Top Three Genres – Sports and more

Last week, I talked about the top three genres that lakorns excel at. I’m taking a different route today. What are some rare or unusual lakorn genres? Want to find out? Read on!

In another top three post I did before, I talked about how I think lakorns are often seen as not as well made or as good as other Asian dramas like dramas from Korea, Japan or China. I think one of the things these countries do so well is have a broader range of genres in their tv shows. Korea has some great sports dramas, Japan is famous (and rightly so) for their workplace doramas, but their food doramas are respected as well, and China has a growing number of detective dramas.

Lakorns could use more diversification in plots and I think that would lead to better lakorns in general. But what genres? Well, recently, youth and school dramas have been doing well, so no need to worry there, and I think sci fi (or science fiction) shows require a level of computer graphics (and funding, like think $1+ million for each show in Star Trek series) that Thailand may not be able to afford. And politics? Well, that really is a whole other topic. So what could genres would work?


12 Rasee synopsis: A serial killer is on the loose. Police officer Jeng and his new rookie female partner are put on the case, but they always seem to be a step or two behind. The deeper they get into the case, the more dangerous it becomes for the people close to them. Will Jeng be able to stop the serial killer before falling deep into madness himself? Andrew Gregson’s portrayal of Jeng won him an award for best actor.

  1. DETECTIVE – There are a lot of lakorns featuring police, usually with the male lead being a cop like in Nang Rai Sai Lab (2013), but in most lakorns, there is no serious attempt to look at the way the police work or solve cases. The 2003 lakorn, 12 Rasee, was one of the few attempts I’ve seen to actually focus more on the detectives then romance or comedy. It was flawed, tragic, but memorable and compelling at times. And if you’re an Andrew Gregson fan, it’s a must watch. There is so much more they can do with this genre, and it wouldn’t cost much more money then a regular lakorn, plus they can incorporate other top lakorn genres within it, like action and romance. Win, win! 12 Rasee can be found here.


Khun Chai Puttipat

Khun Chai Puttipat synopsis: Khunchai Puttipat… a young doctor with his love without any distinction. His mother was the daughter of a rich Chinese merchant. The handsome doctor must forget all the rules that he had followed his entire life when he met a commoner woman who holds the title of “Miss Sri Siam.” He uses his own heart and decides to rescue her from becoming a powerful General’s concubine. Thus, it was led to a fake marriage where the two will hide their hearts simply because neither understand the feelings. But in the end, this young noble will discover that this commoner girl is more precious than any diamonds and gems in the world.

credit to: Tinah @ asianfuse

2. MEDICAL – People are always ending up in the hospital in lakorns, so I have no idea why there aren’t more lakorns based on the medical profession. We have the doctor in Khun Chai Puttipat, nurses here and there, like 2018’s Prom Mai Dai Likit, but the focus is usually on their love lives, not the hospital. I think this is a genre that Thailand can do well, they have doctors, nurses and are at hospitals anyway half the time 😁! Khun Chai Puttipat can be found on youtube.


Project S The Series: SPIKE (2017) synopsis: Theppanya High School has an underdog volleyball team that reached the final round of Thailand’s biggest competition last year, but eventually lost to old champion St. Sebastian High. From the disappointment, the team makes a promise to return and win this year. However, Singha, the ace of the team, left for St. Sebastian, making Puen, the new captain of the team, very angry and even more determined to win the championship. The new coach Win then finds a replacement in freshman Than, but the guy has troubles of his own.

3. SPORTS Koreans are very much involved in soccer, Japan has every kind of sport known to mankind (at least I think so based on the variety of their doramas) and China has …uh, basketball, soccer? What sport do Thailand fans enjoy? Well, if I picked based on movies it would be Muay Thai boxing, right? Are there any lakorns that feature Muay Thai and if not, why not? I think there could be a number of different lakorns that could be made based on this genre. Project S The Series: SPIKE (2017) was the top rated lakorn I could find in the sports genre on mydramalist and is on youtube.

Those are my picks for lakorn genres I would like to see more of. What are yours? Let us know in the comment section.


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