More remake recommendations. I know I already did a post on Thailand remakes of foreign dramas/movies here, but Thailand also remakes a lot of their own series routinely, so there’s almost always 2 or more remakes on air. So this time I’m focusing on remakes of older lakorns. Some spoilers ahead!

1. ROY MARN 2011Boy Pakorn (Mark) and Margie Rasri (Bee) make such a cute couple. Margie plays a replacement bride who must marry Mark to settle her uncle’s debt. I don’t mind remakes if they improve upon the original, especially the flaws and keep the best parts, and from what I’ve learned, one of the things this 2011 version of Roy Marn changed was to make a rape scene into a ‘willing’ scene, which is the major improvement. There are a lot of flashbacks in the first episodes, so it takes a while to get to the slow burning romance, but it’s worth it. There is definitely a Romeo and Juliet feel to the lakorn, and moments of great romance and drama. Watch it here.

2. Roy Leh Sanae Rai 2015 – For those who don’t know, this lakorn is about a guy who finds out his father left half his fortune to girl, the daughter of a woman his father loved. So the pra’ek decides to get it back by marrying the girl, but of course, he really falls in love.

I’ve watched both versions of Roy Leh Sanae Rai and love them both, but I had to make a choice. Tik or Push? How can you choose between hot vs hot? I also loved Aom in the 2004 version, but 2015 version of Roy Leh Sanae Rai is simply more passionate. The chemistry between the pair work. I also liked that they changed the 2015’s version by changing the relationship between the 2nd male lead, who loved the nang’ek of course and having him develop a relationship with the nang’ek’s friend. This is a slap and kiss lakorn, just to warn those who may wish to watch it, and has the usual slap and kiss tropes, including rape. Download here.

3. Mia Taeng. The 2nd remake of Mia Taeng starred Rome Patchata and Chompoo Araya as a couple who marry due to reasons apart from love who grow to love each other. This is more of a guilty pleasure then anything else, but several things work here. H has a girlfriend and continues with her even when married, but h has 2 suitors who would be eager to take her off his hands, so he’s always chasing them off jealously. The nang’ek is smart and makes up for the pra-ek’s stupidity. In older versions, apparently there was a rape, but they changed that in this version. Download it here or watch it streaming here.

What are your top 3?


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