritance instead of them. They plan to use Deedee, Chawee’s lover, who came back from the UK to change his mind and cancel the wedding. The Doctor who looks after the Amaraporn family secretly loves Araya. Although Araya is slandered by Chawee, Yingmae, Chonlee and Deedee, she gets the encouragement from Doctor.

Meanwhile, Philin, a woman who disguises herself as a man named Piroj, applies to be the new gardener. However, she comes to the mansion because of a secret that no one knows. Furthermore, Pisan, the mysterious man living on a desert island, is planning to avenge somebody in the Amaraporn family. 


3. Seu Rak Chak Yai Olawon (2008) This is one of those underrated lakorns not many talk about or have seen, but I thought it was great at the beginning, good in the middle and strong at the end. The chemistry between the two leads is wonderful and every scene they’re in sparks. This starts off with plenty of laugh out loud moments, but towards the end it does shift to more drama and less comedy. The focus of the lakorn strays as well from our main couple to concentrate more on the supporting cast in the middle, but later on we do get back to our main couple. Link here.

The cast in general is likable and I thought the main characters were much more unique then the typical rich guy, poor girl types in most lakorns.

Synopsis: Witawin, a young businessman comes back from America to take vacation in Thailand and survey for his new business. He’s happy to meet Daru, his ex-girlfriend again, but he just realizes that she gets married with Theenai already and they have a daughter, Jean. After he talks to her, he just knows that Daru has problem in her marriage life because Theenai is very flirty and always makes her sorry.

Witawin feel sorry and guilty for her because he leaves her to America, so he wants to help her to solve her family problem. However, Theenai misunderstands him and thinks that he tries to get back with his wife, so they fight with each other. Daru is very angry at her husband, so she quarrels with him in front of Jean, their daughter.

Jean is hurt seeing her parents quarrel, so she asked her babysitter to take her to run away to stay at Chomtawan farm, Theenai’s uncle and aunt’s farm. She tells Praiya or Dream, Theenai’s younger sister about her family problem, so Dream wants to help them.

Dream tries to get rid of her’s brother’s girls and her sister-in-law’s guys out of their way and Witawin is one of them.