Fab Five – Digital edition

Okay, so here are some upcoming lakorns I’m looking forward to and you should too! First, though, a look at Thai’s tv industry.

Let’s talk a little about the cable and digital world in Thailand tv. The majority of the population watch free to air channels like Channel 7, and Channel 3 (similar to ABC, CBS and NBC). So lakorns aired by those channels usually produce the highest ratings.

Full House Thailand

Then you have the digital market. TrueVisions is a cable company in Thailand, and True4u, which produces such shows as Full House Thailand and a lot of other content, is part of TrueVisions.

In the digital world, Gmmtv is responsible for a lot of unique, and original programming. They’re a production company behind several different channels. Gmmtv is part of GMM Grammy, which is like an entertainment conglomerate in Thailand, think Disney. GMM used to have cable channels, but switched to digital and got rid of them. GMMTV has produced a lot of series, such as Ugly Duckling series, U Prince series, Sotus series and lots of other dramas. They’ve really set a mark for themselves with youth or teen dramas such as the Hormones series.

A lot of the recent round of remakes came from digital channels, although channel 3  has started to get on board that trend. More importantly, I think that GMMTV having a digital presence means that they are more interested in the international market and this has led to a willingness to take chances and explore different genres and lakorns then before. If you look at the lakorns on Netflix, the majority of them were provided by GMM and there is a diversity of genres and ideas that you don’t find in broadcast channels. For example, we have Pidsawat, but we also have lakorns like Thirteen Terrors with is different from more traditional horror lakorns like Pidsawat. There’s the Club Friday series, which are racier then the usual lakorns. And remember that rare unicorn, sports genres?  Well that’s on Netflix too! 

My Love From Another Star

Another thing, I think that the diversity of GMMTV’s lakorns might inspire more diversity in other channels. So if those channels see the success of GMMTV, they might see the need to emulate it more. For example, I think the success of 2014’s Full House Thailand from cable channel True4u, spurred other channels to find their own kdrama remakes, so Channel 3 is airing My Love From Another Star now and more and more remakes are being scheduled. 

Here are some shows I’m looking forward from these channels.

  1. The Stranded which is apparently coming to Netflix. “When a tsunami strands dozens of teens on an island at their private school, they soon realize no rescuers are coming and they must save themselves.” (Credit: mydramalist) 
  2. A Gift to the People You Hate (2019) is supposed to start on October 18th and I’ve already talked about it here
  3. Boss and Me with Push and Aom – this is a remake of a popular Chinese drama about a girl who loves to eat and her boss who falls in love with her. This is a new pairing, but Push and Aom look goood together.
  4. Ruk Woon Wai Jao Chai Kob (2019) which is a remake of The Prince Turns Into a Frog. Son and Vill have starred in several lakorns together already, so yes, I’m excited, they make a good koojin.
  5. Girl2K – Momay (Sushar) is 2000 years old girl who has never aged, and gets her chance to live a normal life if she finds the love of her life this year, but she’s got to pick between 4 different guys.

Credits: mydramalist.com, asianfuse.net, asianfuse.wiki