Subbing Now

Two more lakorns are beginning to be English subbed, so it’s time for another edition of Subbing Now.

Tiwa Sorn Dao

Tiwa is the heir of a millionaire. Chomdao is a pretty and clever girl. They meet each other on an island in the middle of the sea.

Source: ThaiUpdate

Thippy started subbing Tiwa Sorn Dao. It stars Puen Khanin and Chippy Sirin. I’m not familiar with Puen, but Chippy was in Rang Tawan. You can find it here. This started September 28, 2019 and airs 3 days a week on Channel 3. Here’s a song from the ost. Tags: island, rich guy, amnesia

Jaosua Mua Nim

Prot is a kind man who loss his memory. He is enlisted to pretend and act as the heir of a wealthy family since he is identical to the real heir. Although he is not used to be a hiso, he makes the best of it. Everyone adore him for being a good person. Naet, the fiancee of real heir also begins to like him. As their love begins to bloom, the real heir attempts to kill him. Prot tried to make everything right again but they are secrets that are slowly beginning to unravel.

(source: lakorngalaxy)

Jaosua Mua Nim just started October 16, 2019. It stars
Bom Tosuwan
and Phatchaya Phiansamoe, both fairly new actors. I saw Bom last as the 2nd male lead in Jao Sao Jum Yorm (2018). Neko will sub it here. This airs 5 days a week on Channel 7. Here’s a song from the ost. Tags: switch places, rich guy, poor man, amnesia