Tuesday’s Teaser

Sapai TKO stars Dan Worrawech and Pattie Ungsamalynn and drops October 24, 2019, and it’s fun. So I guess this will be a slapping lakorn (don’t know about the kissing part yet!). This will be subbed by Thippy! Thank you Thippy ❤ !

Sapai TKO

Synopsis: Pithi Panapong’s (Paul) biggest frustration is his own mother, khunying Chawpraka, who is desperately trying to get him to marry the woman she approves of. Khunying Chawpraka’s disappointment is her eldest son, who got married while he was overseas with a foreigner named Rebecca. She swore to herself that she would never let another son of hers marry another foreigner. Thus, she decided that her youngest son should marry someone who is most suited to the family’s status, a socialite named Sarutha. Little did khunying Chawpraka know that Pithi had already been seeing someone while studying abroad.

Pithi decided to take a vacation to find a solution to his problem. As luck would have it, his jet ski capsized while he was out at sea. Fortunately, someone witnessed this and saved him. The first thing Pithi saw when he regained conscious was Parn (Kob) giving him a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. He mistakenly took her as a boy and reacted strongly which caused Parn to feel negatively about her first impression of him. Credit to Kudaranai

This is a remake of Sapai Tornado (2005), which was never fully subbed. The teaser is fun, but I am still disheartened by Pattie’s fake kisses in Princess Hours Thai, hehe. Dan is apparently her real boyfriend, so people are wondering if there will be real kisses this time.

Credits: mydramalist.com, asianfuse.net, asianfuse.wiki