Where to watch lakorns?

This post will give you info on where to watch lakorns that are English subbed, and what are the best sources to find them.

I wrote a whole post here about two official streaming sources to watch English subbed lakorns legally from the USA. Those are Netflix and youtube channels like Channel GMM and Channel 3 (people can add subs to some of their videos).

Photo by Giftpundits.com on Pexels.com

This post will be more on the fansubbers, the dedicated group of people who sub lakorns and whom no lakorn fan would be able to watch half as many lakorns without their help. Thanks!

I’ll be focusing on currently active subbers. Just look for the big letters to find the active subbers and pics below are lakorns they have at their site. For more links, see here.

One of the older sites, but still active. Sometimes,.😊

There are two main places to find links for multiple lakorns outside Netflix and Youtube channels mentioned above. Lakorn Galaxy – has links to where you can find English subbed lakorns and Jasmin’s Lakorn Blog  has lists of incomplete and completed lakorns, and downloads. It’s a site I help run, and I try to update once a month at least, more if I have time. Lakorn Galaxy seems to update much more frequently, like almost daily I think? (Active subbers, who have released in the recent month or two are the ones who have the large initial letter.) 10/16/2019


Alwaysmeena – DMDM2, download HQ lakorns here 

Anonyblue2001 – YT Fansubber with some downloads of her subbed videos available.

Bitter Kisses – FB Newer fansubber.

Channel 3 –  Some lakorn subbers have subbed a few lakorns on channel, like Krong Kam

Chobling – YT Chobling’s a subber, has links here.

ChorMuang FanSub – DM 

Dailymotion – this streaming platform has lots, but its usually easier to look for fansubber’s links.

Dragon’s Lair Fansub – a new group subbing Chumpae, etc.

GMM TV – channel has subbed some of their lakorns on like Room Alone, and The Ugly Duckling series. 

Ingfakirata – DM, YT , FB – subber of Princess Hours.

Jasmin’s Lakorn Blog – Download lakorns here, find streaming links to them, etc. We are in the process of uploading more lakorns to dl, so look forwards to that!.

Korat’s Subbed Lakorns – fansubber who has links to her projects here.

Lakorn Galaxy – has links to where you can find subbers and other posts.

Lakorn Luv – FBDM– Lakorn Luv subbed several parts of The Cupids series.

Muse – This group has gone through a lot of changes, but they’re still working hard with several subbers in the group! Very prolific and they work on currently airing lakorns.

nekoMewoMeow – fansubber of 50+ projects works mainly on airing lakorns.

Netflix – the availability of subbed lakorns differs according to where you love, but most are cable offerings from GMM.

Rainbow Subbing – FBYT – this subbing group has subbed a number of lakorns including Mongrut Rissaya. Active?

Subber’s Paradise – has subbed a number of lakorns such as Nakee and Ka Badin.

Ka Badin

Thippy – DM Thippy is a fansubber as a longtime fansubber who’s still working today, usually on currently airing lakorns.

Youtube – like you didn’t know already.

Weir and Min Sanctuary – FB more commonly known as ninjakkn, she has lots videos she subbed on her site.

If I’ve missed anyone, please let me know. Some subbers are active, just haven’t seen any progress in awhile.

Credits: mydramalist.com, asianfuse.net, asianfuse.wiki